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  1. Hi Aslain, thank you so much for the amazing work and for keeping up the updates so fast. I can no longer live without some items of your modpack. Talking of which, I miss the "shrink ribbons". Any chance it's coming back? Thank you again.
  2. Rank season 9 Discussion

    Can you explain how to? I still have to pay xxx doubloons or 120K crd to redistribute. Aside that I see your point and it's bad news for me as I plan to use the Shima. It's going to be hard times. Anyway what really bugs me about "Ranked" is that you would expect more teamwork, even a strategic sacrifice not particularly rewarded by WG's points system, but that makes you team win in the end. Instead I find that there are plenty of opportunists who camper in the back and even ends making more points that any other teammate!!! Or again, crazy/dull guys who have no sense at all for the overall going of the battle and a bit of strategy. For instance I was in a battle with an Asashio which have DWT like the PanAsian. Instead of targeting big boats he chased all the time enemy DDs. He even knew that he could not hit them with torps as he never bothered to launch them!!! Still, that was it. I wish there was some kind of way to ban these guys from "Ranked"....
  3. The Admiral

    You're right. I tried to change it, but I don't know how to do it; the title seems un-editable. Help.
  4. The Admiral

    Fixing 2 things. 1) Since I mentioned that article about Clan's Commanders, I thought it was clear I meant Clan Battles (or s.t. anew where players know each other or are willing, by default, to take orders - or penalties apply). You can still play your game, but you also believe in strong teamwork. You could think of it like as having a Guardian Angel or a Rally Co-Pilot/Navigator that tell you what's coming next. If there's one thing where Wows is a bit spare, that would be Game Modes Random Battles stay like now. Yogibjoern and Infiriel got it right. 2) hey Tungstonid, of course the enemy WON'T know which is the Flag Ship. No markers!!! That's what I meant when I said "it could get wicked". One might guess from how the Captain, not the Admiral, is behaving. And yet the enemy may not, depending how much one likes to play with danger. A fast DD? A bulky BB? Who knows... One more thrill to deal with.
  5. The Admiral

