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  1. Linkaex

    What makes a great game to you?

    No lemming train and i'm content
  2. Linkaex

    Next patch, Arsenal and expiring coupons

    Nobody cares about karma anyway. Just play the ships you want to play. On topic: I'm doubting between getting the Georgia or JB with the coupon or maybe neither.
  3. Linkaex


    Epicentre is played on different maps depending on tier. Which map do you mean?
  4. Linkaex

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Right before the last tick of the reds capturing B I blew up the enemy Shima with a devastating strike and denied the reds a cap :p Also the Hindy came to close to my comfort so a wall of skill dealt with that problem
  5. Linkaex

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    I have ups and downs. I'm not super excited with current events. So atm I'm just chilling. Also it is nice weather again and the days are long so.
  6. Linkaex

    ability to join clan battles in one more rating

    Thanks. So I will be able to join Cb with a bravo rating?!?
  7. Linkaex

    ability to join clan battles in one more rating

    Clan battles. I get this message at the Officers Club building. So I leveled it up for no reason since I still get this message.
  8. What does it mean, and how do we get this "one more rating"
  9. Linkaex

    What will you spend your "Provision Tokens" on?

    I havent played that much lately. So I wont be able to go for the big stuff. Probably just spend them on signals or something.
  10. Linkaex

    So you're a new player......

    Who doesn't love 32% w/r player on their team on TX ....
  11. I met @El2aZeR today. I was wondering why the game ended so quickly in our favor, must be the unicum CV player on my team
  12. Linkaex


    Again?!? Oh i see what you did there
  13. Linkaex

    Naval battles changed for the better

    Found it to easy. Went straight up to the 70k bar in one go, grabbed another ship did the same 10/10. We lost this round basically because the enemy clan had more active players playing this week. The only thing I do like it is not dependent on weekend teams if you get the bar or not. But you can increase the chance of winning by just div up. You are in a clan so that should not be a problem. Let the other players mop up the low score bars.