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  1. Yesterday I had awful lag spikes and got me killed twice. After that I stopped playing.
  2. Pink Bots

    Que? I got pink a couple of times but never was I restricted to only co-op. Wth do you need to do to get such restriction?
  3. People like Stats but which ones matter

    Yeah I agree. The moral of the story is don't be salty to others because you think your e-[edited] is bigger. Yesterday I was matched up with some kids who had a blast just roleplaying the game. There are plenty of older vets playing this game too. Yet some people act like this is some MLG game when they play randoms of all sake. And those who think that and have a bad W/R and bad PR at the same time are also the loudest in game chat. Also yesterday. There was this guy who kept spitting about how everyone is braindead, that everyone needs to l2p and we all had to our mothers. I checked his stats. He was even worse than me so that says something.
  4. People like Stats but which ones matter

    Can get worse tho. You get your legs amputated because your legs hurts. And then you get phantom pains ¯\(°_o)/¯
  5. People like Stats but which ones matter

    Ironic how people don't want skill based MM and how people are salty about bad players in their team at the same time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Battle Chat

    In one of my games today there was in chat a 12 and 13 year old. Both role playing and being super excited we were winning! It was so much fun to read!
  7. Maybe you're right and I should rephrase that in "I find it equally not fun." Bloody nitpicking at it's finest. Your clan name sure does suits you.
  8. And by that completely missing the point that those kind of matches are unhealthy for the game and might put new players off. Kinda hypocritical here."I don't like one sided matches when it is not in my favor. But I do not mind whilst it is in my own favor." You can't have one without the other. No strawmans here.
  9. You find one sided matches fun? How can anyone think it is fun where in you race to get some damage done because the enemy is dropping like flies. And you end up with your whole team alive and the enemy team anihilated in matter of minutes. It is like playing CS with cheats. It is not fun. Maybe i'm romanticizing the past here, but I thought games where about challenging yourself and thus it equals fun. If you have fun in one sided matches I recommend you download something called a movie. Any movie basically cause it seems your easily satisfied.
  10. CV Rework Feelings Poll

    I like it by the way it looks. More we do not know besides how it will look like. And how it will function in game after al tweeks has to be seen.
  11. I'm not sure if you misread my post, misinterpreted the term steamrolling (as in the team getting an easy win) and getting steamrolled (as in the team getting his a$$ kicked like a hacky sack in the late 80's). Or missed the word not before the word fun. Since you kind of just repeated my arguments.
  12. Steamrolling or getting steamrolled I find equally not as fun. It has been stated also by others in other threads. Especially in the lower and mid tiers where that is far more frequent. It could set new players off the game, in where they feel that winning is just about rolling a dice. Which is not healthy for the player base in the long run.
  13. We have still room in our casual clan. If you want I can send you an invite. And even tho I'm not the best player out here I would be glad to sail together and give you some basic tips.
  14. Pan European tree (premiums)

    Can't wait for this tree to arrive