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  1. Linkaex

    Suggestion for a fun premium ship!

    Good point. Also I do have the T-61 but she is not listed as a premium somehow?
  2. I want to buy myself a fun premium ship for my birthday. But I don't know which one to pick. It does not have to be stupidly OP but decent MM is preferred or some kind of niche it has over other ships. The Premiums I currently have in my port (screenshot for convenience) : Eddit: I also have the PEF but for some reason it is not registered yet, even tho I have played a few battles in her.
  3. I'm playing the Bismarck as of late with secondary build. I do seem to do fine in her. Just try to keep your health pool to mid - late game. Then go brawling with depleted enemy ships = profit. Go in a division > increase w/r = profit. Have two Bismarck's in one division no DD wants to get close to you. Hi, I'm a noob and these are my stats.
  4. Linkaex

    Servers Down?

    I'm quite content with the compensation
  5. Linkaex

    Whats the deal with players like this WG?

    Nah, a bot would have done better than your average player
  6. Linkaex


    This is such horse crap It has absolutely nothing to do with which launcher you use. As previously discussed in other threads. Something that also affected me when started playing. Is the lack of tutorials and all these XP boosts which make you grind to T10 very very quickly. In WoT at least you can see your w/r per tank when you're in the garage. Here people just fail their way up without even noticing most of the times.
  7. Linkaex

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    Man, I still having trouble with everything above T8. I find myself playing the mid tiers more to improve some skills and not getting hammered from (little) misplays. These are mine; As you can see, I don't have that much battles in. When I feel comfortable enough I will play higher tiers more frequently.
  8. Linkaex

    From the Scharnhorst to the Gneisenau

    I love to play my Gneis. I do think secondary build is the way to go. Atm I'm training a survivability specced captain on her and I seem to do worse in her than before. (my secondary build captain moved over to my Bismarck). Also don't yolo with her from the go. You want to reserve health for closing out the game. There is where she excels. With the reds depleted health pools you can sometimes take on multiple targets. If you go yolo from the start you're just going to be focused to death before you can output enough damage to be worth noting.
  9. Linkaex


    You're missing the point why I bumped this old thread ;) A year ago I had a low w/r and was blaming others. Instead of being stubborn I actually listened to people's advice and wanted to show my progression one year after.
  10. Linkaex

    Lack of Objective Gameplay

    This. everytime that announcer guy goes: "Your team is about to win" People start throwing ships so hard you will lose. I think it has to do with people wanting to get some damage in before the match ends.
  11. Linkaex


    So when I made this topic I had a 46% w/r. I listened to everyone that gave me feedback on here. One year later: So thanks!
  12. Linkaex

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    I drop down to lower tiers, 3 or 4 from time to time when games have been rough on me. So I can feel good about myself and think I'm actually good at the game. Sue me.
  13. Linkaex

    Khaba, a relic of the past?

    Yeah, if you don't feel like to cary teams and want to annoy the hell out of the enemy team. Support your other DD's with fire power. See the potential damage stack up. That is millions of damage that is not going to your potato broadsiding teammates.
  14. Linkaex

    Khaba, a relic of the past?

    You don't use CE because you will be shooting most of the time which makes you visible anyway. It is a good and fun ship but your impact on the game is minimal.
  15. Linkaex

    Servers Down?

    I finally found time yesterday evening/night to play other games. So that's cool.