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  1. Well well well... So this bug is still there apparently. Somehow I'm not surprised GJ to those guys who figured it all out. Time for popcorn now I suppose.
  2. Gebe_

    PT 0.11.1, Balance changes (DB 270)

    Are you sure, mate? I find nothing scary about it. It was already useless in comp, now it will be subpar in randoms as well. Don't forget that secondaries were indestructible for most of the time after Schlieffen's release - fixing that bug was already a big nerf. I think it is now going to be one of the weakest BBs at t10 so we're back to long range sniping meta...
  3. Gebe_

    New Germa BB line need more

    Was the Yoshino overextended perhaps? Not even talking about Venezia captain who obviously just suicided.
  4. Gebe_

    New Germa BB line need more

    You are overexagerating, mate. Schlieffen is easy to stop if you have the tools for it. E.g., in your example of Schlieffen pushing 3 ships it would have no chance if any of those ships had at least some skill. A DD spotting/torping and Yoshino farming it is a guaranteed counter. P.S. I just love meeting Schliefens when I'm playimg torp DDs since they always push and they have no fire prevention.
  5. I'd put Gouden Leeuw into D, meanwhile Austin and Wooster would go into B. The other rankings seem about right according to my experience, though I haven't played Colbert. And yes, Petro is still OP as hell. I'm so glad that this CB season we had ship restrictions from the get go, made for a great season. DM is nowhere near OP as some are trying to suggest here - it has actual weaknesses, unlike Petro.
  6. Gebe_

    Ragnar vs Smaland

    Indeed, German AP is monstrous. I was just pointing out a mistake in that guy's statement.
  7. Gebe_

    Ragnar vs Smaland

    Huh? German 128 mm guns pen 32 mm, check your facts.
  8. Gebe_

    Could anyone explain this issue?

    Never seen this. But you know the drill - check your mods first.
  9. Exactly. Black without smoke would simply be a worse Chung Mu with bad torps and no speed boost.
  10. Supercruiser dispersion says hi. The accuracy is just fine, I enjoy these guns.
  11. Gebe_

    the new german BBs' are they broken?

    Talking about sigma without mentioning dispersion is pointless. Just saying.
  12. Gebe_

    Next phase of Monetization

    Edit: double post
  13. Gebe_

    Next phase of Monetization

    Who are you kidding, mate? Due to the release of the droprates people will buy more lootboxes, not less.
  14. Gebe_

    Izumo Iowa Comparison

    I have to disagree. Izumo is pretty much the best techtree T9 BB now. It's a great ship, eclipsed only by OP premiums like Musashi and Georgia.
  15. Gebe_

    Question about waves and currents

    Arms race? The cap circle is constantly shrinking.