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  1. Stronginthearms

    British Heavy Cruisers: Branch Review

    you dont get it yet, the russians hate the ROYAL NAVY simply because we actually had a NAVY and could sink ships in real life unlike the "Glorious sovite navy who could only make claims . Hell in the real world they did not help protect the convoys sent to aid her.
  2. Stronginthearms

    New player looking for a clan

  3. Stronginthearms

    SBS Recruiting

  4. the point is YOU SHOULD NOT touch anybodys ships, never mind removing upgrades and replacing with something else, ok if the upgrades are removed from game then leave that slot EMPTY so we decide what to do. WG meadelling is not wanted or called for. So know I have to go through 138 ships to see what you fecked up.
  5. Stronginthearms

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Again WG scam us, over 50% of my ships have had the damage control taken off and engine room protection put in there place so now i have to put them all back on my ships at 250,000 a shot,. THANKS A BUNCH ASSHOLES. What you should have do was just remove the ones which are deleted and let us pick what to replace with.
  6. Stronginthearms

    Looking for clan (english speaking)

    you dont
  7. Stronginthearms

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    well the British line has gone live and I must say it must it must be the WORST line ever made the people who developed it should be put against the wall and shot. Any why has the russian t8 cruiser ca got 3,000k more range than the British heavy CA???
  8. Sorry but if they change the upgrades which you paid for then replacing them should be free including the cost of the new upgrade, after all we all ready paid for them the first time around and we did not ask for them to be changed
  9. Stronginthearms

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    has any one found out what the british heavy cruisers are good at? i am struggling to find any good to say about them, from fullhealth to 1000 by 1 shell from a BB!!!!
  10. Stronginthearms

    SBS Recruiting

  11. Stronginthearms

    Install native client over the steam client somehow?

    you can do via the mod station hope this helps
  12. Stronginthearms

    New player looking for a clan

  13. Stronginthearms

    Looking for clan english speaking

    We are an international, laid back English speaking clan, looking for good humoured but active players to join us in clan battles, operations and divisions. We use Discord and our clan base is complete. Please check us out @ [SBS] Special Boat Service and read the clan description after which you may apply in game or alternatively contact Strong_in_the_arms Quote Edit
  14. Stronginthearms

    SBS Recruiting