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  1. CptOddyB

    Problems with the server

    New flash: A sudden influx of Alaska and Exeter ships ingame causes MM to crash as it could not find any CV's
  2. CptOddyB

    Problems with the server

    Just experienced big lag spike, other reporting it also in game. Then disconnected.
  3. CptOddyB

    An Open Letter to Wargaming

    Well if you think I am being negative over it all then you should read other Posts I have made, a few even with positive suggestions. As for my post here, It is how I genuinely feel about the role out of this patch. i am sure things will get "shorted out" over time, but how long it will take who knows. It certainly not going commit hours playing a game mode I no longer enjoy. especially now Ichasegaming has shown everyone how to ruin the game for 20 otherr players. as the saying goes when the fun stops... Stop.
  4. CptOddyB

    An Open Letter to Wargaming

    Maybe, you should read other sections of the forum, there are far more players that do no like the "game" as it is now. The CV rework is a a fail on many counts , AA nerfed, Concealment nerfed, the F key, and Wg have deliberatly done it to make CV's look nice and appealing, so pleyers open thier wallets and buy the RN CV Premiums and when WG have got thier revenue they will then nerf the crap out the CV just the ssame as they have done with the Kidd/Atlanta/Sims/Flint. I am seriously trying to keep and open mind about the whole thing but the more I play and see, the more dissalutioned and de-motivated I am to carry on playing and the only fun at the momnet is playing coop and operations. the rest is just a bag of manure.
  5. I have decided to use alternative approach with regards to CV's and AA. the additional fighter is useless, AFT/BFT had no real impact, So I thought I would try something different: Maybe giving up concealment for the Legendary mod is now viable. So a Survivability setup: Have yet to play this setup, until later.
  6. CptOddyB

    General feedback

    Some points from battles tonight. Cataput fighters: 1. the duration (KVG) is 60secs. this is no where near long enough, as by the time the second attack has happened the fighter is landing. Action time on this to be effective would have to be at least doubled or carrying on fighting until the emeny planes are killed or the fighter is killed. Once the plane is landed or killed then the cooldown begins. 2. Why the fighter only has the abilty to circle at 3km? this is nowhere near effective against inbound attacks. it should be at least the radius of the furthest AA range and once engaged in fighting inbound planes should continue (even if it goes out of the patrol radius) until all threat is elliminated or the fighter is killed.
  7. CptOddyB

    General feedback

    Actually, May I bring your attention to the DEFAA of the Premium Ships Atlanta, Kidd & Sims, all have had a serious reduction in % damage. <insert sarcastic ditty here> Feedback I found the CV's boring after a few trys at it, I didn't like it because it is very much "rinse and repeat". I am sure many will like it, but not for me As I mentioned in the PTS section the AA sectors are way to clumsy, surely two keys "[" "]" for example to change sectors. why is there a need to fill the Whole screen? an icon similar to 100--AA--100 would do the job, sit it on top of the rudder section or in the Compas area. This would be more efficient. Majority of what I have experienced so far is ok, however, I have been experiencing a stuttering Port <laggy as ferk> on occasions. The Ranked Battles has been a refreshing change, only played 6 battles so far. Not a great fan of Arms race, but it is a nice change from Randoms with all the nice Operations now gone
  8. CptOddyB

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    I have read the Patch notes and there is no mention of adjusting the DEFAA ratings on these ships. The only reference is to the Sims getting Torp adjustments (which I am happy for those to be reverted back). The balancing should come when a ship is found to be "unbalanced". The reduction in DEFAA has been made before they are found to be unbalanced and because of that should not have been adjusted to begin with as there is no reliable data to warrant the reduction of DEFAA rating.
  9. CptOddyB

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    The Kidd/Atlanta/Sims strongest selling point as Premium ships is the DEFAA. I personally do not want a refund I would like the ships AA capablties re-instated. I could also mention the the DeGrasse did not receive the Main Armanents Reload Booster when the rest of the french line received the consumable. This I accepted as WG not making changes to Premium Ships.
  10. CptOddyB

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    Not only Atlanta, also USS Kidd has been reduced to 200% DEFAA. Not happy with these changes to Premium Ships <Edit> also USS Sims has fallen to this nerfing
  11. CptOddyB

    Alternative Dev Blog?

    I would like to ask if there is an alternative Dev Blog site that provides up to date information, other than facebook? as i do not use social media sites thanks ODB
  12. CptOddyB

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    One of my biggest issues comes with the new AA mechanism, the changing of side for increasing damage is too cumbersome (hold "o" and click). There are two reasons why. 1. Time spend to redirect AA to incoming planes. This takes the player's attention away from main priority of dealing with opponent ships. 2. Adjusting the damage focus after the squadron has passed over and begins attack from opposite side (CV now know this is the weak AA side) Because of this, it makes the mechinism redundent as most players will ignore it because it is too much trouble when trying to battle against other ships. (my opinion) Generally, WG has stated that a player can only control a CV hull or Planes, and are given Auto repairs (this has be discussed). My gripe is that WG is contradicting itself by removing the current AA system for a manual slow cumbersome and all other ships. I guess the reason (and Nerfing AA ratings on ships) IS to make the CV's become attractive to play. The up side is that when a CV is spotted, it is Dead CV unles it is surrounded by friendly ships to protect it(not going to happen in Random Battles), even then the focus is on destroying CV Do I think this improve the Gamplay in General, I think not. I like the AA damage counters, and think this should be added to to main Damage total. I also like the new AA gun sounds.
  13. CptOddyB

    1 day premium account bonus code

  14. CptOddyB

    Server "overloaded"

    Yes I also am getting this problem
  15. CptOddyB

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate in the lottery. Thank you