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  1. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    The ops i find a bit out tuned is the one where you have to defend airplanes and then a base idont remember the name. This one require a real team coordination now, with random it's almost a guaranteed fail
  2. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    @nambra9 Honestly ppl good at gaming are the one that can multitask, process and organize priorities cause he/she knows the basics of the game and more cause he transfered the knowledge he /she get from the multiple game played. yes ops are difficult for casual but it's like ppl crying for biased MM in random they don't learn
  3. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    you are trolling, right ? ops difficult, so we haven't play th same game. If Wg realised a T10 ops one day i can already see the tears of despair from most potatoes
  4. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Honestly no rebalanced needed, ppl are just bad. Basicly ops work with pattern with some little variation on wave spawning and ennemy dispotition. Most of ppl are just bad and can t realised that, like in random ppl still don t know how to be positionned and focus fire WG can' t teach skill and use your brain
  5. Double CV matches... Why?

    @Commander_Cornflakes I understand your point of view but as i whish i want to agree with your argument i have to disagree. New player most of them will learn nothing from these game unless i do agree CV are a real pain at any tier but under T5 you don't really understand the basics of the game and this kind of MM can realy be frustrating. 1 CV is already a real problem to handle when the guy know how to play, 2 CV are just most of the time more unbalancing the way of a game. This is just my point of view
  6. Double CV matches... Why?

    I do agree nothing bringed by this kind of mm. Especially for ppl learning their ship. It s even worth knowing it happen at tier where some ships have no AA.
  7. Rank season 9 Discussion

    Really im at rank 13 started from the bottom cause it s my first ranked. And the amounts of sellfish suiciding potatoes is really high. I m not really strong enough yet to carry more than i should. It was a long time i stopped to play ranked on games cause at some points its really toxic to play with monkeys and its insulting for monkeys.
  8. Did WG changed code for MM?

    It depend of ppl using, some are subject to be more parano under weed effect some ppl will feel less anxious. And sure the variety ofbthe plant can play a lot on different effects Every users are differents but we aren't here to talk about that
  9. And still some are doing good in it. it' s not a weak ship or a strong ship it's an ok ship and last time i checked stock mahan got 79 sec base reload speed with torp reload with upgraded torp you got 78 sec And since it's a T7 most of the time you will be top tier so most of these "weakness" aren't really important
  10. Did WG changed code for MM?

    Their is at least 1 or 2 new thread per week about this MM subject. People need to stop to make them and seek for some help cause being paranoid like that make me think you smokin too much weed or else ...
  11. Is it a stock mahan or did you already upgraded it. It make a huge differences and last question, do you got a 10 skill point captain with councealment expert ? You play mahan like your regular usn destroyer. Contest cap, fight other dd, set fire on BB, CA/CL and deny area with your 12 torpedoes at 9.2 km range and they reload pretty fast. Stock mahan is horrible to play i know but once upgraded it is a fine ship. Check my stats i can t do a capture screen right now
  12. Noobs will kill this game!

    I ll take the exemple of mmo when you play solo and try to do raid and dungeon. Even if world of warcraft is heavily casualised if you play bad and dont have learn strats and stuff at high lvl, ppl will kick you without asking. Same as pvp you play like a retard or outside objectives oriented map you will be flammed. It s normal that ppl get mad at others if you want to have fun in a pvp games. Else choose vs fighting or anything that don't need to play with other ppl
  13. Noobs will kill this game!

    Sometimes you got to take in consideration human psychologies. Some ppl like to play to learn and become nbetter Some ppl will just launch a game once in a will. That's why even without beeing rude this kind of system can be taken the wrong way But i'm seeing the thing with the eye of a guy who got 31 in 2018 and i have grown with video game when sometime nothing was given to you and you have to learn by yourself or get friend 's that can give you advice
  14. Noobs will kill this game!

    @siramra yeah flamu was proposing this system and i do agree the game dozesn't give you any warning when you are doing something good for the team, like passiv damage as a dd when you spot other enemies. those kind of information are only available on website that track your in game stats that are visible on the game itself but never advertise by WG
  15. Noobs will kill this game!

    @Yogibjoern I understand but wargaming is a company who need money to exist. If they start to say to some ppl throwing money that they suck they take a huge commercial risk . Yes they could put more stuff to learn before you reach the pvp mode that could help many ppl and i do agree that their is something to do in this area.