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  1. little gem here.. it shows nicely what the current meta does to people. every new match the same thing, at least half your team will be sitting behind islands with : "and now we wait until someone shows up so we can dakadaka...". im rapidly loosing fun lately
  2. Rokko1v

    Can't connet to server

  3. Rokko1v

    Can't connet to server

    why would you even.. point and click game
  4. Rokko1v

    Can't connet to server

    and thats why i cant help myself. in games im like a collector. i like rare stuff. if i sense that something maybe never comes back to the store/tech tree or only once a blue moon, i tend to get them. because id regret if i dont. ie Asashio due to split community opinion,the commanders and currently im working up free xp for the Musashio. my collectors heart still weeps every time when i remember that i didnt get enough free xp in time to get the Missouri. i was even tempted to get the space camo because i really liked them. problem being,the price tag didnt match the actual value and i would want them all..and that was just a nono considering the price.
  5. Rokko1v

    Can't connet to server

    possibly ...
  6. Rokko1v

    Can't connet to server

    so basically .... we are all sitting in the same boat - bad pun engaged -
  7. Rokko1v

    Can't connet to server

    the *one* time where i have some time to play after work. its been a bad day, im semi drunk and semi awake and wanted to blow off some steam in the waters. fml...
  8. thank you for the clarification. i have about 70% free xp of what i need for it and id be pretty miffed if it was to leave already
  9. Rokko1v

    The Lion, IFHS or no?

    includes a formula and calculation how to calculate yourself if IFHE is useful for your ship or not. props n regards to the respective publisher/owner of this video
  10. because red circles are lava...
  11. Rokko1v

    What special skill does those special captains have?

    guess the parents of Yamamato Isoroku didnt have time for a little brother
  12. Rokko1v

    which DD line to choose? DD questions

    i also ask the guys in my vape shop what flavor they use personally. just like ships in wow, there are tons of flavors and they all read/sound similar in taste on paper. but its the small differences that matter. if you want to get to know stuff, ask the people who are good at it :) and i rather enjoy reading the conversation between the different DD main captains here. very informative