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  1. RadioFighterYR

    SMS Helgoland (Tier III KM BB)

    Can't find any better place for this. They should add a ship suggestion section because there are many interesting ships to put into the game, shouldn't they? Sooo... Tier III premium BB Helgoland. This one. General: Purchase price: 2000 doubloons Health pool: 39700 hit points Main armament: 305mm Schnelladekanone L/50 in 6 twin turrets Reload time: 25 sec. Rate of fire: 2,4 shots/minute Turret traverse speed: 3 degrees/sec. Time taken for a turret to traverse 180 degrees: 60 sec. Firing range: 12,5km Maximum dispersion: 210m HE shell 305mm Spr.Gr L/3,8 (3400 alpha, 22% fire chance, 850m/s velocity, weight 406kg) AP shell 305mm P.Spr.Gr L/3,4 (8300 alpha, 855m/s velocity, 405 kg weight) Secondary armament (1): 150mm Schnelladekanone L/45 in 14 single mounts Firing range: 4 km Rate of fire: 9,23 shots/min. Reload time: 6,5 sec. HE shell: 150mm KGr.18 (1800 alpha, 835m/s velocity, 10% fire chance) Secondary armament (2) 88mm Schnelladekanone L/45 in 14 single mounts Firing range: 4 km Rate of fire: 15 shots/min. Reload time: 4 sec. HE Shell: 88mm Spr.Gr. (1000 alpha, 890m/s velocity, 4% fire chance) Anti-aircraft weaponry: none historically, at least not listed in any of the sites I checked; some of the 88mm mounts can become AA mounts. Maneuverability: Top speed: 20,8 knots Installed power: 27,617 shaft horsepower. Turning circle: 595m Rudder shift time: 18 seconds Concealment and detectability: Surface detectability range: 10,85km Air detectability range: 8,55km Armor protection: Belt armor: 300mm Turrets: 300mm Deck: about 63mm So, what do you think? Yay or nay? Would it be a good ship if implemented with these stats.
  2. RadioFighterYR

    USS New York, really?

    Hello! What to do with this utter piece of junk? I bought it, played one battle with it - guns can't hit consistently at 10-12km, the third turret is mostly useless due to its ridiculously small firing angle(and in my case it was knocked out almost immediately), the ship is slow as balls (like all US battleships, but ~2 min. to accelerate or decelerate to 18 knots?) , once committed to a flank it cannot change directions at all, and its ''small'' turning circle is worthless when it turns so slowly, which means torpedobeats are quite a challenging thing to do. I see that with the upgrades, the ship isn't going to be too much better. Can you tell me whether this ship is good when upgraded, or it is just as crap? I'd like to know the same about the T6 and 7 too. Thanks!
  3. RadioFighterYR

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    Well the sh*tty RM naval aircraft could be over-buffed, too... BF109 was a beast for its time, yet it is really bad in GZ?
  4. RadioFighterYR

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    Sorry to write in old topics, but ain't it fun how V-25 is the smallest and the heaviest at the same time, while Tachibana is huge, slow and... light?
  5. RadioFighterYR

    Bug Reports

    I think the game is way too red, just that I could not fix it by simply leaving a battle (because I'm labeled a teamkiller if I leave one, and I fear that).
  6. RadioFighterYR

    Premium shells in WOWS

    Damn it, just giving an idea = well f**k you we'll hate. I seriously did not expect this massive bag of hate towards me. Also after some thinking-over, I decided they really can't be implemented because there's no quantity of shells in WoWs unlike WoT. What I like, though, is @MrConway's answer. P.S. Sanshikidan shells might be useful for Musashi's - one of my friends, a carrier captain, made a list of all the Musashi's he murdered ever since they were added in-game and by now they're over 50.
  7. RadioFighterYR

    Premium shells in WOWS

    Hey! I play WoT, where there are premium (APCR, HESH, HE, AP, HEAT) rounds. Of course, I am not suggesting that tank ammo should be added to WOWS but premium AP and/or premium HE would be rather interesting to see. What do you think?
  8. RadioFighterYR

