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  1. Bug Reports

    1. Description Screen freeze and crash to desktop after plating Operation 2. Reproduction steps Play until operation complete 3. Result screen freeze before results, then windows critical error sound, only exit from this was ALT+F4, game closed 4. Expected result Being able to exit the game without any shenanigans. 5. Technical details Crash Dump files zipped but connot upload. PC Spec: Gygabyte 970-DS3P mainboard 12GB ram Geforce GTX 1050Ti game installed on 250gig SSD
  2. Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    In the Royal navy Event screen it states I have to complete 3 missions to unlock the Directives. What 3 missions? The instructions apear a "little" vague
  3. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    London Port, London is a Merchant Port not a Military port. Why not the Gossport (Portsmouth) The Royal Navy's home since 1192AD? Then there is the Clyde and Devonport surely one of these would be more suited and more inkeeping with the Hisotical Naval Theme.
  4. Penalty for losing connection.

    I had d/c problems last week, I contacted support directly, they advised a number of things, one was Downloading and use PingPlotter to monitor network traffic to the WG servers. As It happened there was two European server in the hops at peak times showed packet loss. So now if I timeout from the game I fire up PP. If there are any problems I leave it till they subside. As to some point your are responsible for joining a battle, even if you have a bad connection. Maybe this article will help: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/article/10252/ ODB
  5. Abuse of chatban

    So they CANNOT get angry and report you, but you CAN get angry and Teamkill?
  6. Steel for coal

    When you purchase an item, but have not got enough coal it auto uses the steel and gives you a confirmation button to continue
  7. Because when you choose the wrong ones it costs Doubloons or an insane amount of ECXP, the latter most don't have
  8. The game is stealing my collectibles

    Are you sure, it was 2 duplicates from the collection, or 1 duplicate collection and 1 duplicate patch.
  9. Cruisers Update

    Thought for a minute this was a picture of my mother, then I saw the smile
  10. Ranked Season

    when you are in port, by the notifications popup there is a settings icon click it and it will show you the filters
  11. Had a SC in the normal containers with Steel
  12. School Kids

    The latter part of your statement infers that older players do not have the abitly to learn and adapt, Just as OP suggests that kids are ruining the game through bad play. This is advetised as a PEGI 7 game, basically from a parents point of view and child from the age of 7 can play this under guidance. As long as WG keep this status, then 20-30yr olds will have to accept it. Also, how do you know what age players are that flame you? I have seen no indication of age in profiles etc. I respect your opinion, however, How do you know what age a player is that flames you?
  13. School Kids

    That is not what you were saying, may I suggest your read your post again.
  14. School Kids

    And you good sir are as bad as hms_blackpud.