    This is an idea that has been cruising around my brain for a while. By reading in the news the excellent “Play like a Pro” with insights from Clans’ Commanders, I thought it was time to put it on written. The Extra Player: basically there should be one extra player that assumes the role of leader of the fleet. He doesn’t play a ship, but rather gives directions to his team. I guess he should spend most of the time by watching the battle in bird view, pretty much like we do with carriers. He should also have a special set of quick messages like those invoked by pressing “B”, but more suited for his role; stuff like: «Push in» or «Pull out», «Focus Fire» (on a specific target), etc. In the same way as we play planes squadrons, he could select one ship and command it in one specific direction; of course this translates only in a suggestion for the real Captain of that ship, who may or may not, given the circumstances, go in the indicated location. The Catch: this player, as a matter of fact, is too in the battle. Like in real life, where the Admiral’s Flag ship still does have its own Captain who handles it, the same happens in the game. Before or at beginning of the battle, the Admiral choose his flag ship. Usually it would be a BB or CV (but it could get more wicked) and if that ship is sunk, he’s gone too: no more quick commands; maybe even banned from chatting until the end of the battle. Since very often one can survive a lost battle, we could also say that by killing him the other team get extra points; in some circumstances it could overturn the verdict of a battle. I guess this would take WOWS more into the ground of Strategic Games, something that is already a bit true for anyone who is not a an occasional player. I don't know. Maybe it's a terrible idea or maybe it could be interesting. Any idea or comment is welcome
  6. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    Of course! Just skip it when I speak about Aslain. GL & FS
  7. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    OK man. You win. The Forum is yours. No more posts on my side. The game instead is a whole different story. Looking forward to meet you. GL & FS
  8. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    I know. Has my English dropped to first grade? When I say that's EVEN more true for EdiJo, I implied it was referred to me in first place.
  9. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    Again?!? Gee, I'm into the game. You ARE the game. What wilkatis_LV said is even more true for you. Get a life man!! And, after several hours, you still miss the point. The GOAL of the entire post is to AVOID a "1/7 crashing ratio" which doesn't happens to me anymore as I preventively quit and restart WOWS. You really read and understand ONLY what you want. Nice job.
  10. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    LOL What else can I say? All I know is that I go to Wargaming website and there is a beautiful "Download for Mac". I run on 2x XEON system and I have 2 Nvidia. Last time: a crash doesn't necessarily means AFK for the entire battle. AND VERY LAST TIME: maybe you're right, I get no support - but, as far as I'm concerned, it seems it's you that has to swallow it, not me.
  11. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    I've got enough of math checking what I'm saying. Plus you take it any crash as a death. Not true. Most of the times it only means loosing a few minutes of battle. Far, far better of those AFK I see quite often. Way, way better than those thousands of kamikazes, potatoes, noobs (as you experts call them) that do more damage to the team than to the enemy. I play a lot? Yes I'm below average? Yes I'm improving? Yes To me it's all that matters. Beside all this, I wonder why the hack did you guys read my post in first place if you don't have a Mac? I 'm just trying to give some tips to other Mac players. Probably I should do like McCornway suggested: take away my little story and give plain and simple tips to newcomers. So I suggest you to go screw around somewhere else OR join me in a Division. Let's go play and we might learn something new. Either way, for both you and @EdiJo I repeat once more: you got a problem with that? Take it to Wargaming for releasing a Mac version. PS: you DO have an iPhone
  12. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    1st) Funny and true - I've been a Mac lover for years. It still has some undeniable advantages, but, after 4 Macs, I might go for a PC next time. Didn't like any of Apple's choices in the last years. And I refuse to buy an iPhone, but I bet you got one, right? 2nd) I admit I'm really into this game right now. It won't last forever. Lucky I've a job that's sort of seasonal. But your math applies only if all the battles reached the full 20 minutes. Reality is different especially in lower tiers. And If I get sunk early in the battle, like with my Kagero as I described, seldom I stay to see how it ends. I grab another ship and play another battle. 3rd) You mean you too need reading glasses? The gas mask is not enough? 4th) Did you really look at my stats? Like in https://wows-numbers.com/ ? In depth or you just stopped at Win Ratio? Like if that depends on you (1 out of 12). I think I'm improving fast. C'mon, give me that! And as @EdiJo said please remember I crashed around in 400 out of 3500 battles. Actually, I think a bit less, because as I wrote (but you guys don't read me) I found ways to mitigates those occurrences. And you won't believe me when I tell you that WOWS has an uncanny ability to crash at the best/worst possible moment ripping me off of my moment of glory. To the point that for a while I thought the game was rigged, you know, like with the MM, that always put you in unbalanced teams.
  13. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    You got wrong quite a few points, pal. You must improve your reading skills.... 1) First and foremost, I'm having fun. I'm sorry if you got the opposite impression. But my little story was just an introduction to advices for the Mac Players. Yes, I do get frustrated, but I can assure you that if "I had enough", the last thing I would do is to write down all this. What for? I would simply trash the game and forget about it. 2) "You play on unsupported hardware and OS, using unsupported emulator." What?!? The Mac wrapper is OFFICIAL. You can and MUST download it exclusively on Wargaming.net - They don't offer direct support for issues in the way you report them by opening a ticket. But that's obvious. They are not Mac programmers. As I wrote, one must address problems to Crossover or to a specific page on the NA forum. If the wrapper still crash too much, don't blame me, blame Wargaming for releasing it while still too unstable. And my hardware is waaaaaaaay above stated minimum requirements. 3) Fix your settings in TRAINING ROOM?!? Are you reading me correctly??? Beside the advices I describe at the end there is no ultimate fix. As I said it's a take it or leave it situation. At least for now. It will crash anyway, period - so to prevent/mitigate that, I suggested to restart the game after some battles. 4) 1 out of 12 doesn't ruins the game to anybody. Especially not with all the potatos (bad players) playing around. How many times did you get your DD sunk by a teammate in cruiser who launch torps on your back and he's not even in range of any enemy ship. Me? A lot!!! But you got half a point there. Indeed, as I said, I don't feel like joining a Clan for that reason. But Random or even Ranked battles and Scenarios? No problem.
