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  1. wrinkledm

    republic tokens?

    So If I understand correctly... If you haven't had a mission drop for one of the french DD's... (rare), or buy the Bayard... which allows you to access the missions for those ships. You can ONLY obtain Republic Tolkens from the French Snowflake one time per each Tier 7,8,9 and10 ships? If Wargaming wants people to blow money on those 1000 doubloon loot boxes (stage 5) They are NOT making it very easy for players to get there, are they? D
  2. As stated, I'm looking for a very casual clan that isn't focused on ultimate competition. :) My win rate numbers aren't great but my two tier 8 IJN DD's are at least respectable. With one or two exceptions, I play almost exclusively IJN DD's. (Other than premiums, I'm missing Akizuki, Yugumo and Shimakaze). As for being an older gamer, I'm an over 50 player. All the dirty data located here: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1003424857,wrinkledm/