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  1. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    This methood is good but need to be something like the first 3 place gaines points like 1.st 6 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 1 point.below players like 4th lose 1 point, 5th lose 3 points, 6th lose 6 points, 7th lose 10 points.this seem to be optimal, and no irrevocable ranks.
  2. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    In this ranked I tryed to help the teams, but allways was a player who ruined everything...Shame but in next ranked, star saver mode on:)
  3. Can't connet to server

    its not free, its from my holidays.......
  4. Can't connet to server

    Its not funny, I tooked 1 weak off from work to try reachy rank 1, and every hour counts for me.......
  5. Can't connet to server

    lol......This loss is 9 star now in ranked:D we rly need a compensation.........
  6. Can't connet to server

    :)I only bought the UK one, for my mino.
  7. Can't connet to server

    I heard that this is the last time they available......
  8. Can't connet to server

    while u got time and sitting, who bought uniq commanders?
  9. Can't connet to server

    another hour, another 3 star:D
  10. Can't connet to server

    Steam download it automaticly:Dand that was yesterday
  11. Can't connet to server

    or give us 3 stars in ranked:P
  12. Can't connet to server

    let us back, I wanna play ranked:D
  13. Can't connet to server

    pamparam....quickly bought an UK commander from shop:Dneed that extra 5% jack off all trades:D
  14. Can't connet to server

    dont be impatience, gues u want to go back to ranked like me:D
  15. OK I,m new please help me enjoy this game

    Easiest way to get on with this is stick behind dds and cruiser, u will see torps, and u will have spot.things go complicated when the dd dies.after that just think where u will receive torps, and try to zig zag.or join the rest of the team.