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  1. Rionnen_marksman

    strange behavious since update

    Hey, not entirely sure whats going on here, can't play the game at the moment like this (replay attached) have ofcourse reported via ticket but wondered if you guys had any clue how to resolve? believe its due to the recent update, however I have uninstalled completely ALL wg files, and reinstalled and the problem still persists. The problems seems to be that the server thinks my ship is somewhere its not, in any battle format and on any ship it does the exact same thing. 20220221_160921_PGSD107-Leberecht-Maass_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  2. Tbh I thought almost all daring players used BFT anyway. It’s a gunboat, maximise your guns.
  3. Rionnen_marksman

    Is it time to nerf radar?

    RN T8 (Edinburgh) can also have radar
  4. Rionnen_marksman

    Is it time to nerf radar?

    It’s totally fine, I mean... take Des Moines out, sneak to near a cap, wait for 2-3 dd’s to be there and blam, 3 easy kills.
  5. Rionnen_marksman

    question about get fire

    Or he selected another ship... best be on the safe side though unless you can actually see him
  6. Rionnen_marksman

    Improving immersion

    Kind of depends what he’s playing on... I play on an i5-6200u with a 950m gpu. graphics updates? Not for me thanks, it takes up so much cpu usage already, I think my laptop would have a heart attack.
  7. Rionnen_marksman

    German CVs announced!

    That would have been fun, a unique line of cv’s focused on secondaries, they could have had short range aircraft for self defence or something
  8. Rionnen_marksman

    German CVs announced!

    Sure, cos there so many parts of ships designed to repel air launched armour piercing rockets. suppose it depends on their attack height and angle etc. if they come in at normal rocket attack height, they’ll pen the decks of practically everything, if they come at torp bomber height then that would probably give more options to try to angle.... maybe
  9. Rionnen_marksman

    German CVs announced!

    Maybe you have to shoot your guns at the perfect time to create an armour angle? I mean, they’re not seriously suggesting you can out manoeuvre rocket planes? are they?
  10. Rionnen_marksman

    Is the EU server down or is it just me?

    ... is it not most likely to be down to your ISP due to the much higher amounts of traffic online right now? when tens of millions around Europe are at home, it is GOING to affect things. It may not be WG’a fault at all.
  11. Rionnen_marksman


    Mo is already in it, so wouldn’t surprise me if enterprise was too
  12. Rionnen_marksman

    -2 and +2 Tier Matchmaking has to stopp right now

    It CAN be fun. know your ships limitations and work to its strengths. -2 MM doesn’t mean you’re going to have a crap game.
  13. Rionnen_marksman

    Stuck at 30fps

    Happens sometimes: In your WoWs\res folder open the "engine_config.xml" with the editor of your choice and look for "<maxFrameRate>30</maxFrameRate>", change it to whatever you like, but remember: - create a backup of the file - modifying this file can make your game crash or become otherwise unstable happens sometimes after updates
  14. Rionnen_marksman

    Thoughts about further steps developing the game

    So you think the Soviet ships should be split into pan-European and pan-Asian ships? Right? or is it only ships that came from a country which is now (60+ years after any of these ships existed) a member of the Eu? and why not Royal Navy ships?
  15. Rionnen_marksman

    Thoughts about further steps developing the game

    Also, because they did NOT fly under one flag.