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  1. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

    Still recruiting:)
  2. Wilkinson87

    Cross-server Clan Battle MM test

    Seem to be failure again......This is just dissapointing a lot players...even my clan mates lost their interest in clan battles.....
  3. Wilkinson87

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    The feeling when your good players shows up, and ready to play CB and the servers go down is priceless:DDD
  4. Wilkinson87

    Cobi Bismarck, available now! - Discussion Thread

    I got bismarck, blyska, and tirpitz too:) acording to cobi, its limited, so I bought another bismarck for later to sell it:) and I loved them to build:)
  5. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

    Thx :D
  6. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

    Still looking for new players:O
  7. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

  8. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

    Up, up:)
  9. Wilkinson87

    Ranked "Season 10" - Observations...

    Hello all. I stopped ranked too.Droped back to rank 8.This was the end of my ranked progression in this season....I had enough too, Ranked needs rework, what most people say, this is not enjoyable, and isnt close to 'Ranked performance' this is just random clan battle.when will be reworked I will put more effort in it.
  10. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

  11. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

    We still need new bloods:P
  12. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

  13. Wilkinson87

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    I can take out my okhotnik for a spin then:Dddd
  14. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

    BTW, we are still recruiting:P
  15. Wilkinson87

    Pay to Win Players/ Free to Play Players

    Techniy im a wallet warrior, but basicly just a collector.I only buy ships what I interested in.dont want any kind of special treatment, just enjoying the ships when I got time to play with them:)