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  1. Proposal

    I voted yes to all 4, for the port slot, commander and credits when I sell em all
  2. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    I vote 1/1 for the simple fact the amount of times I get bottom tier when playing. It is happening way to often to be enjoyable But nothing will change because it does not need to as far as WG are concerned. Just like a lot of things. So this poll is pretty useless
  3. some thought on the game

    I like your proposals, They are pretty well thought out, however I would agree with Estaca_de_Bares on Epicentre. Your correct over the contesting caps, a Ship can be in the cap area tanking, taking and dealing damage and there is no reward for this except damage and potential damage, while the opponent is racking up defended ribbons. As an example: A ship is inside an enemy cap for 1-2 minutes being fired at, the cap is constantly getting reset by the enemy, however the ship contesting is actively stopping the enemy from gaining points. The ship dies after 1-2 minutes of fighting gets no rewards even if the his team goes on to win the capture point.Also if he is the first in the cap then the cap timer gets reset even though there maybe others inside. Maybe the could be a mechanism where if a ship is contesting a cap while inside or within 100 metres of the cap zone they receive some sort of rewards/achievements Player especially new player need to know that they are doing the right thing as far as game-play is concerned, WG in this update have implemented a good system to let players know they are doing the wrong thing. Please WG work on the good things players do.
  4. Minotaur Captain Skill points

    I have respec'd to PM JoaT AD SI AFT & CE, the last three points I have a choice of AFT or PT + Smokescreen, depending on how it goes. Once again, many thanks
  5. Minotaur Captain Skill points

    Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. PM over PT sounds a good choice. (hate knowing 6 ppl are actively targeting me) I do like radar above smoke especially when I have the Modifications available, so for now I need to find out whether I can make radar work better than smoke or not. If not then I would maybe opt for Smokescreen as last 2 pts If I do respec I don't mind at this point using Doubloons, as long as I can get the skills to work.
  6. Minotaur Captain Skill points

    OK thanks, I run the radar modification and not smoke so this is why I don't have Smokescreen (maybe last 2 at 19pt). The one thing I hope to do is use my Victory Salute camos (x48) to boost him as far as I can to a 19pt Captain
  7. Minotaur Captain Skill points

    Thanks for your reply, I use Vigilance for purely spotting torps early, not just for me but ally ships nearby I would like to get the right combo, as a repec is at 325 doubloons with 3pts not used, although I would respec, I would like to be sure that I have a the best skills for the ship. I would agree about the AA, however I am wondering if there is any better options from a survivability aspect
  8. Minotaur Captain Skill points

    I have just recently unlocked and bought the Minotaur, I have a Captain with 16pts 3 of which are not used. So far the Skills my Cpt. has are PT, AR, SI, Vig, CE. The 3 extra points I do not know what to do with for the best with this ship, The Capitan is nearly to 17pts. I thought of using the points on PM & HA as I do not know which are benificial. Any suggestions as to where better to use the free points? Thanks
  9. A simple and fairer approach to ranked would be as follows: Win - earn =>1000xp (an example) and you get the star Win - earn < 1000xp you do not earn a star, but you do not loose a star. (base XP) Loose - earn =>1000xp you save your star Loose earn < 1000xp loose your star If you get to a certain rank and are not loosing stars but also not gaining stars, then you have found what Rank and skill level you are I personally have a realistic outlook on ranked, knowing my "skill" level. I would be quite content in remaining around R13-14. Although I would try to find out why i was not progressing and try to improve. Ranked is about have we perform as individuals not only in Wins but in Defeats as well. Learn to accept defeat in a respectable manner makes the victories even more rewarding. There is only so much an individual can do solo! Throwing insults and blame is not the way forward for an individuals. Take care and fair seas....
  10. Ranked Season

    I am not saying that players do not try their best, however, to score less than 1000XP on a winning team, clearly is not much of a contribution to the Battle, the player does not lose a star but he/she does not gain a star. This way it is a indicator to that player they need to change something with their gameplay and question themselves on how to improve so they can progress to the next Rank. It is only a suggestion
  11. Ranked Season

    I understand language barriers may interfere with communication, I guess why that is why the radio buttons were placed in game. I would agree to a certain extent, that if players on the losing team have >1000 base xp then they have performed and should keep their star. To add to this why not have the same for the winning team also If you have below 1000 XP and win you neither move up or down in rank. This would also leave the "daily potato" (as you put it) at a Rank that suits his/her level But my belief is we are all a team, and should work as a team, and if we win then hurray, if we lose than we all lose.
  12. Ranked Season

    The whole point is that a team based and should reflect this, A team wins together and loses together, Why should 6 of the team loose stars only only one retain the star? If that Golden Star is removed then the whole team have to work together, and not compete against each other as it stand now.
  13. Ranked Season

    So yeah I get it now over the way it works. It is just a shame that is has got to a point where I am totally deflated over the ranked Battles. As I said, I am not the best player, but I do put teamwork above individual achievement in Ranked. All it appears to be now, is team players competing from the glorious top Fail slot to keep their star, knowing that eventually they will move up due to laws of averages. This is why I think it important to remove the top slot star, Win as a team get the rewards As a Team, Loose as a Team ALL should loose their star.
  14. Ranked Season

    Why, being rank 10 last season do i loose ranks at he beginning of this season? I was excited about this season, as last I have just got two t8 ships I admit I was not the greatest of players nor the worst, I try to do all things my ships are supposed to do (and more). Last season I learnt a lot, and players were happy to guide me on my journey. Team-play from my experience then was far better than playing Random and I enjoyed it. Now I fast forward to this Season, not only do I get demoted from Rank 10 before even playing a battle, I have to put up with some of the most appalling team play, even worse than Random. This is not enjoyable. This is not promoting good teamwork, and one final thing, get rid of the losing sides top xp earner to keeping their Star.
  15. Potato physics - two interlocked ships.

    Molotov mating with shchors would this produce a Donskoi I wonder