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  1. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

    Any BB mains out there?
  2. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

    We made hurricane playoffs last season but didn't quite make it in (player holidays etc like everyone else) - were looking for top typhoon/hurricane level players to make sure we get there next time....
  3. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

  4. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

  5. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

  6. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

    Looking for some DD mains...
  7. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

  8. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

    Clan season is upon us - who out there has hurricane ability and wants a new challenge?
  9. Problem with lottery boxes is everyone just thinks about their Xmas crate experiences...
  10. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

    Bumpety - Interested in ambitious players with typhoon+ ambitions (big emphasis on the + !!)
  11. admiralgpt

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    Bring back rank 5 irrevocable Allow division in ranked like in sprint Mix some arms race games in for fun Don't allow rentals above rank 10 At the moment it is a painful and boring grind
  12. admiralgpt

    Player status in a clan

    it does seem a waste of name tags really. I dont know what WG had in mind when they added them
  13. admiralgpt

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

    Starting to wonder if anyone actually reads this