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    0.9.2 PTS - IFHE and Armor Plating Changes

    Wargaming got all the indications of a company in panic, usually driven by incompetent leaders. They try to drag out as much money they can from players in every situation. Make impossible missions so players have to pay money in the end to finish missions, Payto Rico is just one example. If you want good stats, pay. It´s so obvious the game is rigged since no matter what you do wargaming decides the outcome of battles. This is not matchmaking, its rigged, scam and fraud. You are allowed a few days where everything is easy and then a few days when everything is crap. some call it blow outs where either team just runs over the other team, both is boring doesnt matter if you win or loose. I rather loose a good battle than win a blow out. You know when wargaming controls the battle when e.g. you´re in a BB and have a ship 10km away broadside and you just cant hit it. If you after a few games realize that you are not allowed to play (everthing is crap) you should just stop playing and wait until the next day and see if you are allowed to play. A game is something you should be able to learn how to play, and you can to a surtain extence but since wargaming makes changes to ships all the time you will never really learn the ships. OK, some ships needs to be changed e.g. Smolensk wich should not be in the game at all in its current state (even if its amazing to rip it apart in a Harugumo) so OP ships is ok to change. Problem is wargaming wants every ship to be 50% wins etc. in the stats in seems. Leave the ships. When players learn the ships you will be good in some bad in some. Problem is if you love one ship and are good in it you will suddenly be crap in your favorite ship when wargaming changes is. Wargaming most important i think, STOP CONTROLLING BATTLES. Thats why i stopped playing this game some months ago. There are som many other computer programs that are better because world of warships is not a game in its current status. It´s a lottery program where you have higher win chance if you pay more (by more lottery tickets). The program is not the same everytime you log in to play.
  2. peppesbodega2

    0.9.2 PTS - European Destroyers: Early Access

    It´s totally unacceptable that you call Swedish ships European Wargaming. These destroyers are Swedish and nothing else. I´m Swedish and take it as an insult to my contry that you dont call our DD´s Swedish. Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany and ussr should also be moved into Europe to be correct then.
  3. peppesbodega2

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/hot-issues/10792/ Seems they have problems so we have to wait an extra hour.