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  1. TRRC Recruiting

    Bump, and up:)
  2. Blyska still worth?

    Morning guys. My opinion about blyska is still worth it.I play it with khabarovsk style and still enjoy it when I take her out to a spin:)
  3. TRRC Recruiting

    Pm sent:)
  4. TRRC Recruiting

    And still Recruiting(:
  5. Is there a plan for MM rework?

    Hello guys.Wonder this T8 plays in TX will be fixed in the future?Just had a good MM, that puted my stock Charles martel in to TX with CV........cant shoot nothing with 16km range, went closer and CV instantly deleted me.....I like this game, but gathering exp with T8 ship is most of the time is impossible...Technicly waist of flags too....
  6. TRRC Recruiting

    Again, up:)
  7. New consumable for DDs

    This ca improve DDs team play.The amount of regen would be not that great, but an additional health always handy.reason for DDs cuz this force them to dont yolo die in the first 2 mins, this gives a way to care about the team.
  8. New consumable for DDs

    Hello guys.I was thinking today about destroyers.Waning, this is an idea, so please leave your opinion here below.So, what if the DDs receives a consumable with a 2 time charge that provides a small amount of health regeneration field around the destroyer....Of cours need to be small with a bonus of each surrounding ships around the destroyer with a max limit of 3..if more ships in the area can reduce this health regen.Wonder how this will affect DDs team play.This is just an idea:)
  9. Yesterday was funny..I was trying to save my KII, had rly low health, around 4k left, when somebody detonated itXDthat was a freebyXD
  10. How is your ranked progression going?

    Finaly reached R8 again.In the morning I had a great time again with wooster:)
  11. How is your ranked progression going?

    First try I reached R8, then droped back to 12, then im at R9.....hope will be lucky with ranked mm:D
  12. Why didn't you changed *edit called "Radar" yet?

    Learn to play...strange, nowadays I started to enjoy destroyers:Dbtw, supporting my team mates, then cap:)
  13. Reached rank 9 again, yaaay.wooster seem to a good idea, but in the morning i tried khaba....first order in the chat on mountain rage (enemy team got a haru and dm, we hasnt got radar):khaba, to C cap...I was just like what???what was in ur morning coffe?:Dno way Im going to C.... reply for this:noooooooob..okay guys...At the end I carried the whole team, and ended up with +2 karma pointsXD
  14. How is your ranked progression going?

    You sacrificed too much:D...
  15. How is your ranked progression going?

    Rank 10 again in this morning.first game was cool, on hotspot they sent me to C (i was with haru)and we had 2 radar, dm and moskva...dm said he coming to c too....on half way, I realised everyone stayed at base, and start shooting on enemy dm at base.......before I went down, tooked the grozo with me, star secured:D