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    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    Lads, out of all soviet crates that you can get for free atm i managed to get 5 tokens from each crate... what a coincidence!

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    If WG decides that they will scam us on the moskva premium camo i will not only NOT buy premium camos for all the ships I'm about to own, but i will also spam customer support tickets until i get my compensation or i made you pay at least 16,xx€ in employee and electricity cost because if i cant have my money back, why should you be allowed to own it? Now id like to add something constructive as well #1: a perma camo is a virtual good of no value to wg besides the potential income when ppl buy it. like you people stated before you expect only a tiny s storm because the moskva to premium camo ratio is somewhat 100:1 with even less ppl complaining about it. so why dont you give every 100th moskva owner a premium camo for the nevsky or petro? it is of no value for you + you keep all those ppl that are complaining happy + i am not the only case thats been scared off of buying future premium camos. it would make life so much easier for you guys at WG. imagine all the money you could save AND GAIN by just ending the discussion here and now. Constructive propsal #2: make moskva perform for those who already own the perma camo like a missouri. or at least twice as efficient credits wise than a regular premium ship. so to say increase the credit multiplier. i really hope for you guys that you will find an answer to this that makes the playerbase happy. some WG Staff here stated that they are looking for a way so that nobody loses. people are losing with your current decision. i absolutely dont understand why you dont gift a second premium camo for either one of the two upcoming ships - it has no value to you anyways

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    thank you very much! i was hoping that i could play with the t10 heavy in cbs tho :P

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    do we know a release date for the split?

    [BOATY] & [BOA2Y] recruitment drive for cannon-fodder

    bumps pinky toe into piece of furniture :D

    Looking for power of division unicum

    @Bloys You simply cannot put "super unicums, no fun, full competitive" and T4-6 in one sentence. You have 500 Battles in total, get to know the game. Your wr with your only t10 (halland) is 40% and your PR is 904. Also there is no such thing as "competitive mode" for said low tiers. Get T10's and you'll be able to play clan battles IF your stats are good enough. According to your experience you have ridiculous demands which you cant even fulfill yourself. Nobody cares about T4-6.

    Looking for a clan that knows it's way into the seas!!!

    Hello there Chiky Greeky BOA2Y has 2 CB divs going simultaneously at almost every night. alpha is currently in Group 2 of Storm, but we're confident that we'll rank up to typhoon within the next days. We're always looking for upcoming potential unicums like yourself, so why not join discord for a night and give it a try? https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500177415,BOA2Y-Boatwo-McBoatface/

    [BOATY] & [BOA2Y] recruitment drive for cannon-fodder

    Good day peeps! Boa2y is still looking for some new members! We'll rank up to Typhoon withing the next days. currently counting 40/50 players we have 2 divisions going simultaneously when playing CBs but still need backup. REQUIREMENTS: WR of at least 50% and PR 1100 according to wows-numbers.com

    [BOATY] & [BOA2Y] recruitment drive for cannon-fodder

    Doing an OOF here (BOA2Y is the better clan btw)

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    there are more than 8 cruisers around tho

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    Thank you all for correcting me and giving your input. summa summarum can we agree that it needs a concealment buff?

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    place 9/14 in terms of wr worst in avg. frags 9th in avg dmg place 13/14 in terms of avg experience 12/14 for Anti air 13/14 in k/d for what its intended to be it performs poorly. https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4179539408,Moskva/ heres one of only a very rare number of battles where i got lucky in the moskva in a random game. performances like these dont happen often in randoms at all but it shows the strenghts of the ship (long range AP cits at light cruisers and bow in tanking).

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    Hello fellow sailors, Observing the over all gameplay lately I feel that the Moskva has been forgotten by the devs - it desperately needs a buff. I love my Moskva but in the current meta its only good for clan battles / ranked and has to be played like a skillship. At its current state it's only good for very very situational niches - which is kinda sad because it has a lot of potential. Let me sum some things up here: Concealment: 14.1km with full concealment build (Kremlin has 13.4km, Republique has 14.1km, Yamato has 14.1km) - this feels just wrong. A cruiser should never have the same or worse concealment than a Battleship twice its size. HE DPM is at a very low 162525dpm with the legendary module. It's Citadel is MASSIVE (even larger than Henri's). The only way you can withstand enemy fire is when you park nose in (which is one of only 2 things it does well) but then you're limited by your low HE alpha and relatively slow reload with only 6 guns. You can't reverse away due to its garbage concealment. AP is only good when facing full broadside targets but as of 2019 and almost 2020 people actually learned how and when to angle which brings us back to garbage HE dpm. Things it does well: Accuracy (especially with legendary) + firing range. Bow in tanking To me this just doesn't feel balanced and like I said I have the feeling that the Moskva has been forgotten on the way. I would also say that Moskva is by far the rarest ship you'll find in random battles. It will always be that long range sniper with the threat of 12km radar, therefore I would recommend one or multiple of the following ideas to buff this ship but keep it at its current role: Improve AP pen angles reduce concealment to 12km or something close to 12km to make it that sneaky radar threat for Clan Battles but keep the old pen angles and low HE dpm (would be my favorite solution since 14.1km with full build is absolute garbage and not adequate) Increase HE alpha decrease rudder shift (so the player still has a huge citadel but has to actively dodge to not get punished) I hope this threat gets recognized by someone important cause after all buffing an already existing ship should be less work than introducing a new one that should replace the old one. cheers

    Which replay was that? CV prerework

    Oi mates! I wanted to show a video to my friend who started playing wows after the cv rework. It featured either a Haku or a Midway in 2D perspective, like the pre cv rework used to be. I am specifially looking for that replay where said carrier crosstorped a yamato and zoomed out to 3d perspective right as the crosstorp happened. you can clearly see the absolute gorgeous crosstorp from the left and right inflicting huge damage to the yamato. i cannot tell any more about the video despite that some1 commented that this was the most beautiful perspective of a crosstorp ever. maybe some1 can remember which video it was and post the link here with a time stamp. thanks in advance and cheers
  15. Hello fellow sailors! [BOA2Y] the sister clan of [BOATY] is looking for active players to compete in clan battles and have a good laugh on discord! Our clan was set up for lone wolves, but we are now evolving into a more active clan. We are trying to play ClanBattles whenever possible, therefore we need people who have discord installed and help us farm all the steel. The base is not fully extended yet but that will change in no time. Once you've been on discord you will see that playing with us is just a blast! Our members come from all over Europe (Finland, Austria, Ireland, UK, Slovakia, ...) but we obviously speak english on discord. More information will be available ingame or on discord. Cheers!