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  1. _blackram_

    Enough is enough.

    yesterday in T7 DD I was uptiered (VIII and IX) in 6 games in a row...they are doing everything to force ppl grinding and spent more money... I can puke now...
  2. _blackram_

    WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    Im not using cheats in games. I game for 30 yrs now. Warpack is there since ages and it is one of the reason this game is sowly dying...ok main reason is money milking....every single tweak is for money milking...
  3. _blackram_

    WTF is going on with this game?!

    My biggest gripe with this game is that even the 2 super performances (2 really good players) cant win a game for a team in most cases. In fact the battles outcomes are just based on pure luck, who you gonna get in your team. Its kinda random luck game so you just play like thers no real satisfaction whatever you do. This is in fact, the biggest problem of this game overall. Yep there are clan wars but most folks are in random.... My advice for average joe, new to the game is...just grind your favourite classes up to t7 and then play as casual, few games on a night and get onto the other games....you will save nerves and a lot of the money....
  4. _blackram_

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I got nothing on Holliday lottery and WGs stream lottery. Then I decided to buy just ONE big santa box. Last chance. And I got premium ship Okhotnik and a 10 points captain. I had only one premium (Scharnhorst). Now I think I was lucky this time.
  5. _blackram_

    Why doesnt WG like new, casual players?

    This game isnt friendly even to experienced players since one can hardly change the course of battle if he gets teamed up with potato players. Thats the biggest problem of this game.
  6. _blackram_

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    They never said the code is valid until midnight...they could left it for 24h...bah.
  7. _blackram_

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    Im too late for this as code isnt working anymore and I got nothing on holliday lottery. BTW its totally unfair move from wargaming to announce the free code which doesnt work for everyone in 24h duration.
  8. _blackram_

    Can we look at MM in next update?

    I cannot believe there isnt enough players (even in peek hours) so matchmaker cant have -1 and +1 tier. So basically very often im uptiered by 2 tiers up.....how is that possible with so many players? Its fake...Its forcing ppl to grind to tier X...
  9. _blackram_

    From Reddit (by Evil4Zerggin): Santa container statistics

    Like we assumed. Those who got ships all posted in here. hehe
  10. _blackram_

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Santa conatiners would have sense if, lets say, huge container 5X packs would have only prem ships inside (ofcourse one to get from lottery). Otherwise its just much better option to purchase premium ship (of YOUR choice) from the store. Ofcourse if one has a tons of money then its irelevant.
  11. _blackram_

    christmas/new year sales ships

    What do you know about my home budget? I dont know how old are you or do you use your own earned money for purchases...but I have 2 kids, big loan for my flat and below average EU salary (CE here). So If I want to spend more money for ship I cant. And I would If I could. This way I would wait next salary for second premium ship. There you go. You asked for it. BTW, Rude tone there mate. You need to control yourself or learn to behave. 6985 battles in a computer game doesnt give you a free ticket to be rude to ppl specially to newcomers. Thank you. Good news.
  12. _blackram_

    christmas/new year sales ships

    Its kinda odd even from marketing point of view. I bought one premium ship. Wanted two but I cant afford it now since I bought like 50 presents for Christmas . So it would be great if the discount will go week into the 2018...
  13. _blackram_

    christmas/new year sales ships

    Guys, for how long the discounts will be active?
  14. _blackram_

    Christmas sales?

    So its very likely we wont see, lets say 30% of price drops for all ships in premium shop (similar to black friday)? Thats an unpleasant surprise...I dont want to spend my money on stupid lottery with slight change on getting any premium ship. Any.