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  1. Miyamotosama

    Halloweend daily reward..

    thx to all for your answers
  2. Miyamotosama

    So, no daily shipment today?

    sorry but its not fixed at all i was suposed to get my premium containter and guess i got reseted to day 1. Can you do something plz
  3. Miyamotosama

    Halloweend daily reward..

    Hi everybody. Today i was supposed to get the premium container from the daily reward but it reseted to the first reward. Is someone have the same problem and who i can contact from wargaming. cheers
  4. Miyamotosama

    More anime commanders

    I' d prefer space ship yamato captain, porco rosso as a special captain for cv etc... Instead of those over sexualized little waifu
  5. Miyamotosama

    Why was Leningrad left out?

    I still love aigle even with those turret placement. With spood beast you can kite well
  6. Miyamotosama

    Why was Leningrad left out?

    Honestly no sense to ask for a buff on a premium that perform really well. Sorry to show my e-[edited]. But i want the same 139mm on the eagle.
  7. Miyamotosama

    Why was Leningrad left out?

    Are you serious ? Go look my stats on leningrad. This ship need nothing, it is even at the border of being OP
  8. Miyamotosama

    Poetic player base.

    Wow that is some waifu addiction
  9. Miyamotosama

    Poetic player base.

    My Paint Destroyer twenty kilometers away, Better fallback before dying asking for support but they are not okay Don't touch the fresh painting
  10. Miyamotosama

    Patetic player base

    It depends but we are talking about a pvp game not a cinematic videogame so gameplay matter more than you think and having a learning curve is far more important than you think
  11. Miyamotosama

    Patetic player base

    @_ramrus_ Yeah but at some point simplifying a game doesn't make it better. And yes player have to adapt or go play mario kart where their is no real learning curve
  12. Miyamotosama

    Patetic player base

    @15JG52Adler This problem affect all pvp game and gaming in generals. 'My class isn't the best, buff it' 'i hate beeing outplayed, nerf that' Etc...
  13. Miyamotosama

    Patetic player base

    Did you read my comment or you are just on roid rage. Pvp or pve ppl need to adapt the ship they play with positioning, armor etc
  14. Miyamotosama

    Patetic player base

    But he is right most of ppl never think about changing the way they play so they get frustrated. It s funny but most of good player will stay silent and learn new mechanics and will find a way to play around them. The game is fine right now adaptation is the word and the only thing who's really impacted right now are CV with all the CA CL and the defensive AA but still some player aren't impacted by this meta
  15. Miyamotosama

    ST Le Terrible - the speed daemon

    Honestly aigle is one of the best dd hunter. Ppl are over estimating concealment. As a gunboat you primary role is to draw attention on you. The french dd line will surely be the fastest of all. You can 't give everything to a line like this. It' s always the same thing on each line or you adapt to the weakness of the line or you will not play them cause you can' t adapt your playstyle. (For me it s american cruiser to much boring) But honestly the ship haven't reach a test phase yet, so wait and see