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  1. admiralgpt

    So WG ask for respect then we get this

    Ah, finally we see exactly where the blind ignorance is coming from...
  2. admiralgpt

    Important message for the community

    FEEDBACK One of the main topics we want to address is how your feedback influences the game. Regrettably, it was not always clear how we use certain types of feedback and where it fits into our decision-making process. We've always taken it into account, but looking back, we see that in some cases it was not balanced well enough against other equally important sources of information: large volumes of data and the team's creative vision of the game. We want to change this situation and make sure we pay more direct attention to your suggestions and opinions while also giving you more insight into how the decisions are made. Things we are considering and evaluating right now There are lots of behavioural problems with WG but my biggest frustration is how the game has stepped away from a winning formula to something not fun in the slightest. I cant wrap my head around this. The community and the CC's spoke about this for months on end and regardless of how much shouting the community did, WG made their decision and just blindly ploughed ahead with there own vision regardless. You say you "take our feedback into account"? how? 1) Community manager - "here is the feeedback from the community" - 2) WG director - "excellent, but this doesnt fit into our plan - but be sure sure to let the community know we did read it and cant divulge exactly why we chose to ignore it as this doesnt fit into our business strategy". 3) Result - No Change. The game worked 2 years ago, it was a working formula with the occasional less serious fun event in between - that was good! New ships kept things fresh, additional new game modes could have been welcomed and worked. Instead what actually happened was all of the old modes got destroyed as new mechanics were introduced CV rework spoilt the experience Capt skills rework wasnt necessary and spoilt the experience Subs are spoiling the experience Bringing in new overpowered ships to generate sales broke the game. Its hard to think of examples of other successful businesses and games that have imploded and self harmed as badly as has happened here
  3. admiralgpt

    Wargaming shitstorm reaches outside media

    This has been coming ever since the CV rework. If it weren't for community contributors earning a living from creating content I doubt they would have hung in as long as they did. The rest of us left ages ago. WG never listened. Milk as much money while you can, then on to the next project. Its just business
  4. Hate to say it but weve been complaining about this for years, and may great players and clans have left the game because the tactical fun was removed from the game. WG didnt listen then, they wont listen now. The top 5% of clans and players dont earn WG enough money, so the priorities are simply elsewhere.
  5. admiralgpt

    "Pls report..."

    There are plenty of players out there much better than their stats suggest. It all depends how long they have been playing the game and what it is they have been doing. PR based matchmaking would not be the answer. However the ranked system is poor, it has been complained about many times, and nobody ever wants to change it. I agree, anyone who starts the game can be rewarded, even if they sit in the corner and do nothing - it isnt right
  6. Allow divs in ranked - people have fun with friends and get less salty - simple
  7. The season needs more leagues - 1 day and im done waiting another week. Thought we were supposed to be able to play ranked more?
  8. admiralgpt

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Steam authorisation may prevent some users from entering the game - I cant see why it would affect chat servers/armoury etc for those that can get into game. But what would I know.... Maybe they should do their updates earlier in december rather than **** about a few days before christmas
  9. admiralgpt

    Xmas Update Date Poll

    Its a simple question. Were now 1 week before Christmas. My port is nice and sunny. No winter splash screens. No Santa horns. But you can guarantee 4 weeks after Christmas when everything is long passed, they will be there. Is this wrong?
  10. it must have cost them some money. Everyones on any of the WG forum or watching twitch knows about this - I cant see why people would still be buying crates
  11. Simply put, if i have 0 ships in port. And i buy a Santa container. Do i have a chance (no matter how small) of getting e.g a Missouri. Or do i only have a chance of getting a crappy ship first?
  12. admiralgpt

    legendary upgrade mission

    Wait what? I remember being told the timer would reset and we would keep the mission - when did this change???
  13. admiralgpt

    Twitch censorship in action

    I think it's poor that were not allowed to discuss such things. It's added censorship for calling out poor behaviour and policy.
  14. Keep up the responses guys - Remember, We care about your feedback!
  15. Almost 500 responses - Have we had a response from the community leaders on something so provocative?