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  1. Hello! Sound Mod Creator is designed to modify sound and effects in World of Warships game. You can replace any game sounds with your own or turn them off. Before using Sound Mod Creator, make sure you have 5995 version of Wwise software by AUDIOKINETIC installed. Download the archive and unpack it in a place convenient for you. The l reference link: Before using the program, it’s better to read short instruction 1. Preparing to get started. 1.1 For correct operation of the software, it must be pre-configured. To do this, go to the "Options" menu item → "Settings" Next, you must specify the path to the folder with the game, WWISE folder and WWISE project. 1.2 The path to the folder with the game can look like this: If the path is correct the caption "Configuration file not found!" will disappear 1.3 The path to the WWISE folder should look like this: If the path is correct the caption "Cannot find wwise-cli!" will disappear Make sure that WWISE version is the following: 2016.2.1.5995 1.4 The path to the WWISE project file should look like this: If the path is correct the caption "WWISE project file is not selected!" will disappear 2. Creating a modification 2.1 To create a modification, you need to configure the application. If the application is configured, select "File" → "New Project". Next, select working folder and name of the mod. Note: the "Copy Files" option copies all audio files to the project's working folder. We recommend to turn it on. 2.2 After creating a new project, on the left side of the screen the application will show the game events available for modification. For sound modification of an event, click on it with the left mouse button. For quick navigation through the events, you can search by name by clicking RMB on the event list. 2.3 After selecting the event, the sounds of which you are going to modify, you can start editing it.In the central part of the screen, there is the working area of the so-called "chains" of conditions (clarifications), when this or that sound will be played.The initial clarification is called "Default (*)", this condition is always satisfied. However, you can add other clarifications, for example a specific name of the ship.Let's study “The Battle Begins!" event.We will modify it so that on Graf Zeppelin ship for example, some hymn will be played instead of "The Battle Begins!" 2.4 To do this, you need to add a clarification - Ship Name, and find Graf Zeppelin ship in it.Pressing ">>" button will show the conditions available for this event.Next, it is necessary to choose at least one clarification for modification in each column.Select the desired chain and add it to modification by clicking "Add Path" button. 2.5 Suppose that, in addition to Graf Zeppelin, we have decided to add our sounds of the beginning of the battle to Bismark and Tirpitz ships.Find them by search and add with the ctrl button both at once.Next, like in the previous article add the chain and the path. 3. Working with files and generating a mod 3.1 To add your audio files, select the desired chain and click on "..." button. You will get to the file selection window for this chain. Files can be added here either by dragging with the mouse or by using the "Select Files" button. After selecting the files, click OK and you will see the files added to the path datasheet. Supported formats are*.mp3 and * .wav 3.2 After adding files, this event is marked as modified (white color).Let's proceed to mod generation.Select "File" → "Generate the mod".We will get to the mod generation window. 3.3 In the mod generation window, there is WWISE debugging information output and the bootstrap line of modification creation process. To generate the mod, you need to click the "Generate" button. Your audio files are automatically generated in a format supported by the game - * .wem and a configuration file for the modification will be created. To avoid errors and malfunction of the game, the configuration file is not recommended to be edited directly. Sound Mod Creator was designed for creating and editing modifications. After the generation, the path where the modification is located will be displayed. By default, completed modifications are copied to the res_mods folder. Done! Your mod is available for use. Do not forget to select it in the game settings. Patchnotes: Ability to modify such SFX events as: ● MainGun Shoot ● Horn (Play_SHIPHORN) ● Sound of navigating the interface buttons and clicking on it (Play_Over, Play_Click) ● and others (under «SFX» tab) Ability to modify Loop events, such as: ● Torpedo alarm (Play_Torpedo_Alarm) ● Play Collision Warning Beep ● and others (under “Loop” tab Updated search bar (search results don’t depend on the register) Ability to restore the project from the backup copy. (File - Restore the project) Added the separate panel for language shift Minor issues fixed Note: There is an additional item "Mod.xml path" in the program settings. In this section, you need to select the file "mod.xml", which should be in the folder World_of_Warships/res/banks/mod.xml. If you accidentally deleted this file, you can find the actual version in the attached file mod.zip