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  1. admiralgpt

    Stalingrad - Do i still get it?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys - A lot of very valid points, some which i must admit i didnt consider. However not having a any Russian ship at all, i think i want to put one in port ;) so will go for one as soon as I'm able. Thanks for the input Admiralgpt
  2. admiralgpt

    Stalingrad - Do i still get it?

    I dont have any russian ships - its a tech tree ive gone no where near yet unfortunately so dont have much basis for comparison
  3. admiralgpt

    Stalingrad - Do i still get it?

    @Tyrendian89 but for clan wars - moski vs stalin? - Is the stalin in effective against well angled/protected positioning opposition?
  4. admiralgpt

    Stalingrad - Do i still get it?

    I am 500 Steel away from the Stalingrad which i should have after our next clan night. But a couple of members within my own clan have advised getting the bourgogne instead. Personally i am happy with the bbs i have in dock and would likely never be using the bourgogne in clan battles as there are better bb players there than myself. So the question is, do i take the grad - or wait for the next big thing? I would prefer to be getting a ship the can be used in clan battles (so not interested in black or flint) and personally still find Grads hard to bring down. I remember little white mouses review "Meet Moskva II. Stalingrad doesn't supplement her, she replaces her outright. This surprised me given the differences in their armament but the more time I put into testing and evaluating their respective play-styles, the more overlap I saw. There were two disappointing elements in this: Stalingrad doesn't offer anything new in terms of game play. Stalingrad is yet another example of a premium or reward ship outright supplanting a tech tree ship. The performance difference between Moskva's 220mm guns and Stalingrad's 305mm guns should have made the two ships feel very different in terms of game play, yet they somehow this just never materialized for me. To be clear, the guns do perform differently -- vastly so. However, it's hard not to feel that Stalingrad's guns preserve all of the advantages of Moskva's weapons save rate of fire and then improves upon damage and penetration. Tack on the advantages of Stalingrad's massive hit point pool and the tech tree ship is just a relic. Stalingrad is just better without changing her style of play overmuch. This is unfortunate. While I can accept Stalingrad being more powerful, that she overwrites Moskva's game play is a real loss -- particularly because she simplifies it to brainless levels. Stalingrad is not only more powerful, she's easier to play than Moskva and dull to boot". Yet again, some clan mates suggest the moskis HE make it more formidable as unless enemies are making mistakes, the Stalingrad is much less effective - which i can understand. It takes a lot of time to grind this much steel so i would appreciate a confidence boost before making the decision ;) Admiralgpt
  5. admiralgpt

    Please keep carriers out of ranked

    With cv's in play, a greater amount of team work will be required. So basically you want clan level team work and communication, without having either. Cv's maybe for clan wars, I think it should stay out of ranked. I can see this getting extremely frustrating
  6. Bump - With our activity now we would like to get to a point where we can run two teams properly. Id like another 8-10 active guys/gals that want to participate regularly in clan wars. There are approx 4 spots available on Alpha, 4 on Bravo - and another 4 positions for anyone who feels they would like to contribute occasionally or when gaps develop but cant really commit there time in advance. Again, we are looking for people who want to play clan wars regularly, so we require either plenty of clan wars experience AND/OR the stats to back up your interest. We know stats dont tell a players full story, which is why you are welcome to come and have some divs and speak to us :)
  7. Not too sure what your getting at Nees Firstly you have just replied to a screen cap from over a week ago. Secondly while we may have gaps in our playing nights (people living in different time zones, different commitments, and only being 20 strong at present), all our battle times are pre planned, as are the change overs to other players. So if we do start slightly later or earlier on a night, it is known to all of the guys in advance so their personal time is not wasted. But I'm curious how you think you know when our divisions are present or empty as you are not on our Discord or have any affiliation with our clan mates? Finally, whilst I wasn't online last night (as I've been away on hol with work and then the family in London) I believe the conquerer should have been played in our bravo team whilst we were having a play about. Our standard bb has been yamato so far with occasional Republique/Bourgogne.
  8. Very active on clan battle nights - Swift change overs of members pre planned before the battles. Great results for our very first night together as a clan - Whats not to love? JOIN RED MIST
  9. 2 days to go... Member count now at 16 with 1 in the process of moving over (so 17)
  10. not long to go... more signing up each day (2 on the way) - https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500185322,-RM-Red-Mist/ - All regular active clan wars members. Do you get enough games? Do you want more? Do you want Typhoon+ ?
  11. Clan season is upon us! Do you want to get regular matches with a friendly bunch of guys?
  12. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500185322,-RM-Red-Mist/
  13. admiralgpt

    Clan sizes, are they too big?

    and i think thats absolutely a common thing. Which is what begs the question, is 50 too much. I think if clans were smaller, inactive members would be managed better (ie out) and clans would be much better places. People wouldnt be turning up wondering if they will have enough players to play that night. Clans would be a place for the committed, which i dont think is a bad thing But as already discussed people join clans for different reasons and this isnt always a good approach
  14. admiralgpt

    Clan sizes, are they too big?

    But even though some are inactive, would you say you know all the guys in your clan pretty well?
  15. admiralgpt

    Clan sizes, are they too big?

    I have never seen divisions referred to as Alpha Bravo or Charlie - Only A,B,C - So i had thought it had been obvious. But i was talking about clan teams for clan battles. Ie 7+ (or less depending on the competitive format i guess)