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  1. Gebe_

    Buff Zao and GK turret angles.

    Zao most definitely needs a buff - I don't even remember when I have last seen a Zao in competitive. GK, on the other hand, is fairly balanced. Anyway, slightly better turret angles probably wouldn't make it OP.
  2. Gebe_


    Unlink your Twitch account and then relink it again.
  3. Every CV is bad for the upcoming CB season.
  4. Gebe_

    Fletcher's torp angles

    Fletcher OP, plz nurf. Last CB was totally dominated by Fletcher wolf packs, what an outrage! /sarcasm Seriously though, anyone seen a single Fletcher last CB? I haven't...
  5. Gebe_

    Average calculations in wows-numbers

    There is no "average PR" in wows-numbers, only "overall PR". The formulas are in the description that's been linked above. "Average PR" is a misleading label.
  6. I consider it a good thing that WG is not selling or giving away steel in this dockyard. Steel should only be earnable in ranked and competitive.
  7. Gebe_

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    Daring has received at least a couple of reload nerfs already along with Jutland. But yeah, some more might be coming.
  8. Gebe_

    0.10.3 not active somehow?

    Dude, patch day is on Thursday, as always.
  9. Gebe_

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    No free respec for DDs and cruisers... I was kinda sceptical when all the doomsayers during the skill rework were anticipating this and saying that WG would do a rework in a few months and make us all pay for it. Now it seems they were right... So now I'll have to pay to respec most of my DDs and quite a few cruisers because of the skill changes and meta changes. I think I'll rather just stop playing until WG offers a free respec. Or just quit playing, period. Way to alienate your playerbase, WG... You are trying hard to make me me quit, I'll give you that.
  10. Gebe_

    Poll: Will you stop spending on the game?

    I stopped spending due to CV rework and CVs in clan battles. However, I might actually start spending again if they start nerfing premiums. This would be one of the best changes in a long while.
  11. Gebe_

    In-game rare items AUCTION

    Pretty sure that ships will not be auctionable. I expect camos, signals, flags, patches, maybe upgrades - stuff like that.
  12. Gebe_

    Sky aiming as presented by Yuro

    Hey mate, I think it was a pretty close game. GG! Regarding the video, I should have mentioned @Johnny_Moneto as he was the author of that video. But I was falling asleep already so I just copy-pasted the link and dropped my phone... I agree! BTW, did Yuro give you any credit? I haven't watched his vid as I kinda hate his weeby style...
  13. I don't think you've played Big Hunt or you're just trolling. That mode has 0 balance both in terms of ships and modules/weapons.
  14. Gebe_

    Twitch drops

    You need to log off to get them. If it still doesn't work - disonnect your twitch from WoWs amd reconnect again (worked for me, had the same problem).