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  1. BChiller

    Rework for CB/Clan Brawls to make them interesting

    This may seem like a stupid idea for some. But why not a arms race with T9 clan battle season. 2BB max and 3 DD max in a 7/8 player lineup. Now hiding behind Islands wouldn't be the best tactic. Maybe it would make CB less stale for once. I'm all for change for the next clan battles. Just Don't bring any more cv's in to it.
  2. BChiller

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    hey, thank you for doing this again. I would love to join the lottery. Thank you
  3. You can't gift the russian loot boxes that are bought for dubloons anymore now. Great... the only thing that worked for me to get my hands on a couple boxes is now also gone... Because there are to many dumb people who don't know when to stop gambling. I just can't spend my own money on it. But I can spend everything I own on the lottery of course! WG isn't seeing any more money from me because I thought the only thing worth buying from them was loot boxes... The rest of it all way to expensive
  4. BChiller

    Clan Battles Matchmaking and Balance

    Simple case of I got beat by better players but I'm gonna whine about it....
  5. Opened 5 premium containers. 16 or 17 regular ones from missions and bought in the arsenal and haven't gotten any ship yet...
  6. BChiller

    the "carry harder!" thread

    From 2 days ago. After killing both DD's still got called for being a damage farmer and someone who can't aim... We lost because our YY thought it was a good idea to stay in smoke at 6 km from a charging GK with hydro...
  7. From 2 days ago. Easy ranked carry... We allmost lost this one in the end before I rammed the last guy on the enemy team. They had 970 points and still one cap before we blocked it.
  8. Had a ranked game with 4! people from a clan on my side. Unfortunately they were quite the potatos and we lost...
  9. BChiller

    LF friendly competitief clan.

    Again thank you all for the invitations. After contemplating our options we have joined [ADRIA]. Good luck to the rest of you in your search for new members.
  10. BChiller

    LF friendly competitief clan.

    Thank you all for the PM's and invitations that you allready send to us. We are still considering our options and don't want to rush things. TY for your pations. Friendly regards Chelios and B
  11. Hey, Me and my irl friend Chelios82 are looking for a clan. We started playing around november last year iirc. We both rushed to T10 with the help of chrismas boxes and premium time..(That didn't help our stats though but we had fun :)) Since then we just keep grinding lines to T10 and we mostly play T9-T10. We are 2 competitief guys who want to improve and allways strafe to get better. But as we also have our obligations in real life, we don't really want a clan with strickt rules about being online or other obligations. So If you would like the 2 of us then let us know. me stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/551355446,BChiller/ Chelios82's stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/551277703,Chelios82/ Thx for reading.
  12. I know how the damage is % based of the ships you hit. But still I was really surprised because I also had 4 defends and a cap. The thing is though that a lot of people say its only damage that counts. But as you can see from this example thats not really treu. And If I can, I allmost allways go for DD's as they are allmost allways the most importend ships in the team IMO. And just to make things clear I'm not complaining. Just found this a interesting game and score.
  13. Hey fellow captains, I don't have that many high scoring games yet but I have never had a game were I did 227k damage but only resieved 1661 base xp. I know the damage was allmost exclusieve to bb's but if there are no other targets what you gonna do? I'm playing a full secondairy GK (with IFHE). I know its not optimal but somethimes I like to just go ham in this thing. Never had any broadside shown to me except for the richilieu who was absolutely melting to my Sfire and had to try to run. Game was a real stomp but still. chased that montana all the way to the border as my team had allready killed most of them. PS: sory for the bad spelling.
  14. I bought 15 containers and I did all the missions.(Not 100% sure maybe missed one but I don't think so) I got 3 ships, the cleveland, the sims and the monaghan. All came from the containers I bought though.
  15. BChiller

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Haven't gotten the hang of rank 10 yet. But this one felt bad because I didn't even keep the star...