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  1. Being a Mediocre player at best, I am now expected to give up 1000's of hours of my time only to have to start over. No Thanks, and I.M.O. all WG are doing is Patronising the Lower Skilled & lesser Expierenced playerbase by Nurse Maiding with no real thought at the long term. Once everyone has this new system with all the mods/free consumables, the game will return to the same state as the game is in now, whereby those that are good remain good, and those who, like myself are of a lower skill will still be at a disadvantge. Nothing will change regarding to progress of new players, this solves nothing for those who need to learn the game, it just feels like a dumbing down the progression we all have to take to reach the higher tiers. That being said, <sarcasm>I racall the uproar about the new CV's and we all know what happened to the objections and how WG "listened".</sarcasm>
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    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Had a SC in the normal containers with Steel