  14. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    Before the advices, a bit of story. My last battle this morning (March 13, 2018): I’m on T8 Kagero. I use “Torpedo Reload Booster” so NO SMOKE. That’s means playing really safe cause if you are spotted, Hell spreads loose. Of course that is a big issue when you get “Dominion” cause the need to CAP hence the need to hang over a small circle. I was coming from another battle where I had a Montana in my sight, ready to shoot. It was mine, no escape. And then WOWS crashed on me. That, usually, is a death sentence cause the ship keeps going for a while, just enough to get in spotting range. And then it stops. So, while I’m spending 2 minutes in re-launching the game, for somebody is Christmas time… Well, on this battle I start by being a bit too harsh in chat to somebody who was asking me to cap. The reason is that very often DDs are left alone without cover especially by cruisers who have the speed and the reload time to provide significative support. That’s even more true for my Kagero (remember, no smoke) where most of the times I tried the cap, I instead end up being the First Blood for a lucky folk. But, that’s another issue I might write about another time. So, back to this battle, I survived the first 5 minutes. I even managed to kill a Fletcher. Time to mail tons of confetti to BBs when… My entire HUD started flickering and then it’s gone. No consumables icons, no friends or foes OTM (over target markers), no map, no crosshair. Nothing. I see but it’s like I’m blind. I don’t know if somebody spotted me, if I’m in range of a target and where it is, or if my torps finished reloading. Only solution is to head to a corner, hope nobody spots you and manually crash the app. Reload time of 2 minutes and… I’m still alive. A DM passed by close, but not enough to see me. Well, I thought maybe I can still manage some kill and I start chasing the DM. The situations seems good. I still have 4 teammates in good health. Enemy has 6, but we hold 2 caps and a good advantage in points. Now, here’s come another surprise. I try a salvo to the DM when I suddenly realise the battle took a turn for the worse in a snap. And I means SUDDENLY. Matter of seconds. My teammates are gone but one, so it's a cap and the other is about to. I turn to cap myself trying to save the game, but it was too late. I couldn’t understand what had happened so I watched the replay. And here’s the discovery: the server was providing me wrong infos like the health of my teammates as I now see them in the replay, dying one by one with health that goes from 100%-80% to zero at once. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PHOTO Somebody even wrote in chat I was hiding all the time. Well now you know pal. I take it from your comment you are a “all man”. I guess had it happened to you, your monitor would flied out of the window, tough guy. I started playing WOWS at the end of last November and I’ve already played over 3000 battles. More than many players enrolled since 2015 (I call them Sunday players) and I score pretty decent. I might even be above average not counting all the times I crashed which is normally every 6 to 8 battles. I chose NOT to join any Clan or Division cause I don’t want to let down anybody at the worst moment. I also chose not to spend any real money on it. I was about to. A zillion times. Then some crap happened that made me change my mind. I love the game. I love warships as I have tons of books and miniatures. If you don’t have a passion like mine, you might consider giving up (or buy a PC) because it can really get frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I lost hard earned signals, camos, credits, etc… Here I can give some insights to other Mac Players form what I’ve learned: 1) WOWS is not a porting but a wrapper. This means that on the Mac it’s an emulation not the real deal, and not a good one (Need For Speed Carbon was one very good). Wargaming doesn’t even handle support so don’t ask. The wrapper is provided by CrossOver. I wrote them and sent some screenshots, but I take it WOWS is too graphic demanding so don’t expect miracles. It’s a “take it or leave it” situation. 2) What you can do to mitigate (and I mean “mitigate”) the situation is to lower your graphic settings even if you have an awesome GPU. For once, you are stuck with the obsolete DirectX 9 even if you could handle more. Resolution: I leave it to you, but the less the better Multisample Antialiasing: OFF Antialiasing FXAA: OFF Graphic Quality: it goes custom after you touch the following parameters Texture Quality: Medium Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 4x or less (even Trilinear is good) Shadow Quality: OFF Sea Rendering Quality: Medium Reflections: OFF A R (SSR): off and greyed Dynamic LIghting: Medium Graphic API: as I said it’s DirectX 9. You can switch to 11 but it won’t stick. Foliage Q: Medium Effect Preset: Low Effects Quality: Medium Signal Flags: Low Draw Distance: Medium Object LOD: Medium Post Processing: Low 3) Save your preferences. If crashes become unbearable it’s time to make new preferences. Not the usual file but this one: /Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/World of Warships/Bottles/worldofwarships/drive_c/Games/World_of_Warships/preferences.xml As it’s an XML file, over time it gets clogged with a lot of extra code it doesn’t really need. Better to make a perfect brand new file and then save a copy of it: a) Trash the old file. Start the game and quit it so a new copy is created. b) Run Aslain Modpack if you use it (don’t exaggerate installing too many things) c) Start the game and adjust your preferences, including those that comes with Aslain if apply, both in port and in battle (play just 1 battle). d) Quit the game and make a safe copy of preferences.xml . That way you don’t have to repeat it next time. 4) When you play, keep also open Activity Monitor on the memory tab. In the lower part you see Memory Used and Cache. When Cache reaches the 8/10 GB (that depends also by how many others apps you are running at the same time) it’s time to perform a precautionary quit and re-launch of WOWS. But before re-launching WOWS you must empty the Cache. There are tons of apps that can do that (like MainMenu). Of course the Cache doesn’t go quite down to zero, resting somewhere around 500MB to 1GB. 5) WOWS can: - crash. Plain and simple. With or without a message in pure Windows style - disconnect. It freezes, it goes black, it takes you back at the login screen. Better than a full crash since it takes less time to re-enter the battle. You can keep open the monitor function that come with Little Snitch and choose the “Wargaming Client” process to check if the app (in green) or the server (in red) or both, have stop communicating. - the HUD disappears. Well, you already know that. If you can, park in a spot you fairly sure to be alone. Press the usual CMD-OPT-ESC to “Force Quit” and re-launch the game. And remember not to trust the stats. Ask in chat. TIP: I keep a TextEdit document open with written the most common phrases I might use in chat. That way is faster to post. Just copy and paste. Don’t know how to since you are stuck inside WOWS? Simple, keep the text file open before launching WOWS. When you need it press CMD-TABS to switch apps. You’ll see your file popping up over WOWS. Copy (CMD-C) the phrase you need. Click anywhere on WOWS to be back in the game, open the chat and press CMD-V to paste. 6) The higher the Tier, the more graphically complex it gets the battle. So expect more issues at higher tiers. You can play 10+ battles at Tier 4 without a glitch and have as much as 3 in a single battle (that’s my record) at Tier 8. I don’t think is going worse than that since in many battles I've already faced Tier 9-10 ships.
  15. Aigle Marathon daily mission

    I'm afraid that is a "no". Got the Aigle a few days ago and today I've managed to fulfil Part 19 twice (it does appear), but no reward for me (5 x Sci-Fi camo). That sucks!!! Anyone can confirm, please?