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  1. CastorTolagi

    Early Access to Pan-American Cruisers

    you get the Cr. compensation, a free Port slot and the Captain.
  2. CastorTolagi

    Schiffslogbuch: Das Laternenfest

    How about you put the destinations and the whole Journey on a Map (maybe even interactable) so we can see where we were, are currently and will go to next.
  3. CastorTolagi

    Roadmap for 2022

    Like I said - still lots of work to do. A section of premiums where I'm pretty comfortable already looks like that: As you can see I have Mendes Nunes as a T5 Premium simply to not break progression in the tech tree. The last thing you want is an oddball in terms of caliber halfway through the tech tree. Thats why Atlanta isn't the T6 Tech Tree CL, or why Kirov was removed or why Gneisenau is in her 15" refit instead of a copy Scharnhorst. Blas de Lazo in her original form I could see as an alternative T4 candidate.
  4. CastorTolagi

    Roadmap for 2022

    thats why there is an OG behind. T4 is her original form. T5 the rebuilt ship. And I don't see the speed as an issue since its just a balancing value - just look at what WG did with Normandie for example. Its not missing - I just haven't finished it since I originally planed for 2 DD lines but I'm still looking for some extra sources for candidates. (They are in the cutoff part on the right) There is also a CV part (the cutoff part on the left and pretty much done) A Sub part (also already done) And a part for Premium ships those are a bit too niche to fit with the rest of the line. Armored cruiser don't really work ingame.
  5. CastorTolagi

    Stahlhart Tarnung

    Ja die Camo kannst du inzwischen auf jedes Schiff packen - funktioniert wie die Perma-Weihnachts Tarnung. Einmal einem Schiff zuweisen und dann ist es fest für das Schiff eingebunden.
  6. CastorTolagi

    Roadmap for 2022

    Like I said - thats not my proposal. My concept isn't fully ready yet since its a bit bigger. I have one light cruiser line from T1 to T10ish (T10 is not yet decided) with a heavy cruiser split at T6 and a second large cruiser split from there at T8. Plus a CV and Sub line and a few premiums
  7. CastorTolagi

    Roadmap for 2022

    ohhh no filling up a Tech Tree with ship projects - thats something unheared of. Clearly has never been done. All the british CAs must be real ships then - right......right?! No but clearly the Royal Navy, the biggest navy in the world. At least the BBs are all real ships...... What do you mean No? What, ha? The italian BBs have less projects in the BB tree than the brits?! I wonder - how many full lines would we have with that attitude? Hmmm what? 3!!! Oh dear.
  8. CastorTolagi

    Roadmap for 2022

    Credits to Kingpin
  9. CastorTolagi

    Flamu T10 Battleships Ranked - Tier List

    ummm just a FYI. 17" = 431,8mm and the only ship with that caliber is Republique 457mm = 18" Thats all. Class dismissed.
  10. CastorTolagi

    Results: Aviere Camouflage Contest

    Lets start this off. Since Aviere means Airman I of course went to the italian Airforce and their aerobatic demonstration team specifically the Frecce Tricolori which I actually saw some years ago. So my camo is heavily inspired by their paint scheme The main part of the ships Hull is in a rich blue with a stylised italian flag around the funnel as well as the "Tricolour Arrows" as some sort of ships crest near the bow anchor. The torpedoe tubes (since there are 3) are also green/white/red like the italian flag. The turrets are the same blue as the hull while the Blastbags are grey and the barrels are yellow/golden The rest of the ships superstructure is white or can stay in the traditional italian light gray apart from the platforms for O and X turret The deck stays in the darker gray with the aerial markings at the bow. Equipment, boats, AA guns, ect. keep their normal color.
  11. CastorTolagi

    Increase Framerate does not work anymore ?

    main folder --> prefrences.xml That one
  12. CastorTolagi

    Increase Framerate does not work anymore ?

    wrong file. You have to change the preference file now.
  13. CastorTolagi

    Mit 0.10.10 U-Boote weg und Test beendet?

    ähhhhh es sind seit 2019 4 Premiums angekündigt. C/S 189 war schon immer Teil davon: USA: Gato Japan: I-58 Russland: C 189 Deutschland: U-4501 Quelle: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-announcement/
  14. CastorTolagi

    Black Friday 2021

    mit 56% WR ist man in den Top 10% der Playerbase....nur mal so Serverdurchschnitt wäre ~47/48% WR
  15. CastorTolagi

    Still no NEW free XP ship - why WG? Why?

    They pretty much confirmed during the russian anniversary stream that they will not add any more freeXP ships any time soon since the new focuse is on the RB