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    The problem here is that Jap CV got alot of small squadrons and fast but paper-thin planes... US got AP bombs from tier 8 (I am not entirely sure ) and their planes are also slower but tougher to take down even by their own flyswatters. UK CV - how about those? Well... either bombs that are similar to the HEOP shells the british BB get, or maybe an ability to drop torpedoes one-at-a-time?
  9. RadioFighterYR

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    Kinda offtopic but V-25 is a large torpedo boat (still a torpedo boat) while both of those are DDs... yet tachibana still comes out the lighter.
  10. RadioFighterYR

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    French are okay. As for Italy it might be a good idea to get their unfinished WW2 carrier (name?) in the game.
  11. RadioFighterYR

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    No it is fixed... But in Bulgarian historiographu it is commonly understood that the 1st Balkan war is indeed one of the events leading up to WW1.
  12. RadioFighterYR

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    Hey! I am from Bulgaria, so here's some ships I think should be implemented in the game. Note: the ships might seem very underpowered for their role and the tier I'd be placing them at, but WG is known for buffing/nerfing things unhistorically anyway. Drazki (in commission 1907-1950) A Bulgarian navy torpedo boat, which almost sank the Ottoman cruiser Hamidiye during the Balkan War. The ship is now a museum in Varna, Bulgaria. Historically: Stats: Tonnage: 97 tons Length: 38 meters Width: 4.4 meters Draft: 2.6 meters Propulsion: Steam turbine, about 1 900 shaft horsepower, two boilers Top speed: 26 knots Crew: 5 officers, 25 enlisted Armament: Artillery: 3 x 47mm guns Torpedoes: 3 x 450mm As could be implemented in WoWs: Tier II premium destroyer A big buff to its top speed, bringing it to about 29-30 knots. To compensate for its TINY gun caliber (leaving about 450-500 alpha at most) it should be given high penetration numbers and different overmatch mechanics Long gun range (11km at least) with about 20 shells per minute RoF. A problem with the torpedoes, as visible on the blueprint of Drazki when she was commissioned. After WW2 the ship was re-modelled with Soviet triple torpedo tubes, which should be used instead of those. About 9000 hitpoints Rudder shift time of no more than 1.8 - 2 seconds. A turning circle of about 350 meters, as this most likely would be the smallest and shortest ship in the entire game. About 4.8-5km standard detection with 5.5km torpedoes (31 sec reload) Nadezhda (in commission 1898-1930s) Historically: Stats: Tonnage: 717 tons Length: 67 meters Width: 9.4 meters Draft: 2.2 meters Propulsion: 2 boilers with unknown power Top speed: 17 knots Crew: 10 officers, about 90 enlisted Armament: Artillery: 2x 100mm, 2x 65mm, 2x 47mm Torpedoes: 2x 380mm As could be implemented in WoWs: Tier II premium cruiser A buff to its top speed getting it up to at least 20 knots. Both 100mm and 65mm mixed-caliber main battery. Would be fired with the same left mouse button (100mm would have 15 rpm, 65mm - 18 rounds per minute RoF) It would be well-hidden due to its small size as seen in the Historic section. 21100 hit-points to compensate due to the fact the real ship had absolutely no armor and could potentially be penetrated by rifle-caliber weapons. Torpedoes would have the same range as Drazki's torpedoes (5-5.5 km) but will be slower and weaker, though with a faster RoF (10-15 seconds reload) Rudder shift time of 6.5 seconds Turning circle radius of 385m. Long gun range (13.8 km)
  13. RadioFighterYR

    Would an HE-only cruiser be effective?

    Then how about special HE as well? That would benefit more from IFHE but lose even more fire chance as well, and can only make up half of it (for example) with demo expert?
  14. RadioFighterYR

    Would an HE-only cruiser be effective?

    The title says it all. Please explain your opinions below. Thank you, even though WG would never add that, I'd still like to find out what you guys think. Yes, yes, I know how little experience on the game I have, but I have a reason to ask this - the HE-OP rounds British battleships recieve.