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  1. I have loads of top tier ships, but I like starting new lines. Have any of the WG personnel actually played tiers 2 to 4 recently? The sheer number of CV's makes it a really shitty match for anyone else. So, are you trying to scare of the new players, because you are desperately pushing recommend a friend messages and rewards these days, I assume not? So just make it more reasonable for new players so they do not feel so outgrossed by the stupid CV's and their undodgable bombs as I doubt they will stay and your game will gradually atrophy. You seem to be ignoring the vast amount of player feedback and sticking you heads in the sand going 'nah, nah, nah' loudly so you can't hear. Look at the response to the PR special you did. I played the test and gave feedback and hoped to play it... but not if you are going to rip me off to make it possible... and I have put a lot of money into this game. So, please open your eyes and acknowledge that your game is actually dependent on the players staying and investing in it as they are what is important!
  2. Sub_Littoral

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    It would be nice if they just acknowledged they had f***** up, but nope, Happy Xmas and New Year means how much can I screw out of the loyal player base and antagonize everyone. well done WG for being so grasping and too damn proud to admit you have made a mistake.
  3. Sub_Littoral

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    I got a sim B... what a crock of crap. I even got a personal mission... which I can't do because it is only for the sim... not the sim b. Wow, Russian Black Friday generosity to the fore again. I also got a thanks for playing 2 years... 15 camo flags of the +3%, +4% and +3/4%... yeah... with the fleet I have i am really going to be using those. They have become so money grabbing now that i will now never buy another premium ship as that just encourages them.
  4. Sub_Littoral

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    Settings seem to have gone all over the place. I cannot change it so i can see the names of enemy ships except on the minimap.
  5. Sub_Littoral

    PTS 0.8.11 - General Feedback

    The game seems to run smoother with less judder at high quality settings. Bombs from planes seem to be massive overkill for some reason. More than i am getting on the main server
  6. I have been coming up against the Smolensk and she is so OP. I looked it up historically and the only smolensk i could find was a sub. So is she just some Russian wet dream?
  7. Sub_Littoral

    Naval Battle imbalance

    We put our clan in for the Naval Battles thinking that would be fun and fair. We are a small clan of friends with 6 players, 3 currently active. Our opposition is AGA a NA clan. It has 16 members and 8 are active. Could someone at WG explain to me how the hell we are supposed to beat them when they can play 50 games extra to get the points and if they play their friends accounts that makes it 160 to 60. Can you just for once think about these things before you offer them up. Yes, it is fun, but as usual a small clan cannot live in the heady heights that large clans do and you rub our noses in it. Just give us a slap when we enrol for these things and say it is balanced, but some clans are more balanced than others. Anyone read George Orwell....
  8. Quote: from February 8 to February 11, you’ll be able to retrain your Commanders, redistribute points and demount modernizations for free. IT IS THE 11TH TODAY... OR DO CALENDARS WORK IN A DIFFERENT WAY IN RUSSIA? Players trust what you post on the announcements, so when you decide to change it you just do more to disillusion the players and wonder if paying for things is worth it... especially atm where you are throwing lots of new pay cash for purchase OP ships that unbalance the game. BTW, standard use of the word TO in English when used in your announcement is inclusive of the start and finish days.
  9. Sub_Littoral

    Patch 8.01 total rubbish

    They say they have changed the CV's and other aspects... bollocks is my assessment of what they have changed. Get the developers to actually go live on a tier 10 game with a DD and see how much fun it is. I get spotted 90% of the time when trying to cap or get close to spot... then bam... 20% of health is taken out by rockets closely followed by cruisers taking another 50% as they throw up radar from ludicrous distances and then just burn me down. I will never give them any more money now and will no longer recommend it to friends. They just don't seem to listen to players anymore.
  10. War Games, you have screwed up the game so much with the new CV's, RDf on planes and not the ships, which makes DD's easy to find at 100 knots/hour and spotting by multiple CV's being the worst. A limit of 3 per game. Your stupid game mechanics (poor programming basically) allow planes to fly down the edge off the map out of sight and then come in and attack from behind. It is not clever play, it is cheating, which apparently you have no problem with. You are going to lose your player base with all these changes. How many people play CV's compared with DD's... 1 in 10? I doubt it is that high. If you make the game so bad for DD players they will just leave. I have already lost 3 clan members because of this... cheers for that as I like to play the game socially. Why didn't you listen to your testers?
  11. If you have two cv's that is two flights going out... which fight and then split up so it is four half flights coming back... plus the next two coming out from each CV. So this is a potential of 8 (due to time taking to return) damn spotters flying all over the map making it impossible to use concealment. If you like DD's and cruisers... forget trying to be clever and do what you are supposed to do... just go for a 20km shimmy and use that as it is your only chance atm.
  12. Sub_Littoral

    [POLL] how many CV should be allowed per battle ?

    Wargames have totally mucked this up. CV players are a minority, yet the impact due to their perma-spotting and relative invulnerability as they just sit miles away out of danger is so OP it is ridiculous. I like playing cruisers and DD's... and now I can't move or am always looking at the minimap for the damn planes to see if I can get in cover before I am spotted... and then when I do I get bomber or rocketed. Do the designers actually play their own game or even listen to the elite players who they get to test it. 1 CV max or you will start haemorrhaging players. I don't play a game to make me angry... and that is what WG are now making happen. It is supposed to be fun... do WG allow that any more?