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  1. Captain_Newman

    Current state of the game IMO

    It rarely happens because the MM is literally filled to the brim with people that have a similar mindset to the one you just described - the "why not, I just play for fun" crowd that ignore the fact it isn't a single player game, and 11 other people now have a reduced chance of winning because you felt like derping around. You either play to the best of your ability with the mindset to try and win, or you go single player. Trust me, it's not fun to put in a lot of effort into a match just to have it thrown by the JuSt FoR fUn crowd. You say you try to respect your teams. Demonstrate it by making an effort to play well. Naturally, it can't work every battle, everyone has bad ones, and if someone just has a bad day, fair enough. What's not cool is when it's obvious the person in question is putting zero effort in, has no idea how their ship should be played and what their role is, and probably hasn't looked at the minimap once.
  2. Captain_Newman

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    While WG might adopt the cynical "bank balance says there isn't a problem" attitude, allowing rampant sealclubbing to just keep going in low tiers can't possibly be good for the health of the game in the long term. I'd wager a lot of players that would have otherwise stayed, reached high tiers and started spending money simply left when they started getting farmed by hosho stat padders. It's just not wise to allow this.
  3. Captain_Newman

    Transparency regarding resource ships

    If anything, I think there's a hyperproduction of these resource ships going on, I wish they'd slow down tbh.
  4. Captain_Newman

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    You're talking about someone who talks about double CV games being an interesting challenge, derides anyone who doesn't agree as "not wanting to improve", yet the only DD games they have on their weird little account are 5 games in a sampson - a t2 DD. All I can say is, I wish they were locked into a french DD only and presented with "an interesting challenge" every single game. But, you know, he / she is right.. anyone that doesn't enjoy this horse is just a potato that doesn't want to improve. Here's an example of one:
  5. Captain_Newman

    Is this game for me?

    Here's some basic stuff a lot of new players get wrong: - go to settings -> controls: under "alternative interface mode", select "full". - when in battle, use the "+" key to enlarge your mini map. In it's default state, it's just too small to easily and quickly read the information you need. This is one of your most important tools, if not the most important tool. Hit that "+" key several times. - now click on the little cog icon next to the mini map (push and hold "ctrl" - this lets you click on interface elements during the battle) - enable ship names and last known positions. Both are essential - trust me on this. It's not enough to just know which ship class is there, you need to know exactly what. Similarly, last known positions is very important so you can guage where were important targets last spotted and guestimate where they went from there. - customize the minimap for each individual ship you play, as you play them. The game will remember the settings. For example, on DD's, you want to turn on your AA spotting range, this can sometimes let you stay unspotted by CV's (keep your AA off as a DD to help with this, P key). On ships with, say, hydro or radar, you will want to turn on their ranges (displayed by circles around your ship on the minimap). This will primarily be useful when you get to mid and high tiers, though depending on which ships you play you do get access to some hydro during mid tiers. - keep looking at the minimap often, and keep track of where your team is, and where the enemy team is, and where is everyone going, and position accordingly. This will also take some practice, but like I said, you're actually wondering how to improve which already puts you above most of the player base, so keep at it and you'll get there. Keep doing this, and after your battles, ask yourself why did your team win or lose, same for the enemy. How did they position? What happened as a result? Utilizing the minimap information will become second nature eventually, when it does you will be a stronger player for it.
  6. Captain_Newman

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Sure. I mean, Doesn't exactly happen every game, or even every other game, does it? If anything, this proves my point - a vast majority of DD's can't do that.
  7. Captain_Newman

    Is this game for me?

