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  1. Gebe_

    The tier V and VI sweet spot

    Furutaka is a beast.
  2. Gebe_

    Game lacks anti-snowball mechanics.

    WoWs population is too small for that, unfortunately. It is already spread out between tiers. Now imagine splitting each tier into skill leagues. Why do you think WoWs has 3 tier MM? I think "skill leagues" is a good idea but I don't think it will ever be implemented. P.S. And then there is the population split between game modes: randoms, coop, ranked, clan battles and now submarine battles (or special modes for holiday events).
  3. Gebe_

    oh yay another launcher

    You don't have to use the launcher - just use the game.exe.
  4. Gebe_

    PT 0.9.5 - Armory Update

    Except that many people cannot buy them because Armory simply does not load. I've tried opening it yesterday and today to no avail - I tried waiting up to 10 minutes with 0 results.
  5. Gebe_

    Why don't allow team up at Rank?

    Now that was toxic as hell. Playing a Belfast together with 2 unicums in a mode meant for solo players... And when he was asked about it, his reply was "I don't want an unfair advantage, I just don't want to be at disadvantage". How low can he go, seriously... If I ever had any respect for him, the last bits of it went down the drain yesterday.
  6. Gebe_

    Kremlin Machinery space missing

    And the story is total BS but some keep repeating it without actually thinking it through...
  7. Gebe_

    Should I really get a premium for upcoming ranks ?

    If you plan on playing BBs, Sinop is your best choice by far.
  8. Gebe_

    What's up with delayed ship spotting?

    Yup, the ships blinking in and out is very annoying. In addition, since a few months ago, if I fire right when a ship gets unspotted, all my shells always go way too high because the crosshair suddenly jumps up when lock-on is lost (very obvious on the minimap). These 2 bugs combined piss me off more than desync. Or even spotter zoom-in jump to the horizon...
  9. Calm seas look terrible. That mod breaks all immersion - it looks like toy boats sailing in a bathtub or a pond.
  10. Gebe_

    Indianapolis - Warning

    Check your facts, mate. Indi is a heavy cruiser.
  11. Gebe_

    Why is Seattle in game?

    Don't give me flashbacks, mate
  12. Gebe_

    Blind Fire When In Smoke

    If you get hit consistently in smoke, stop firing and relocate.
  13. Gebe_

    Poll about CB season 9

    This is the first CB season that I play just for my clanmates and for the steel rewards. I still love this game (just 2.5 years in it) but at the moment I'd rather play any other mode than CBs. Haku-Stalin-Venezia meta is way too shallow. And I'm a DD player - 'nuff said.
  14. Gebe_

    CV's Tier 6 Question

    Before you go up the tiers, level all the lines up to tier 6. Yes, all BBs, DDs and cruisers. Otherwise you'll be a liability to your team as you have way too little experience. There is no golden pot at T10. Rushing up the tiers (like you are doing) will only bring frustration to you and your team. You already lose more games than you win, and the only reason for that is your lack of experience.
  15. Gebe_

    The Missouri Question

    Oh look who's here! WB to free speech land :D