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  1. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    Any particular reason you made it necessary to opt into the free respecs by logging into your account, finding the news article and clicking a button? Is this literally a tactic of "we hope a lot of people miss it, then buy doubloons so they can respec their captains"? How low can you sink? If you make global changes that necessitate respecs, you need to make them globaly available for free in the game itself for the duration of the patch that introduced them, to give people time to really test things out and decide what does and does not need IFHE. This whole thing "need to see the article, opt in, then get free respecs for an insufficient amount of time to really test things out if you happen to not just play wows all day" is.. well... classic WG. That's not a compliment, btw.
  2. Captain_Newman

    Best find in "Try Your Luck" container?

    It doesn't matter if it's TYL or not, if you roll a SC, it's a SC, and as such it comes with a small chance to drop good stuff, like ships, steel, coal, etc. I had several ships from these over the years. The funny part is, my clan mates were getting salty because I literally had god tier luck with christmas boxes this year, dropping almost everything I wanted (and a metric crapton of stuff that I didn't, but nice to have anyway I guess). Everything except the Kamikaze. So guess what drops from a SC a few days after the christmas patch ended Also seen 2-3 steel drops as well.
  3. Captain_Newman

    Not sure how to pronounce this Soviet Commander's name

    Fixed that for you.
  4. Captain_Newman

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    Yes, because going through a thread with a bazillion pages is so quick, easy and practical. Forcing everyone into these monster threads doesn't serve to highlight criticism, it does exactly the opposite by drowning it in a sea of posts that nobody can really keep track of anymore. As for "just an idea in testing", this argument would work if WG didn't have the following M.O.: 1. come up with a stupid idea that will never work. 2. respond to any criticism with "dw, we'll test it first". 3. does some completely inadequate tests in both duration and scope. 4. fastracks it into live. This happens literally every time lately, and in that kind of an environment the sentiment of "this is just an idea for testing" isnt' as effective as WG might hope for.
  5. Captain_Newman

    HE is way too powerful

    Have you considered aiming? Also, that Myoko burning you down situation you described sounds like some pretty god tier RNG on the Myoko's part - getting a triple fire, forcing your damage control, then getting a triple fire in the very next salvo is, well, rare. Sometimes, your opponents will have very good luck and this will be the result. Most of the time, though, this won't happen, as him beating you that way requires several things: - amazing fire RNG on his part; - good kiting skills on his part; - bad aim or dispersion gods hating you on your side; - bad positioning on your side (so you can't disengage when you have to). If a lone cruiser can force your BB to hide in a single encounter, fine, it happens. He shoots you, he gets multiple fires every time. You shoot him, and you know the salvo will be crap the moment shells clear the barrels; you can just see you lost in the dispersion casino again and just scored an overpen or two. Bad luck. If a lone cruiser can force your BB to hide consistently, it's you; mainly your positioning and your aim probably need improving. Camping behind islands will solve nothing as your team is now more likely to lose due to a lack of support and effectively playing with a ship less, and all you've accomplished there is postponed your death a little as they need to murder your teammates first before they get to you.
  6. Captain_Newman

    HE is way too powerful

    Without fires, and with the incoming IFHE rework, you will effectively have to choose between having pen or having fires, because the fire chance nerf with IFHE will be huge. Even before this happens, fires are the only way to deal damage to certain ships with a CL. Try and bring down a Kremlin with CL guns.. it's like a summer project. I also don't require you to do anything, but expecting you to be informed about the topic you apparently care enough about to make a forum thread on it is neither arrogant, nor unreasonable. Nerfing HE spam would essentially be yet another buff to BB's, which is the last thing this game needs (short of CV's and subs, ofc). Schors isn't unfair. She has great guns, good range, very accurate, and pays for it by having the mounted on an extremely squishy hull. Paying for good firepower with being a floating citadel is fair enough - any decent BB will unexist you hard. It's the Smolensk being an overpen sponge that's silly, Schors is very ok balance wise. Good on you that you can deal damage with it, you'd be amazed at how much of the player base only knows how to explode in it (either because they can't kite to save their life, or more commonly they don't understand the ship and try to yolo bb's because clearly Shchors is a torp boat).
  7. Captain_Newman

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    He's only explaining how overmatch works. Correctly, I might add. How someone uses that is up to them. Based on his profile, I'd say he doesn't have many issues with finding effective ways of using this game's mechanics...
  8. Captain_Newman

    Captain Cunningham Worth 1000 RN tokens AND 1000 Doubloons?

