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  1. The game is stealing my collectibles

    Are you sure, it was 2 duplicates from the collection, or 1 duplicate collection and 1 duplicate patch.
  2. Cruisers Update

    Thought for a minute this was a picture of my mother, then I saw the smile
  3. Ranked Season

    when you are in port, by the notifications popup there is a settings icon click it and it will show you the filters
  4. Had a SC in the normal containers with Steel
  5. School Kids

    The latter part of your statement infers that older players do not have the abitly to learn and adapt, Just as OP suggests that kids are ruining the game through bad play. This is advetised as a PEGI 7 game, basically from a parents point of view and child from the age of 7 can play this under guidance. As long as WG keep this status, then 20-30yr olds will have to accept it. Also, how do you know what age players are that flame you? I have seen no indication of age in profiles etc. I respect your opinion, however, How do you know what age a player is that flames you?
  6. School Kids

    That is not what you were saying, may I suggest your read your post again.
  7. School Kids

    And you good sir are as bad as hms_blackpud.
  8. Which Achievements Does Count "Heroic" ??

  9. Win Rates

    I would say that the stats are fine the way they are and showing the player a historic view of performance, using this data to question yourself of where your weaknesses are and find out how to build on those weaknesses. The Truth always hurts and there is no escaping inabilty to learn. I am an example of such misgivings, Below average WR/XP/Dmg all because for the first 2k battles was clueless and it is now difficult to escape overall poor play early on. However, although my WR is like a Yoyo the other measures are gradually improving simply because I spend more time reading the forums/wiki, watching How it works, Streamers/ Ytubers. Do away with the Day1 stats you are only fooling yourself into believing that your better than you are esp. 100 battles this is nothing to compare how you are developing in the game itself. Also to finish, Any newcomer from the day you hit level15 start researching the game and ships, how to aim/angle and role each ship plays in securing a victory. The rest will fall itno place over time. best of luck ODB
  10. Updated Operations

    Operation Narai: Please WG do not ask for feedback unless you are prepared to listen. This operation has not changed since PTS, players said how bad this was then, and you did not listen. Personally, I am glad that I gained 5star before you messed it up, as now there is no reason to continue to play this operation as there is no fun in wasting camos/sigs and credits Just so I get the message across, again There is too much happening, too many secondary tasks at the same time for players in a random team to cope with. Too little time to complete tasks. And there is the Missouri that takes the focus of more than one ship to destroy, piled on top are cruisers, destroyers and onshore gun placements to defeat. It is way too confusing and total FUBAR Also, Why is the damage to Forts never included in the Damage total?
  11. French Cruiser Changes

    He is my feedback (Please note I am comparing my experiences with the Charles Martel). I have been playing the French cruisers for a while now and having got to unlock the Saint Louis, this was a perfect time to try before I buy. Sadly looking at the default reload time on Charles Martel I currently have in port is 10secs, on the pts it is 12secs, an increased time of 2seconds, just to favour a reload consumable. This has not made these ships better, all this has done is make dull ships even more boring to play. Loosing 1 salvo per minute is a great Nerf. Please bin this idea.
  12. Discrimination/racism

    Wargaming Support Does take this seriously, I have sent on three occasions Screenshots/replays of malicious players, with the response that they will be dealt with. May I suggest you look up how to activate Replays, use prt scrn to take screenshots of offence. Then Upload them to Support, who will intern look at the issues. Remember as other have said, Do Not Fire deliberately on your allies as it is you that will suffer for it, not the instigator.
  13. Radar Discussion Megathread

    I get what your saying, all I was trying to do is give ideas on how to balance the current inequality of radars per team. I cannot see it being impossible to adjust MM to scan consumables to balance radar. But only WG know whether they can or cannot achieve this. (just trying to be constructive)
  14. Radar Discussion Megathread

    If WG can do an "Off the charts" news item on the most popular signals used in battle (18/6/2018), then surely they know what all consumables a ship uses in battle.
  15. Radar Discussion Megathread

    I have already made my stance on radar clear in another thread. I can also see an inbalance in Radar ships being distributed. Yet your attempt to invalidate any comment I make just shows your ignorance and dis-respect for anyone to have a point of view than does not fall into line with yours. I am done here. I have put my PoV in a thread that has been started by a WG member.