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  1. Wilkinson87

    Ranked Sprint 13, How did you do?

    Reached R1 mostly with Agir, from R3 to R1 my mate joined me in division, cuz in ranked there are a lot.... how to say.....lot of people who donno where to go or what to do....So me and my mate, double pomern division....Fly to R1😆😆
  2. Wilkinson87

    Summer sale

    Yesterday tried the lunar containers and got a premium izumo😆😆😆😭😭😭
  3. Wilkinson87

    General CV related discussions.

    Hello everyone Just come back after a long break, and the game is even more salty*-* played few rounds with cv but realised its only gonna yield reports...people rly hate carriers nowadays, my plan WAS to do the missions for haku to get the legendary, but in this way I'm not gonna do it😆
  4. Wilkinson87

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    So, I had a long break from game, about 6 months, and needed to come back cuz like my friend said a captain never abandon his crew, so came back to lead the clan....Come back and realised the directives are ........ no words for those tasks😂anyway now that I got 2 job, and a girlfriend, Challange accepted😂😂at least my girlfriend allows me to play, so will have time to catch up...But this PR idea is good but the directives are stupidly friendly....Anyways, good luck to everyone😊
  5. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

  6. Wilkinson87

    TRRC Recruiting

    Hello everyone. The Red Reaper Company looking for new members.We are a friendly bunch of guys who plays often, participate in clan battles, and team up in divisions and play.Also We helping newcomers aswell.Feel free to contact for more details:)
  7. Wilkinson87

    Premium Fleet Total Value Excel Calculator

    U are not alone...I started to like wot and start buy premiums there aswell....Ended up with loads of premiums, but dont want to play with wot anymore....After I stoped Im relaxed and calm down person againXD
  8. Wilkinson87

    Premium Fleet Total Value Excel Calculator

    Hm.....1778 euros.....few from christmas boxes, but most of them not.... 1171145568_wilkinson87%20(1).xlsx
  9. Wilkinson87


    My apologies, just checked on page 7.
  10. Wilkinson87


    Donno what are they doing but at least a short reply is rly due from the staff to let us know where is our tokens......to be honest, hope there will be a compensation too, loads of people waiting to buy the commander, at lest a 50k commander exp with the tokens would keep me happy for this waiting:P
  11. Wilkinson87

    0.8.8 seems a promising patch

    Im a little bit angry with 1 thing with this patch....They gonna remowe conqueror 457mm gun variant -.- for the love of god...another ship follows yueyang.......
  12. Yesterday I reseted US BB branch. I know its a lot xp to grind thru again, but I like the american BBs. Yesterday I lost count how many times I felt shamed when I deleted a ship with a full salvo.... With T4 BB.... Old memories coming back, need 10 min to get to the half of the map with that speedXD My goal is to grind to Monty till end of weekend, will see if I can make it. What bothers me and make me think is that wg working on a bonus system for re grinding.... Will this gonna count in or not? What u think guys?
  13. My favourite is balancegrad with full stearing gear upgrades and surviving captain build, its insane how easy to dodge incoming shells:D
  14. Wilkinson87

    Submarines are Coming

    Just think, if underwater speed would be 8 knots even a T1 ship can chase down a T10 sub...... What is mogadors speed? :D
  15. Wilkinson87

    Submarines are Coming

    Im looking forward to try it out As it sayed would be a great refreshment to the game. Be open for new:P