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  1. WG has no idea what compensating even means. They said they wanted to remove the ability of a CV to permaspot the whole map, so they "fix" that by giving a CV control over only one squad at a time. ... and then they introduce multiple CV's per team, even in t10, and equip them with infinite planes that can almost teleport around the map, especially rocket planes, essentially removing stealth. Good job. Want to help dd's, wg? Get rid of sky cancer the majority of players doesn't want anyway. Radar is manageable for any good dd player with a brain the way it is. You're even adjusting ranges so it's easier to remember.. this catering to the lowest common denominator is giving me a headache.
  2. Completely unnecessary changes. What was so wrong with the flooding mechanics? Flooding is supposed to be a very bad thing. Can you think of even more things to demotivate dd play? Clearly rocket planes with warp drives attached weren't enough... As for the radar changes, can you please stop trying to balance the game around the low 40% players who die in their dd's because they are completely incapable of learning how to play vs radar? There's plenty of things a dd player can do there: - check team lineup and see how many radars there are; - learn to predict where they will be on certain maps; - learn to spot them without getting insta nuked, so they can either torp them or allow their cruisers and bb's to focus them down; - learn to bait radar by positioning so quick escape with minimal damage is possible. Yet you decide to go cater to crybabies who refuse to learn any of the above things, thus making the gameplay less interesting for anyone interested in actually skillful dd play. Players who die in the first 2 min because they yoloed their dd's straight into radar cruisers, then rage at "noob team no support", then go off to the forums to complain about radar as if it's some kind of unavoidable death ray.. guess what, they will never improve, and will thus never be happy and will always cry about something. Trying to balance the game around these players is an exercise in futility.
  3. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    One class shouldn't be a wolf to every other classes sheep though. CV's may have been OP in real life, but translating that to the game makes for terrible balancing and a bad experience overall. But leaving OP or not aside, my main concern is what the heavy CV meta does to gameplay. So far what we've witnessed is an effective removal of stealth, which for me has had a negative effect in how much interesting I find matches; the non CV ones are just more fun, win or lose - the tactics used, the way it's played, it's just better. Being able to ambush and outplay someone because you were able to correctly utilize your stealth is fun and requires skill. You need to know where the enemy radars, hydros, dd's are. You need to anticipate what they'll do and position accordingly. You need to outplay. All of that goes out the window when everyone is constantly spotted by planes so it's just blob vs. blob. It's boring. And the only way ramping up the AA, like the current hotfix did, helps address that is by lowering the CV population so non CV games are possible again - and with them, fun. I also completely reject the idea that this poll is irrelevant because those who are happy don't go to the forums. I move around various wows related communities / discord servers and people who actually like this are rare. They do exist, but the vast majority dislike this heavily, and a lot just play ranked and avoid randoms entirely. The sample size of this poll covers a higher percentage of players than your typical election poll does voters, so I wouldn't call it irrelevant (not to mention that if we were to follow this logic of the poll being irrelevant, we'd reach the conclusion that every single online poll about a game is always irrelevant because only unhappy people vote, yet there's plenty of polls I've seen over the years showing player satisfation). In addition, CV gameplay is currently in the process of being changed heavily on a weekly basis with hotfixes bringing balancing changes - you'd think that those who actually like CV's would have an interest in going to the forums and participating in the conversation; giving WG feedback on how to best balance the class they like, since it's literally a work in progress atm.
  4. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    We're starting to reach a respectable sample size here. Are we still going to pretend that those who like the CV's are just as numerous but somewhere else and not voting, or acknowledge that this update is heavily disliked by the majority? And btw WG, with the state of balance being what it is, releasing a yet another CV line is a truly special decision. Like dousing fire with gasoline.
  5. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    That, fundamentally, is the issue. I'll admit, playing CV's can be fun, in a derpy, brainless kind of way (honestly, it doesn't require that much skill or tactics, short of understanding which targets you should prioritize and realizing you're not a static airfield and should definitely move your ship to not get ambushed by dd's). But that is the only thing that is currently fun to play. I tried the other classes and it's just... annoying and boring. Everyone blobs, dd's included if they're even on the team - I've had multiple battles with no dd's at all now. The old tactics of actually supporting your dd's, setting up flanks and crossfires, etc, all irrelevant now, it's just one AA blob vs the other AA blob. If you dare play a DD, radar cruisers aren't even that big of a threat anymore - I mean, you're constantly spotted from the air, anyway, so as long as you don't smoke up in range of radar, it's not like they can surprise you; and thanks to CV's removing all stealth from the game, you always know exactly where they are, you don't even need to guess at the most probable locations. It's just a brainless derp fest that will get very old, very fast, and if they don't fix this quickly they will lose the kind of players that stick around for years, and will have to keep replacing them with those that show up for a few weeks, then leave for year, then maybe revisit it for 2 days after that. Not sure it's a viable business model, tbh, this could literally kill the game - randoms are just unplayable in anything but a CV right now. Like I said before, the best option is to literally remove the entire class. Failing that, at least limit CV's to ONE per team, and outright remove rocket planes; they counter DD's way too hard. That trick you mentioned about turning off AA as a DD, yes we know WG. That just helps against the first strike; in case you didn't notice, the rocket planes have warp drives and have multiple strike capability. Smokes can help a bit, though the DD has to turn off his AA and hold his guns completely so the CV can't still hit him in his smoke. It's just ridiculous how helpless DD's are against CV's right now. Yes, you can mitigate damage a bit by turning into the planes, making it harder for the CV to land multiple rockets, but given how fast he can do his multiple drops, hit F the moment he's out of rockets or threatened, then be back in a minute, it's literally impossible to avoid losing massive chunks of your DD's health if a CV decided he wants you dead. Not to mention that if you have to constantly dodge air attacks through the entire battle, you are: a) prevented from doing a DD's job, and b) annoyed as hell because it's really, really not fun for a DD. A class that is fun to play but makes everything else cancer is a badly designed class. Delete CV's please. Before it's too late.
  6. Captain_Newman