    If you really want him for either Conq/Thunderer or Ark Royal/Audacious because you play them a lot, then yes, I suppose it's worth it, better drop 1k doubloons now than 175k coal later. I will say, though, that I don't see this commander as a must have, not like Kuznetsov - so if I couldn't have grinded it for free, I wouldn't have acquired him at all (I did get him a few days ago, having the albemarle on day 1 when the line fully released helped a lot).
  9. Captain_Newman

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    My idea for russian CV's would be airdropped "Shkval" 200kt supercavitating torpedoes, give them 15km range. I mean, yes, AA is nerfed, but why risk planes at all when you can drop targets without ever entering AA range and still hit it just as fast as you would with normal airdropped torps at point blank? I mean, when they made CV's they sailed pretty far into absurd waters, so at this point the whole game is a giant comedy to me. The more blatantly absurd, the funnier. Nuclear torps I'd reserve for soviet subs, maybe make the foxtrot a steel t10 sub with nuclear torps cuz muh historical accuracy.
  10. Captain_Newman

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    Predicition: These are aimed to be used with a german paper CV line. First testing iterations will be devastating vs. cruisers. They will say that they were a bit too good and nerf them extremely hard, because german. Fast forward a year, russian CV line is introduced, together with amazing AP rockets that nuke everything. On the bright side, here's something new that doesn't directly hard counter DD's, WG, are you feeling ok? When did you first notice the symptoms?
  11. Captain_Newman


    Slava, obviously. @Thundercracker_3 there is no reason why you shouldn't use the same captain (including Cunningham if you want to) on Conq, Thunderer, Doy, Hood and Vanguard.
  12. Captain_Newman

    MM....working as intended

    Imagine getting that MM with an Asashio
  13. Captain_Newman

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    If you have time to switch, and the target is something heavily armored and bow in, sure. I generally don't, I either find a different target, go for superstructure, or am speedboosting to get on the target's flank. Georgia isn't a stationary ship, it's a fast flanker - if you start he spamming bow in bb's, you're kind of accepting their game. In a Georgia, whenever possible, you should be making your own plays that aren't possible in other BB's. You have great speed and very accurate guns with decent reload - there is no need you should ever be in an unfavorable firing position for long.
  14. Captain_Newman

    Hard time hitting smolensk ?

    It's not a great comparison, though. Once you actually hit a Mino with BB caliber guns, it will usually get punished hard. Meanwhile Smolensk will eat some overpens as it continues to melt your face off. They're not impossible to cit, mind you, I have one-salvoed them off the map here or there, but doing it consistently with BB AP is a problem, they're notorious for just eating overpens and not getting punished for being caught out.
  15. Captain_Newman

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    419mm AP is not bad, but it has a short fuse, which makes it situational - or rather, specialized, if you will. I haven't played my Conq in a while, I need to test her short fuse AP vs Smolensk, it might be interesting as it should, in theory, overpen less. Short fuse AP will generally work great vs. broadside cruisers. You should also definitely use it on flat broadside BB's at closer ranges. However, vs BB's the short fuse is more of a hindrance than a benefit in general, especially if they angle, and consistency wise, when you start getting those 14k, 2 fire HE salvos on bb's you'll probably opt for the more reliable option in most situations vs BB's. Same goes for bow in Moskvas or Stalingrads, etc. Conq HE will melt them really fast.