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  1. Hi, I would like to enter the raffle. 1. Alabama 2. Mutsu 3. Doubloons. 4. Doubloons. 5. Doubloons 6. Doubloons 7. Doubloons 8. Marblehead thank you very much, all of the generous players
  2. 0.6.14

    Is there a way we can have modpack manually copied into the game folder, without using .exe installer?
  3. I want this topic closed if anything - because of arrogant ppl like you.
  4. I dont want any attention I just expressed my opinion. I have 25 yrs of gaming experience. PPL in my age doesnt cheat or teamkill. Nor using WARPACKS which could kill this game. Last night I was gunned down on mission start by pink player and those guys should be really punished. Otherwise, ppl who did it once, by accident are in the same shameful boat. Pls topic closed.
  5. What went wrong with matchmaker. I know it can be itchy sometimes but yesterday I played around 8 missions and in most of them i was heavily uptiered in my Konigsberg. 4-5 T7 ships on both sides is too much for tier 5/6 match when it happens 6 missions in a row. Like nobody plays T5.
  6. On one of my first missions I accidentally torped a teamate. Got pink. Yesterday I was gunned down twice from pink ppl (after I got rid of my pink status) just on the mission start. So for WG theres no difference between teamkillers and us who did it once or twice not on purpose. On team kill = pink. Then if you didnt do it on purpose you will get rid of this, if not, you can teamkill all day with your pink nickname.
  7. Yet they are. BTW, im not bad for a newbie. So many potato players with way more experience and nobody gives a s.... and yes AFK is more annoying than anything else and I dont see you crucified them....I guess its easier to jump on new guys. What a warm welcome. History repeats from WOT forum. BTW, I noticed devs are "balancing" things here too. Release OP premium, sell it. Nerf it after a year and everybodys happy....top tier expensive and very boring as I heard from friends who play this since beta. T7 for ranked and up to 7 for fun in random. I thank them for that info. Simmilar is in WOT. topic closed for me.
  8. I know Pete. I dont. Like I said he was already in full speed and both of us didnt paid enough attention. Never mind. I will be super careful. Then again, what we gonna do with AFK ppl? Tons of them and no real punishment.
  9. Whataver mate. Enjoy your haiku.
  10. I never said I shouldnt be punished...but lets put it simple. One friendly ship killed = accident. Two or more friendly ships killed = teamkiller. Got it? BTW, AFK ppl are the worst and still, even with reports, they would rarely be punished.
  11. Its not that simple...he was to my left...not so close to me. I even announced torps out (from my right side) towards enemy and then he charged in front of me. I guess bad luck for both of us. No real intention there. I dont have a p problem with punishment but one ship down definitely shouldnt be the trigger for pinky....thats all. If someone does it regularly Im all for punishment, even bans if you ask me. With that said I see too often ppl in CAs charging onto enemy DDs in the momoent when Im preparing to torp them in my DDs. They should be my support not kamiakazas. They charge in a way its impossible to do any damage to enemy wothout hitting them...
  12. Title says it all. Not that Im a bad player or teamkiller. I accidentally torped one mate (more like he was going where he shouldnt than me being uncareful) and after that Im punished with pink nickname. Thats stupid. This should be for ppl who teamkill on purpose not for us who sunk one ship by accident.