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  1. J_Malukker

    Suggestions thread

    Please Ban those AFK [players] from Random Games. Frequently I come across those usefull Players that well be AFK whole Game of untill there die. Please go to Ban those guys for at least 7 days from Random games. Since there are no Teamplayer there have nothing to do there in my Opinion. Even in Coop I but my questionmark since COOP is team based too.
  2. J_Malukker

    Matchmaking Chart

    This is not fun, this is just retarded the most low tier ppl have almost no chance of a nice match. There just get welped of the edge. NO FUN. Agree with you since that stupid patch playing is usally not fun anymore, at least in Random games. With 900`0 matches for you that obviously isn`t a issue with lvl 19 Captains and so on. However player who do not have the numbers matches and expirience it is everything else than fun. So lets all stop Playing so you can than SOLO play. :)
  3. J_Malukker

    Matchmakeing Sucks

    First of all, I be not a Great Player. However what i serious do not like are those matrches with 2 lvl difference. Quiet often recently i find my self as one of the lowest tiers in Random games. The results are just bad, outranged outgunned out everything. To be honest It would make a difference if there where some sort of Team play within the Random game, but that not happend that often what makes the game less fun. One level I mean it`s fine and to do even with the bad teamplay, but two at least for the lowest tier quiet often isn`t.