    Your stats aren't any worse than what would normally be expected on a new account with your amount of battles. As has been said, avoid higher tier premiums for now, learn in low tier, once you feel like your skills there have improved, push in to mid, and eventually high. Don't rush it, and look up material published by community contributors - there's plenty of videos that deal with how to play, from the most general to ship specific ones. Overall, though, the fact you're checking your stats and asking yourself what you're doing wrong is actually a really good sign.
  8. Captain_Newman

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    As would I. Especially if it'd come with appropriate voice acting...
  9. Captain_Newman

    You know your maps? - The map quiz

    I get you, I "know" all maps but some I just can't remember the names of. I find it easier to remember ones that trigger me, such as Okinawa or North / Northern lights due to having very specific areas where teams usually up.
  10. Captain_Newman

    You know your maps? - The map quiz

    Looks like trap, just north of the mid cap. At first I thought south, but then I took a better look, that's definitely north side. The island where the gap to the center cap is, towards C? At a guess, grids.. D6-7? Just a rough estimate on that, don't really know each island by grid square location.
  11. Captain_Newman

    Royal Navy Directive Stage 2

    I agree for the most part. Siliwangi might turn out ok-ish, but doesn't seem that interesting to me. Wukong - Charles Martel that trades speed boost and gun reload booster for deepwaters. Pretty bad trade if you ask me. I guess the more accurate, longer reload Izumo might be interesting. Plus, I must admit I kind of like that camo. Overall though, I'd say these are very much skippable.
  12. Captain_Newman

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    Swedish special captain? Oh, boy, you had to know this suggestion was going to happen:
  13. Captain_Newman

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    To be fair, it's the same way of argumenting we've heard from WG recently so I won't blame him too much. While these general statements might be true in certain cases, I still maintain that for a DD player double CV matches are anything but fun in most situations. Now, yes, the rest of his surface ships might do well and carry the game and win, but that won't be much consolation if being spotted the entire match prevents him from playing his class the way it's meant to be played. A class that relies on stealth as heavily as most DD's do is by definition hard countered by planes, doubly so in a double CV game. It's the same logic used to justify that torpedo stealth bypass module they want to introduce: "if they mount that they will be more easily melted by Smolensks and the like". Sure, that'll be much consolation to the DD scoring much less damage than he normally would have. This is why balancing isn't a simple matter - you need to take into account both the big picture and individiual points of view for each class. Game needs to be fun for everyone most of the time. But it's nice that I could read Sunleader's comment and respond to it without the whole "git gud" bs without providing any specific advice as to how to adapt to double CV games as a DD even after asking several times. So, thanks Sunleader, at least you can carry a conversation like a normal person. And I do agree with some of the things you said, notably CV's being broken.
  14. Captain_Newman

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Nothing was thrown in my face there. If anything, that topic went pretty much alongside my beliefs. I simply don't find double CV games fun. The vast majority of people I encountered in this game, played with, talked to, etc, felt the same. Now, yes, that sample size does not encompass the entire player base. Neither does yours. But feel free to make a poll on this and see how many people vote that they like double CV's per match. But then, ofc you'll just again say that it's forum whiners that don't represent the player base as a whole. Interesting how you were eager (albeit incorrectly) to try and use those same people against me to justify your position, though. And I still don't see anything specific on how should a DD player enjoy multiple CV's per team in a match. Yes, I've had great ones as a DD myself. That usually happens when the enemy CV's somehow leave me alone - usually due to them being bad. That doesn't make these kinds of games overall enjoyable. Not for me, anyway. And it's not like I can't dd. Anyhow, there's an ignore function for a reason. I doubt I will ever see eye to eye with someone that justifies this.
  15. Captain_Newman

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Proof? Where? Again a vague, arrogant post with nothing specific to back it up, and asking me to provide evidence for well known things in return. All this coming from what is either an obvious reroll or someone coming from another server (ASIA CV main would be my guess, but that's just a guess). Or is you saying something proof in itself? And do I really need to prove that double CV's are universally hated? It's one of the most complained about things in the game. Even most CV players hate it. What do I need to prove next, that Smolensk is a good firestarter? Shall we poll 5000 players to make sure? Or could we cut the bs? Tell you what, go play Guepard vs. just one CV, an Enteprise. Do it over and over and over again. Then come back with your amazing experiences and tell us how much you enjoyed it. I also asked you for specifics on how to have an enjoyable experience in a double CV match as a DD. I'm not seeing an answer.