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  1. Linkaex

    So WG ask for respect then we get this

    According to Google Lens its just: "what is the magic word, abracadabra" and people reply with "please" And some dude randomly says "breast exam" lol The second purple part he talks about picking something or someone up, cuddle with it and bringing it back. Now, Google translate is not always very accurate so take it with a large grain of salt.
  2. Linkaex

    Why would I want to swap the very Rare Friesland?

    Ye, that is why I converted my Friesland to Groningen. I don't have the time to grind that. So with the time I can play this game I rather play a Dutch ship. But I was hoping they would move the Friesland over but they did not... :(
  3. First game in month's I have no clue of the new cpt. skills so I just winged it on a Clemson
  4. Linkaex

    Why would I want to swap the very Rare Friesland?

    I moved my Friesland since I'm Dutch and play casually
  5. Linkaex

    People close your wallets

    Buy the S&P500 instead. Thank me in 30 years. You're welcome
  6. People are missing the point. It's not about if Yuro's intent was to be racist, it's about Yuro's intent to insult others and to be disrespectful for the choices people make. Just replace the racial slurs with retard for example. Still has the same affect.
  7. Linkaex

    Send a message to your government

    Alsof Rutte daar om geeft Hebben we geen Afghanen terug te halen? Oh wacht daar falen we ook in...
  8. Linkaex

    Tonight's official Livestream a request

    Wait what? Unemployment has hit record lows in the US and Europe. I don't even dare to log in to LinkedIn anymore because of all the recruitment spam. Of all times if you want a a new job or negotiate better terms with your employer this is the time to do it.
  9. Linkaex

    Racist/Transphobic/Anti-Semite Stays as CC?

    Cancel culture only exists on Twitter. And who uses Twitter? That being said Yuro is still unrespectful
  10. Linkaex

    Your Premium Account Will Soon Expire!

    I stopped putting money in to this game more than a year ago. Poor management with no direction. They ask you to pay more than any AA title just per ship or premium. And what do we get in return? Allot of stuf most of us don't ask for with a declining player base. But hey you need to pay extra for "this" now. They don't address issues they have as a company and management just keep their jobs like everything is fine.
  11. Probably not. I have been in the stock market for serval years now. So I have seen my fare share of poor management. But Wargaming takes it to the next level. Which is a shame really, they do make great games. But instead of addressing issues within the company and a declining player base. To keep up and grow revenue they just find ways to monetize more. As an investor I rather see them to grow the player base by good management instead of "milking" revenue of a dwindling player base. I guess there is a reason this company is traded privately and not public. I can't even.... How do you lose free labor as a company from people who love your product? Does not make any sense
  12. Linkaex

    Racist/Transphobic/Anti-Semite Stays as CC?

    Yuro stept out of line and made a weak attempt for an apology on Twitter
  13. Linkaex

    What we want from Wargaming

    Management needs to resign Terrible led company
  14. Think the saddest part is that this wont change anything. Also how can a company after all these years still have "communication issues" and not solve it.