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  1. Stronginthearms

    Server Issues - 07/12 - Downtime 04:00 UTC 08/12

    I hope we will get the daily battles added to our account,other wise i may miss dreadnought
  2. Stronginthearms

    Server Problems

    still cannot get in, time for the KY jelly to come out
  3. Stronginthearms

    Server Issues - 07/12 - Downtime 04:00 UTC 08/12

    hope i get to finish my daily missions and crates
  4. i cant even open the twitch port, never mind containers
  5. Stronginthearms

    Halloween: Twilight Battle! - Discussion Thread

    only 1 upgrade
  6. Stronginthearms

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    why but Dreadnought when you can win it next month? Also the Dreadnought was not a sub class WOWs teach your sales team naval History there is a reason why we have Pre-Dreadnought, Dreadnoughts and Super Dreadnoughts, HMS DREADNOUGHT was the 1st, of course it was not built or thought up by Russia so you dont have to get facts right
  7. Stronginthearms

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    you need bad players so you look like a good player
  8. Stronginthearms

    WG fix *edited* game or pay me back my money

    must be a wanker to watch porn, how do you play the game with 1 hand?
  9. Stronginthearms

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    will be a very small tree, better still do the Dutch line, even Belgium had a better navy (snigger)
  10. Stronginthearms

    Clans: Fight Against Another Region! - Discussion Thread

    sever maintenance you cant really believe it can you , they may as well employ monkeys to do the job they are more intelligent
  11. Stronginthearms

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    I would like to see some PRE DREADNOUGHTS :)
  12. Stronginthearms

    Unique commanders for EU?

    do you use your points on their specialisations?
  13. Stronginthearms

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    does he speak English? I will not be conned like I was with dasha
  14. Stronginthearms

    New Polish ship in the game

    dought you will get any mores the shame Russia dont like POLAND