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    New Unsporting conduct system needs to be fixed

    Happend to me to, the same thing. And also i ship drove straight into me kept full speed and i could not get away. I got pink there to
  2. peppesbodega2

    Ranked Season

    Absolutely correct.
  3. peppesbodega2

    Ranked Season

    Yes very surtainly there is...
  4. peppesbodega2

    Bug Reports

    Nope, did not work. Still nothing happens when i push left mouse button. Can not fire. Tried to alternate the mouse buttons but no, doesnt work. Nice to see they give people 24 hour Premium, will be fun to use my ships as torpedos.....NOT. Lost my daily bonuses as well. I know it is the update but i have of course restarted the computer and verified the files through Steam properties for the game. Seems i have to stop playing this game since i haven´t even got a respond to my support ticket this morning.
  5. peppesbodega2

    Bug Reports

    Can not fire after update My left mouse button does not work after latest update. Tried N Carolina and Leander. Entered both Ranked and Random battles. Does not matter if i am zoomed in or not. Tried pushing a lot of buttons and changing things in settings. Fire does not react with left mouse button. Well, nothing happens pushing left mouse button. Fire guns. ... Playing trough Steam.