    New CVs

    Plenty of good suggestions here. I'd like to add one more thing - the matchmaking of t6 CV's is atrocious. Everyone blobs now, even the dd's, and I'm not sure what am I supposed to do with a Ryujo or Ranger vs. a blob containing ships like NC's, baltis, etc. There's literally nobody isolated, everyone blobs (this is an issue at large with this update btw), even the dd's just go close to their blob when planes approach. If you're lucky enough to get top tier, you can play and get work done. But when 8/10 games are in t8 MM, the t6 CV's are a really frustrating experience.
  7. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Oh, I don't know, I've heard plenty of CV mains being unhappy about this change. Seeing a CV main-only opinion poll would certainly be interesting, but ultimately if the majority of the player base hates it, it should be reason enough to do something about it. And I sincerely doubt subs, if added, will impact the game this much. Will they get rid of all tactics and turn it into a boring blob vs. blob derp fest? Will they make another whole class almost extinct in the MM, as CV's do to DD's now? I highly doubt it. I don't think it's a particularly good or constructive analogy, though, as we have no idea how WG would balance them if they even choose to add them into the game, so a bit useless to use them as a comparison right now.
  8. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    I would like to encourage people to do two things: 1) Keep this thread alive and active, and 2) You have clan mates, or you're a member of different discord servers for various wows related communities? Link this poll. Encourage people to vote, no matter what their opinion on this update might be. While the current poll results are certainly telling, a larger sample size is always better, and harder for WG to dismiss as rantings of a vocal minority. ATM it's not even that bad of a sample size, but I'd definitely like to see more votes pour in.
  9. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    I see the majority is still reacting positively.. for some other update of another game. Boy oh boy this one is absolutely terrible. Restrict CV's to one per team, remove rocket planes (they basically make playing dd's a lol no, they counter them hard without any skill needed to do so), and go back to the old system (meaning get rid of the g***amn sector system which is clunky and awkward to use, nobody likes it, and doesn't appear to do much. I literally had a JB game with 0 plane kills, using the sector and speccing for AA which, ty wargaming btw, does nothing now).
  10. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    "Positive reactions across the board".
  11. Captain_Newman

    They ruined the game

    No, you do not have the right to like it. Stop being so selfish by liking it. See how amazing an argument that is?
  12. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Sure, though just the fact that a bunch of people ask for a refund (and are denied) is a massive pr nightmare.
  13. Captain_Newman

    Is there a backup plan ?

    I would refund it immediately without a second thought. And should they make the game not boring again by removing or heavily reigning in this CV crap, then and only then would I consider investing in premium time again. Never again will I pay for a year of gameplay in advance when the developer can mess the game up this hard at any point and make it unplayable. Live and learn...
  14. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    By that logic, every time a developer receives only negative feedback, they can still claim the majority reacted positively, they're just not posting their opinions. Seems legit. Now, if only we had some kind of weird, next level technology that would allow people online to express their opinions easily by simply voting... Oh wait, we do have that. Positive feedback, indeed. 80% heavily disliking it, and counting. Granted, the sample size isn't that huge right now, but the voter count is rising quickly, but somehow all those "positive reactions" weegee talked about have yet to materialize... Just taking the current amount of players online and playing is a terrible metric at the moment, because the patch just hit and people are logging in to check the new stuff out. The player count was always going to be high after an update that brings changes that are this big. The true test comes in a week or two, when the novelty value wears off. In the mean time, you have online reactions and polls. And so far those are almost unanimously negative.
  15. Captain_Newman

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    I'm seriously regretting buying my year of premium right now. Unless they make this game about ships, and not some weird world of warplanes offshoot, and insist on keeping this boring system, I don't see myself staying for very long. The game is a snooze fest right now. And if you happen to like playing dd's every now and then, sucks to be you comrade. 0.8.0 needs to be placed where it belongs - in the garbage bin. At this point I'd pay money to just be allowed to play the pre-0.8.0 game, as cancerous as CV games could be back then at least it was somewhat rare and the matches in between could actually be interesting. Right now the only thing playable is ranked, and that comes with a time limit attached. I don't remember a single game I've played releasing an update that ruined it this hard, ever. And keep in mind I still remember the whole "press play on tape" as a kid on my cousin's commodore 64, so it's not like I started gaming yesterday. This is a different game now, and not the one I spent money on. If they persist with this crap I think we should start asking for full refunds en-masse.