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  1. Wilkinson87

    Matchmaking - more than t8 vs t10

    If u play T8 in TX theres a chance to prove your skills
  2. Wilkinson87

    Doube and triple DD div

    Not only 1 game was.Was about 10 now, If me and my mates playing, at lest we split up equaly.
  3. Wilkinson87

    Doube and triple DD div

    Just a little idea.Its alright that if you are in a division with friends grinding together, and the game puts the div members close to each other at game start, BUT, can WG exclude the dds? I experienced lot of games when 2 or 3 DD divisions stick together and the whole other flank dies because they dont want to split up.this is a little bit of problem...
  4. Wilkinson87

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    People still not give up about stalingrad:D
  5. Wilkinson87

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    Yeste4day we tried wooster in cb with a combination of long gearing smoke.smoke set up outside of radar range, I was spoting with gearing and wooster with moskva keept away everyone from the cap.this tactic worked well too.but woosters radar is sh.t:D
  6. Wilkinson87

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    Sleeping giant map is the best.stalingrad sits on the right corner of A cap, can radar the cap and plenty broadsides was given to blokes on the other side...and my clan mate with hindi was enjoying this aswellXD gived 10 citadel hits in the first 5 min.second atempt on this map we was facing against 3 moskvas....and republiq...guess where was the 3 moskva and repu.....A cap..Half of my team pushed CB quickly, I let in the 3 moskva and repu in A...trap prepared repu comes out first, dead immediatly, with stalin I started to go in A with our montana..All 3 moskvas was elliminated in 1 minute.Guys what the oponent clan was doing it was a huge mistake, and was punished...only in situation like thus stalingrad shines.
  7. Wilkinson87

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    Another topic about stalin......this getting a bit bored.In my clan only I got stalingrad, and not a big benefit.its big, easy to counter.Me and the boys hapily bring other ships, that can move freely.My experience was when I used stalingrad is either I was focused out by 5 players by fire, or just need to move but hard to re position with it.Easy to counter it, just use your head and the clan mates help you out too.Think a tactic:)
  8. Wilkinson87

    Match Making in Ranked.

    Yesterday I started ranked again...Tried a new BB for ranked..west virginia:D my lord, the amount of citadels what I farmed yesterdayXD Big fun, but slow, ultra slow:D
  9. Another CVrework fanXD
  10. Wilkinson87

    Share your "That didn't just happen" moment from the holidays

    Told the team where I will go with stalin, when in position, I can radar 1 cap, support another..Roger, Affirmativ was the answear, lot players coming, and when the heat started, realised that I was left alone on the right, and 6 players chasing 1 jean bart on top left.....pricelessXD PS:whit this quality team we nearly win it, but one of our BB a grose was doing nothing in the last 5 min then start to move and shoot a broadside zao with HE.....he done everything acording to his skill lvl to guarante the lost gameXD
  11. I spent around 4000£ on the game.......so I hope the cv rework wont be tht bad, or I will use only full AA builds:P
  12. Wilkinson87

    Sooo... buy more Santa loot boxes? Are there still ship drops?

    Bought 120 boxes, cuz I was lazy to farm coal XD I got all ships from list, so after 120 mega boxes I ended up with 200k doublons..Quickly converted 3.8 million exp with the 35 rate:)
  13. Wilkinson87

    T-61 is a god in ranked sprint

    I done the R1 with PEF cuz i needed to do the mission chan...reached R1 in 15 battles with PEF
  14. Wilkinson87


    Hello everyone. Im one of the random guys, finished gathering the steel for stalingrad and bought it.First impressions was that the guns are rly op.....but thats all.just had a game when i built up 3 million potencial dmg, enemy team rly wanted me to kill:) but to use the ship, what I discovered, need to carefull position.need cover.....in open water rly difficult to survive...so I think altogether the ship is not that strong....cant move freely like a zao...8 games done with the ship and I rly enjoy it:) 1 day grinding with snow flake and missions worth it.
  15. Wilkinson87

    Happy Holidays

    Merry shipmass:)