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  1. JeTBarionIV

    FPS, FRAME DROP problems

    I did notice some occasional FPS drops/freezes now and then since last update, but not enough to rise and eyebrow. Yet, if more players all at once suddenly start to report such issue at the same time, it's 100% sure it's something that WG did. PS: are you guys sure it's the GPU and not a lag on the connection? Some other guys did report that.
  2. JeTBarionIV

    Checking on collected certificates

    Found it!! Today it appeared in the Armory on the top as expected
  3. JeTBarionIV

    Checking on collected certificates

    Where do I see how many certificates I've been collecting so far? I checked in the Armory, including the wallet, but I cannot find any reference. Please help. Thank you
  4. JeTBarionIV

    HotFix: Game Balance

    Citing (word by word): "To achieve this, it's important for each player to have an equal opportunity to affect the battle outcome, regardless of the ship they choose to helm into battle. For example, if a ship is too strong, playing against her will be unpleasant and commanding the ship will also get boring pretty quickly. Moreover, a strong ship will likely become very popular by virtue of its effectiveness and thus reduce the diversity in battles." And yet when I complained with CS about the imbalance in the MM formula, I was told plain and simple that players' performance is not taken into account by the MM system. So, on one side, WG claims no one has the "ultimate killing machine", but it does base its MM on ships; on the other side I see on MM Monitor and/or PotatoAlert plenty of battles not worth to be fought because one side is waaaaaaaaaaay too strong compared to the other based on players' experience, the most important factor IMHO. Sometimes I 'm tempted to exit directly to port, because one thing is 100% sure : it gets unpleasant and boring to either be butchered without a chance, but also to take part into a turkey shooting. Maybe if enough people starts to do it, WG will come out of its surreal beliefs... Since friendly fire has turned off and there is no more other possible explanations, let's say I'm gonna be Pink and proud of be it.
  5. JeTBarionIV

    Russian CVs: missing 2nd Flag option

    @MrConway @Crysantos @Sehales @YabbaCoe Hello everyone & WG Staff!! The title says it all. I noticed it when I got the T8 Premium Chakalov. Another player told me that indeed no 2nd flag can be mounted on ANY Russian CV atm. True!! I did verified it. Possible reasons: - Russian CVs are still in Early Access - A simple forgetfulness by developers - A new Campaign/Collection or else in the work to unlock the feature since, back then, "In the service of the Motherland" collection did not include the class. Any official statement? PS: is the same thing going to happen with Subs as well..... ?
  6. JeTBarionIV

    Update 0.10.9 - Halloween

    Man, killed the damn Rasp thing at least 3 times, but no way to make it out. Last time, rather than let me go, one of them rammed me. On purpose!!! A damn bot
  7. JeTBarionIV

    Update 0.10.9 - Halloween

    On Twilight Hunt it seems to me they started the other way around with difficulty; it's harder the first week and then it will lower. If that's not the case then WG folks are out of their freaking minds. Killing Rasputin and exiting the Portal takes: - the right upgrades - the right teammates - a lot, and I do mean a lot, of luck If it wasn't I like the mode, I wouldn't waste a single sec on it as the Rewards too are a joke.
  8. JeTBarionIV

    Who knows the Russian CVs Rockets delay values?

    And how about the Kearsarge? Thanks
  9. JeTBarionIV

    Update 0.10.9 - Submarines in Random Battles

    @YabbaCoe Dunno if this was already brought up by somebody, but the airstrike capability on BBs needs some re-consideration. It cannot be too limited in range like the AA on a given BB considering there is also a minimum distance, more or less of 1km, from one' ship where airstrike cannot be set. i.e. I was on my Giulio Cesare and the Airstrike on subs is limited to 4km. Taking into account also the buffer zone around the ship, in the end the effective zone was a mere range of 3km which is nothing considering also that one is heavily maneuvering with a sub that close. It was going from "too far" to "too close" in a snap. No good.
  10. JeTBarionIV

    NAVAL BATTLE reminder

    To Developers, Every weekend I've to remind to this or that clanmate to activate their attempts in the NAVAL BATTLE competition. Honestly it's getting a bit exhausting so I was wondering if it is possible to "increase" the tab visibility during those days. Something like in the pictures I've attached, but truly, anything would be fine. Thanks WINNING LOSING
  11. JeTBarionIV

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Legendary Aslain!!!
  12. JeTBarionIV

    Who knows the Russian CVs Rockets delay values?

    For anyone who likes to keep it handy (at least until it's memorized) here's a graphic recap to keep on desktop:
  13. JeTBarionIV

    Who knows the Russian CVs Rockets delay values?

    Thank you!!
  14. I can't find the info anywhere. Does anyone knows this for each single CV? Thanks in advance