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  1. Hi Aslain, Ok, that's fine. Reporting for duty (o7) and ready to influence developers, but please ask him what is all about? Can't help if he doesn't tell us more specifically what's bothering him.
  2. Hi Alsain!! How come? What's the problem? I mean, we are all fully aware that sometimes it feels like we are dealing with the tact and/or the latency of a Russian bear, but is there anything in our power to change his mind? A huge Thanks to you and all the authors for the amazing job.
  3. JeTBarionIV

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    Hi, I put him on my Russian DD line as I'm climbing to T10. He's great. My only issue is the Russian language. I don't understand a single word and I have to dangerously gaze at the mini map more than it's needed to figure out what's going on. I know Alex also made the English speaker, but it seems exclusive of his US Cpt version as I cannot set it in the preferences. I'd like to have his voice only when I'm playing with him. Can be fixed , please. Thanks
  4. JeTBarionIV

    Hello there ladies and gents Are you ready to rock???

    Hi there!! Just made a brand new clan a few hours ago: ERL - European Rascals League. It's open to anybody, both pros and newbies, committed or easy going. BTW I've been living in US too for a while. Maybe we can share stories. Oh, nice nickname; wonder why I didn't think about it myself. Bye JeT
  5. JeTBarionIV

    After game center, everything went downhill

    Hi, try this: https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/tips/world-of-warships and select the "How to wipe and reset World of Warships". Follow instructions. Funny anyway, I searched Game Center. DIdn't find it and thought it was only for PC. Now I feel lucky..... ;P Good luck
  6. Hi Aslain, I've installed v.7.8.0 #07 but the Detailed Damage Meter still doesn't show up. Thank you in advance for your help. Cheers Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  7. JeTBarionIV

    A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    I perfectly understand what you mean: a shockwave. But that's reality. In WOWS it doesn't make much sense IMHO. And it might lead to this kind of "incidents" more often than not. Saturated chats of: "I hit you!!" - "No you didn't..." It may not be a bug and it was meant by WG. But, maybe it's too much. Like the videos WG published about "HOW IT WORKS" [link below]. They showed that when HE hit something, even a rock, an invisible box is calculated around that hit and anything in it takes damage. So basically you are suggesting that torps might work the same as I didn't received any particular hit BUT I was close to the beach. So when the torps hit the beach, some non existing damage was transferred to me and the guys on the other side see a RIBBON. Interesting...
  8. JeTBarionIV

    A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Wow!!! That's huge. A splash hit with zero damage, but count as a hit!! And you wouldn't consider that a bug by itself? OK, wait. Just got in touch with the guy in the in-game chat. He reports it happened to him a few more times and that he re-installed the game.
  9. JeTBarionIV

    A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Nobody else was close to me. I was a bit burning but otherwise, no damage. And he said 4 Ribbons. 4 TORPS Ribbons. I tend to agree with ForlornSailor. He has the link to this topic now. Either he shows up or.... "salty captain". It's just that doesn't make sense. Why throwing out a huge mess in chat, upsetting even his own teammates, for a bunch of lies?
  10. JeTBarionIV

    A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Thank you, and I will read it, thank you again. Anyway, he didn't hit me. Not once. I've the video but can't post it on the Forum.
  11. JeTBarionIV

    A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Not at all !! See my health bar. Plus it's a Mino we are talking about. With 4 hits from a Shima I would have been dead for sure. Still the guys claimed specifically "4 hits i have the torpsign". He made a mess in chat as he was obviously altered so I tend to believe him he has seen something.
  12. JeTBarionIV

    A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Thanks tenacious!!! Do you also know how to move this post to that section, please?
  13. JeTBarionIV

    A Shima claims 4 hits on my Mino [bug?]

    Hi all, a Shima claimed he hit me 4 times with torps. He said in-game that he had ribbons [and that I was a cheater - :( ]. I'm going to post my POV [with blurred names!!!] and I'm sending him the link to this post. Hope he can get screenshots too 'cause maybe we might have a bug in our hands. Btw, I still haven't figured out where the "Bug Section" is. I was told by a moderator there is one, but I can't find it. Can anyone help me? Cheers,
  14. JeTBarionIV

    Who wants to have a laugh and help me out?

    Auch!! Good luck with that!!
  15. JeTBarionIV

    Who wants to have a laugh and help me out?

    THANK YOU!!! I knew it! Not possible it was just me. Not for this kind of stuff. Everyone with a little bit of knowledge in 3D would have understood the issue right away. Now the point is how to get a WG modeller to see it.