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  1. After game center, everything went downhill

    Hi, try this: https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/tips/world-of-warships and select the "How to wipe and reset World of Warships". Follow instructions. Funny anyway, I searched Game Center. DIdn't find it and thought it was only for PC. Now I feel lucky..... ;P Good luck
  2. Hi Aslain, I've installed v.7.8.0 #07 but the Detailed Damage Meter still doesn't show up. Thank you in advance for your help. Cheers Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    I perfectly understand what you mean: a shockwave. But that's reality. In WOWS it doesn't make much sense IMHO. And it might lead to this kind of "incidents" more often than not. Saturated chats of: "I hit you!!" - "No you didn't..." It may not be a bug and it was meant by WG. But, maybe it's too much. Like the videos WG published about "HOW IT WORKS" [link below]. They showed that when HE hit something, even a rock, an invisible box is calculated around that hit and anything in it takes damage. So basically you are suggesting that torps might work the same as I didn't received any particular hit BUT I was close to the beach. So when the torps hit the beach, some non existing damage was transferred to me and the guys on the other side see a RIBBON. Interesting...
  4. A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Wow!!! That's huge. A splash hit with zero damage, but count as a hit!! And you wouldn't consider that a bug by itself? OK, wait. Just got in touch with the guy in the in-game chat. He reports it happened to him a few more times and that he re-installed the game.
  5. A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Nobody else was close to me. I was a bit burning but otherwise, no damage. And he said 4 Ribbons. 4 TORPS Ribbons. I tend to agree with ForlornSailor. He has the link to this topic now. Either he shows up or.... "salty captain". It's just that doesn't make sense. Why throwing out a huge mess in chat, upsetting even his own teammates, for a bunch of lies?
  6. A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Thank you, and I will read it, thank you again. Anyway, he didn't hit me. Not once. I've the video but can't post it on the Forum.
  7. A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Not at all !! See my health bar. Plus it's a Mino we are talking about. With 4 hits from a Shima I would have been dead for sure. Still the guys claimed specifically "4 hits i have the torpsign". He made a mess in chat as he was obviously altered so I tend to believe him he has seen something.
  8. A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Thanks tenacious!!! Do you also know how to move this post to that section, please?
  9. A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Hi all, a Shima claimed he hit me 4 times with torps. He said in-game that he had ribbons [and that I was a cheater - :( ]. I'm going to post my POV [with blurred names!!!] and I'm sending him the link to this post. Hope he can get screenshots too 'cause maybe we might have a bug in our hands. Btw, I still haven't figured out where the "Bug Section" is. I was told by a moderator there is one, but I can't find it. Can anyone help me? Cheers,
  10. Who wants to have a laugh and help me out?

    Auch!! Good luck with that!!
  11. Who wants to have a laugh and help me out?

    THANK YOU!!! I knew it! Not possible it was just me. Not for this kind of stuff. Everyone with a little bit of knowledge in 3D would have understood the issue right away. Now the point is how to get a WG modeller to see it.
  12. Who wants to have a laugh and help me out?

    As gamers, we’ve seen all kind of stuff: glitches, crashes, eggs…. But Support, generally speaking, is a whole different matter. I’m always mesmerised by these folks. Most of the time you fall under the impression they don’t know first hand the product they are supposed to help you troubleshooting, being an app or a game; or that they lack even the most basic knowledge everyone collects in a given time through personal experience. They rigorously stick to the provided screenplay and that’s it. WG Support is not much different. I get to the point. I’ve found out that on the BB Richelieu the camo “The Maid of Orleans” has an alignment problem on the 1st turret. So I open a ticket with Support and I write: *edited* and I attach this image: So I get this answer: *edited* Ok, maybe I was too cryptic. Let's try again: and these are the 4 shots: Now you would agree that I was very clear. But here is where things get a bit itchy when I get this answer: *edited* What?!? A WG Check?!?! What for? To rule out it's not my game alone doing something like that? Anyway get ready for the best part: *edited* And here it comes. I've said the magic/dreadful word!!!! ---->Mac OS X And this is my punishment!!! Oh boy!!! I'm not frustrated. Not for something like this that hardly has to do with the well known Mac issues. As matter of fact I don't think this is a platform related problem. In the way I see it the programmer/modeller was distracted by a secretary (or Dasha) passing by with a very short skirt and then he poured coffe on his pants. So he jumped up screaming. His mouse moved a bit and that was it!!! He fucked up. Sh... happens. Not the end of the world. So can you please help me out by verifying this is indeed an issue that affect everybody (PC or Mac) and how to bypass Support and let WG know about it. PS: the suggested links in the last response are from 2014 and 2015: a jurassic time by Moore's Law standards. Thanks ;)))
  13. Hi Aslain, as always thanks for your time and dedication. Enjoy your vacation.
  14. General Feedback

    Hi, here my suggestions for your consideration: 1) make the ribbons smaller and in rows of 6/7. There used to be a mod in Aslain's pack, but it's not longer available. 2) choosing your signals in port or taking them off when switching to Co-Op for example is very time consuming. It would be nice to have a button to reset all at once. It would be even better to have a few more to memo a few different settings (see attachment). 3) In battle, or right after, I use the feature "Add to blacklist" to keep track of some players because, should I meet them again, their name is blackened in evidence either in my team or among adversary. While you introduced this feature to see folks one might had "issues" in the past, I'll do it to be aware of very good players or very bad players, albeit this system is very limited. So my idea is to introduce color tags much like our OS, that is to have a few more colors available to assign to players. It could be applied to their names or their icons (see attachment). 4) If I access the profile of my clan members for instance, the summary interface is different than the one for my own profile. As a matter of fact it is MUCH MUCH better, more broader, clean and understandable. I wished I had the same interface for my own profile as well. Thanks
  15. Hi Aslain!! Since update 7.6.0 I've noticed that a few mods don't work: 1) Ribbons Rows of 6/7/8 don't work. I still get 5. 2) The damage meter don't work with some ships; the words "damage received" and "damage caused" show up as usual, but there is no data below them. 3) Even if WG added its own "display bearing" in the mini map, I still prefer the one in your pack for the little cross of where I'm aiming that comes useful sometimes. But for some reasons it doesn't work correctly in Operation "Cherry Blossom". I don't know if it matters, but I'm on Mac. Thank you for the great work!!