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  1. Stronginthearms

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    sum it up BORING after a few games
  2. Stronginthearms

    ST - Submarines

    it will be fun watching the BALLS up they WILL make of it, look at CVs worse than before
  3. Stronginthearms

    ST - Submarines

    Ah good then so if you can do that you you can make a mode for those who dont want CVs and Subs in their game, looking forward to this MODE
  4. Stronginthearms

    Rewards Are on the Way – Stream Incoming!

    mmmm lets see watch stream or PLAY CLAN BATTLES? what twonk came up with that timing?
  5. it would make more sense adding another tier on the capt skills , ie 24 point captains
  6. what next WG subs, without a counter?
  7. FFS no no no NO NO NO NO, ARE YOU REAL, there will be NO new players because they will always be the underdog. Lock up the vodka when you have these meetings
  8. Stronginthearms

    German Navy Flags

    You want WG to be historical??? then there would be no Russian Bias/ = soviet navy did NOTHING in WWII,