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  1. Linkaex

    The reason games now last less than 8 minutes

    "The reason games now last less than 8 minutes" Well what is the reason?!? Don't come at me with that clickbait title and say nothing at all man. That's not nice of you
  2. Linkaex

    Weekend is here!

    Well it seems that it is always weekend when I play. 24/7
  3. Linkaex

    PSA: Sovereigns expire soon

    Already had the Gallant and bought the Warspite and spend the rest on signals and camos. Does anyone know until when we can collect that other currency? I have 41 right now 9 short for the T8 DD
  4. Linkaex

    Vanguard and Dreadnought are in the shop...

    I only want the Dreadnought for historical purposes. I really don't care for T8 premiums unless it is really OP because of the bad MM
  5. I hop over to other games.
  6. Linkaex

    African-american pre-saturday

    " African-american pre-saturday"
  7. Linkaex


    It's a numbers game, but crap don't add up somehow Like I got 16 to 32 bars to rock it But only 15% of profits ever see my pockets Like 69 billion in the last 20 years Spent on national defense, but folks still live in fear Like nearly half of America's largest cities is one-quarter black That's why they gave Ricky Ross all the crack 16 ounces to a pound, 20 more to a ki A 5 minute sentence hearing and you're no longer free 90% of Americans own a cell phone So they can hear everything that you say when you ain't home I guess Michael Jackson was right, you are not alone Rock your hardhat, black, 'cause you in the Terrordome Full of hard niggas, large niggas, dice-tumblers Young teens and prison greens facing life numbers Crack mothers, crack babies, and AIDS patients Young bloods can't spell but they could rock you in PlayStation This New Math is whipping motherfuckers' [edited] You want to know how to play, you better learn how to add It's mathematics Numbers is hard and real and they never have feelings But you push too hard, even numbers got limits Why did one straw break the camel's back? Here's the secret The million other straws underneath it It's all mathematics
  8. Linkaex


    Pan European tree. Looking most forward to a Dutch ship or even ships :)
  9. Linkaex

    When is the Pasta being served?

    " Italy was the major naval threat outside the Pacific" With no fuel to sail said ships. Are you sure?
  10. Linkaex


  11. You get free signals for that one time you get detonated. I even sailed DD's without the signal in lower tiers just to get some. You can also save up 6400 coal and get 20 in the arsenal.
  12. Linkaex

    things I do not digest