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  1. Farheim


    Isn't your photo from gay... hmm? Like do I need to specify?
  2. Farheim


    I won't be making those whiny topics on a forum tryna let the entire server know that I left and what a crybaby I am. Ya know, where I'm from, we try to raise men as men, not as low testo sissies who can't hold themselves together.
  3. Farheim

    Admiral Ushakov any good.

    There aren't enough battles played yet, for those stats to mean literally anything.
  4. Farheim

    Admiral Ushakov any good.

    I see nothing that would make him truly T11 ship. It's just Kremlin with +30k HP and he's contesting for those 50kk+ credits with Conde, Patrie and Annapolis? I don't think so.
  5. Farheim

    General CV related discussions.

    Absolutely blessed ship. Finally a ship that gives Lex, which is the best tier-for-tier CV, a run for her money for the title.
  6. Farheim

    Why is Ranked Battles such a total sht-show?

    Because for some twisted reasons ranked system allows people with negative winrate to climb up all the way up to gold league and even claim R1. All you have to do is spam games, like play 50 games a day and you'll be in gold league even if you're a mouthbreathing ape. When the new sprint started I played 3 games, lost two, and I had the biggest amount of exp earned in each. Top 1 exp. As a CV. In gold league.
  7. Guy barely streams WoWs nowadays tho
  8. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    I am. >B-b-b-b-but you're a CV main Uhm, no sweetie, most of the time I play on surface ships and yet I'm perfectly fine with CVs and how they work. Conisdering that it's a tier 6 game I'm willing to assume this CV was either new to the game or the class. And that's fine. This game isn't about equality, sunshine. In a game where ships like Smaland exist you can't really talk about equality or fairness. It's about being playable and overall fine, to an extend. CVs been providing plane spotting ever since they were released and its funny how people sitll can't get over it. But again, talk about DD mains acting like spoiled brats.
  9. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    No I mean and what of it? Yes CV isn't putting itself at risk while spotting, coz yea that's how the class works, you can only do stuff with your planes and not your ship? And let's be honest DD isn't risking either, coz there are only two things that can put DD at risk - radar and CV. And yea, another DD, so make it three things. So when a DD ends up on a flank with the enemy DD killed and CV not being present, he can do whatever he wants to, coz there aren't much stealth radars in the game and you should have some kind of awareness if its present on the flank or not. And I mean DDs also don't put themselves at risk while they torp everyone staying in stealth too. And everyone is fine with that, coz you know playing a BB on a flank without CV spotting Halland and your own DD either dead or abandoning the flank for whatever reason IS SO FUN WOHOOO totally fair and cool. And yet everyone s fine with that, we all just suck it up, accept it and try to get good at positioning even in those kind of situations and learn something from that experience. Yet DD mains always act like spoiled brats, whining non-stop about literally everything that somehow DARES to give them a bit of a challenge.
  10. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    Dude, I can tell you from experience that even in ranked that's not quite the case. Trust me I have some experience with that. Want me to show you how I was beaten by this guy the other day. I was playing Kaga and... hmm, let's say I'm a slightly more competent CV player than that guy. You know just by a tiny margin. Yet I stood absolutley no chance against this god gamer. Wanna take a wild guess why? I'll give you a clue.
  11. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

  12. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    You don't have thoughts of your own? But you gotta have an opinion.
  13. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

  14. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    CV spots everyone within air concealment range, dd spots everyone within sea concealment range. Your point?..
  15. Farheim

    WG needs to change plane spotting

    Yes, DDs are way too important, the most important class in the game. CV more or less balances it and can compensate 1 or 2 bad DDs. But honestly the problem is the DD playerbase which is god awful, lets face it. CV, no matter how bad the player is, still provdies spotting. While a dead DD or one with 42% winrate who just sits behind BBs (or sometimes even CV) - not so much.