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  1. Rokko1v

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    this is just absurd.. althou i have to admit that Flamu and iChaseGaming together in one joined call on a stream is hilarious
  2. nice thread. i shall apply once i boosted my stats some. playing alone is getting old :) * free bump
  3. ballsy move going through middle, i like
  4. free cookies at A , i think
  5. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    funny thing is,if you read all the feedbacks since the second "hotfix", throw them all in one pot ,give it a good ol' stir and see what soup we got? - the cv players complaining because their new cvs aint all that fun and they cant dominate the battlefield any more and win on their own -> plx buffz!!! - the rest is complaining because cvs are just plain annoying and most of the aa builds are semi useless now -> plx nerfz dem! Well done WG
  6. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    i appreciate your input :) my main problem with the cv rework,even after the hotfix, is that planes are replaced at all. de-planing prior to the rework meant,you are out of planes. which you should be, if you are careless. maybe you need more deck space and/or raising of your replacement timer, thats up for debate. but surely, replacing an entire plane in the same speed a battleship reloads her guns can not be the answer... especially not since you get 3 type of planes with individual replenishment timers. ie, so you are still able to participate and influence the battle with rocket planes while your favorite dive bombers regenerate. 2,3 attack runs with your rocket planes aaaand..with magic...your dive bombers have replaced all lost planes. really..? some ship are meant to be aa strong,they carry aa tools such as defensive aa. if im careless and panic and waste defensive aa on spotter planes , im out. real quick. its a battle of tools,if you will . and one side getting a regular replenishment while the other side doesnt..is the definition of imbalance. i said it before, its like playing a shooter game against bots that keep respawning but 'you' only got 3 lifes. eventually,you will die. not to lack of your own skill or your opponents superior skill ...no...just to the endless numbers wearing you down
  7. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    uuhh...yes. thats the definition of unlimited. you see... i have 3 defensive aa's ..thats 3...a limited number.once used up, they wont replenish. thats the definition of limited. need a chart?
  8. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    if a cv can magically regain lost planes ....what would you call that?
  9. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    anyway, can someone enlighten me what this talk about "de-planing" is all about? have the mighty WG gods answered our nightly prayers and finally limited the amount of planes available to a cv ?
  10. Rokko1v

    New CVs

  11. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    hotfix was a first step into the right direction. if you now limit the amount of planes available, it slowly becomes playable again
  12. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    so much this
  13. Rokko1v

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    because they are just about to drop british CVs into the premium shop. cant miss a good sales opportunity..
  14. Rokko1v

    New CVs

    how about..no? giving you premium time will simply ensure that you test this willingly even longer