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  1. All Graf Zeppelin players know that the AP stukkas are kinda crap after 8.4, and you can barely citadel or even hit anything, but not anymore you have to avoid the Stukkas! because I have found a (partially fact checked) method of getting a higher damage number. This is quite short, so I wont put a wall of text up (sadly no diagrams, im too lazy and dont have the programs to make one) >get AP bombers >get Close to target >slow your planes down as much as possible, and wait until the reticle is where you are aiming at (which will still focus at the same speed as normal) >once reticle is at your desired location, do the attack run, but without speeding up >drop at location, preferably over citadel >KABLAMMIE >rinse and repeat Incase you think this is some BS, I did over 100K Damage with the bombs alone, with 11 citadels and multiple other bomb hits. also, I created a poll asking if it worked. dont know if I correctly set up the poll, but whatever. im talking way too much now.