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  1. admiralgpt

    Red Mist [-RM-] Recruiting!

    Red Mist is a relatively new clan slowly establishing itself in the wows community. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500185322,-RM-Red-Mist/. We have a range of stats (Average 60%WR 1800PR) but above all else, we are all active clan wars player who enjoy team based play, and we have fun! We are an international clan but English is our primary language and being able to communicate is key! What we offer · Active clan wars players! - Its what were here for, we have not yet missed a single night of battles and we run 2 teams 99% of the time · Player Range - We have members from 20-56yrs of age from northern Sweden to Cape Town South Africa. We all have different home life commitments and jobs - were all as normal as may be expected from those that have played this game for a while ;) · Clan battle planning – in advance! - So you don’t usually get home from work until 20:00 and think you can’t play? Not a problem. We plan our nights to check if/when we will have enough time to start and play clan battles and we do our best to make sure everyone gets equal game time. If you are still dubious on how we do this, come and take a look on our Discord :) · Relaxed environment/Divs/Count downs – We have players who tend to be active at various stages of the day. There always seems to be someone online and enjoy playing together and having a laugh – Leave the ego at the door. What we want from you! · Active player – We want people that have a commitment to the game and enjoy playing. 8-10 battles a week doesn’t really cut it · Discord – Be Social! – Don’t be shy or afraid of being on voice comms. Speak up, say hi! Were building a community, be a part of it! Bring a sense of humour and a little positivity and you won’t go far wrong · Clan battle experience Or decent stats – Stats don’t always tell the whole story, especially where clan wars are concerned. If you have clan wars experience, great – if you have some stats to back it up, even better! – If not, come and speak to us and we will have some divs and see how you get on :) If you have any further questions feel free to contact myself – Admiralgpt – (Clan Leader) Bullwii, Cocco_pops (Deputies)
  2. admiralgpt

    Update Schedule

    Yep - have you heard the christmas horns? - I notice it is now with a chargeable camo
  3. admiralgpt

    Update Schedule

    So as i said at the start - im still not hearing any christmas horns - whats going on? christmas patch is in....
  4. admiralgpt

    WOWS 2019 - The Great Disconnection

    I bet if we saw financial information for the game - it's still way up. WG is a business first and foremost - and as long as there are people out there with more money than sense, WG like any other business, will exploit it. I would like to see the playerbase put first. But it will never happen. It's the way of the world
  5. admiralgpt

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    8 Big containers - still not worth it - WG makes millions out of us mugs - The least they can do is sort out there christmas spirit!
  6. admiralgpt

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to be included :)
  7. admiralgpt

    Update Schedule

    Why does it seem each year we have Halloween related items still in the game half way through December but we cant get anything Christmas related out until the week before Christmas? Then we end up with the Christmas stuff being really heavy and time limited over Christmas (which - people have families too by the way!) and then it spills over until the end of January, anyone else think its daft?
  8. admiralgpt

    Are you happy with current Ranked System?

    I came online to start my own poll, and rant. Ive had enough of it. When i get annoyed i play worse. The biggest thing for me is the lack of divisions in ranked. I saw @WG_Lumberjack on the opposing team yesterday. It was a close win for us. But i asked him to allow divs in ranked. Outright said "No", followed by "It is supposed to be a challenge". I replied "No, it is a game, it is supposed to be fun". (although that colbert attack on smolensk at the end was filthy!) Ranked simply is not fun - as 80% of people who have replied to this poll have concurred. I think it would be more fun and less painful if they allowed divs. You could at least still play with friends/clan mates - which ranked does take you away from. I think its a fact that this sort of game requires team play. That is simply not possible in ranked. A cruiser should support a DD. A radar cruiser should support the cap. A dd should focus caps and spot for team mates. All basic aspects of the game that cant be relied upon in ranked games - whether this be because people dont understand different languages or because people are already playing to save their star, or arent willing to put there ship where it hurts for the good of the team (like kremlins or kurfursts that snipe on the back line rather than use their HP!) I like the idea of the top 50% of players regardless of win or loss progressing. That would permanently encourage people to seek out xp, but some tasks/positions can be more rewarding than others so is unlikely to be practical. The save star system doesnt work. I have heard people say world of tanks has a much better system? I will also add i personally enjoyed the arms race ranked season. I felt it encouraged more engaging play It would be nice to get some acknowledgement from WG that changes are being at least considered. Because it has been horrendous for some time. Another question that should have been asked in the poll - "If it were not for steel, would you still play ranked". That would tell you all you needed to know about the current ranked format
  9. Well done in KOTS gents - Great showing - congrats!
  10. Problem with lottery boxes is everyone just thinks about their Xmas crate experiences...
  11. admiralgpt

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    Bring back rank 5 irrevocable Allow division in ranked like in sprint Mix some arms race games in for fun Don't allow rentals above rank 10 At the moment it is a painful and boring grind
  12. admiralgpt

    Player status in a clan

    it does seem a waste of name tags really. I dont know what WG had in mind when they added them