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  1. Captain_Newman

    Why USS Black is not available for coal ATM?

    Do you actually expect an answer to that? No member of WG staff will ever give you info before its official announcement just because you asked... WG said it will come back for coal, so unless they change their mind, it will come back but we won’t know when until the announcement.
  2. Captain_Newman

    Thanks for destroying the game completely.

    So, I’m not a newbie, owning several steel ships, and you’re still missing some important points. The Flint and Neustrashimy were steel, then removed, then came back for coal, yes. However just saying that ignores the fact that they were gone for a long time, and by buying them for steel, players had years to play them that the coal owners did not. This is especially pronounced with Flint which used to be much better than it is now, post commander skill rework. You’re also failing to mention that the coal prices of previously steel ships are very high - much higher than their standard coal counterparts. Initially you couldn’t even use a coupon on them. Agir is actually fine, having one battle on it is hardly enough to be able to judge a ship properly. Also, getting a million fxp is fairly trivial for an active player, doesn’t take that long. There’s plenty to complain about in this game, the second unnecessary and botched rework resulting in an unhealthy, boring meta, wg’s monetization practices, etc... did not find your complaints touching on anything really important, tbh...
  3. Captain_Newman

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    I don’t think the game is moving in the right direction, I don’t like (either) rework, as for my current level of satisfaction, there isn’t one - I was already fairly burnt out when the rework hit, and I really couldn’t be bothered with it so I just used the magic reset button and called it in. Not sure if and when I’ll start playing again, atm my interest is fairly low even with the italian bb line being released.
  4. Captain_Newman

    Will Stalingrad Be Nerfed?

    Someone post that Flamu russian bias frog meme
  5. Captain_Newman

    Will Stalingrad Be Nerfed?

    Funny, but if you actually played her I think you’s be shocked at how not OP she is.
  6. English is a foreign language for me, too. I already acknowledged it’s slightly OCD but finding correct information offered freely cannot be offensive unless you let your ego get the better of you. Nobody knows everything, why not simply learn without being offended? Way too much of that these days, anyway, so saying you find something offensive lost its value somewhat. Besides, there’s no need to play advocate for anyone because nobody is under attack.
  7. Captain_Newman

    Will Stalingrad Be Nerfed?

    Stalingrad’s accurate guns is literally the only good thing about it. The hull is clumsy, easily burnt, and exceptionally vulnerable from the sides, all while being spotted from the Moon. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still strong thanks to the magical soviet guns, but really not OP. Take away the accuracy and there is zero reason to play her left. Rather be in a Petro already...
  8. Correct, now explain it to my phone (and doesn’t make my original claim less valid)
  9. Captain_Newman

    Reported for playing in Operation - Lost 2 Karma.

    I have 127 karma atm. Some of my clan mates have hundreds more. Still can’t get ships, modules, flags, camos, or premium time with it. It’s just a silly little random popularity contest with people you don’t know. If it bothers you, though, what you could have done besides reporting the two t**s is to compliment everyone else on that team to counter their -1’s. There’s a good chance someone there reciprocates. Otherwise just move on.
  10. Captain_Newman

    I'll Throw Down

    Imagine thinking that the way to prove you’re good in a game that mainly has a 12v12 mode is to challenge random people to 1v1’s. At least that’s what I think he’s doing.
  11. I’m going to go a bit off-topic here because all the instances of “resetted” is making my inner OCD nitpicker wake up. reset is an irregular verb, so its past simple form is, again, reset - not resetted. ex. “I reset all my commanders last week”. Which I did. I used the magic button, then specced a few captains (Daring for CB’s, Paolo to grind stuff with, Halsey for some tests, one german captain to test out some secondaries, etc). I reset them again yesterday as playing the game feels like a chore for me lately.
  12. I reset everything, time for a break... my interest is quite low atm.
  13. Captain_Newman

    British Destroyer advice?

    Royal Navy DD’s are all about finding and killing other DD’s. The thing is, they’re not very fast so you need to have good awareness and positioning so you can control engagements - fighting other DD’s in front of their support obviously isn’t going to work. Initially you often can’t really commit to a fight, but you can still spot, test the waters with quick engagements, use your torps etc.
  14. Captain_Newman

    Team damage tracking system is laughable

    You never get kicked from a battle. What happens after you turn pink is, the reflected damage mechanics start kicking in, meaning damage done to allies is instead done to the pink guy. It’s entirely possible to kill oneself by shooting allies repeatedly. If you keep repeating offenses after turning pink you become orange which locks you in coop for a few battles. Just to dispel a few myths in this tread, nobody ever gets kicked mid-battle, and chat bans have nothing to do with doing team damage, but (shockingly) everything to do with misbehavior in chat. You’re quite correct in that WG changes things all the time, but the reflected damage one has been around for a very long time, probably the vast majority of your time in wows, so people are a bit surprised you never noticed this. You never saw someone pink get a kill on themselves? This is how and why.
  15. Captain_Newman


    My friend likes penguins.