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  1. mrandrewclark85

    does camo affect MM?

    I am also counting the special missions in my tally. I play more of them than random at the moment, and both have been as bad as each other. can't even get a single star on the new Hermes mission, and i have got 5 stars on every other operation i have tried. i guess i have just hit the MM wall or something. Bugger it, ill just have more time off and play some Rome total war or something for now.
  2. mrandrewclark85

    does camo affect MM?

    I was wondering if the camo and signals affected what happens with MM? So i spent some money on some camo to improve my XP gains, and have entered a massive losing streak, since the first game that i Installed my camo. I used to have a 76% winrate. Camo changed that completely, since i bought and installed good camo, i have lost 95% of my games over the last 3 weeks. Is this something MM takes into account? Note to self, NEVER and i mean NEVER EVER spend a penny on camo again. I used to at least get 1000Xp per game, Now it is around 500xp and i have camo to increase XP gains by about 500%. Burke tier this is. Seems like i can play the game for free, and enjoy a decent win rate, or pay some pennies and lose everything. and i don't really want to lose everything.
  3. mrandrewclark85

    Help I can't stop winning!

    yeah that happened to me for the first few months. then WG decided to pair me with retarded CV players for infinity and beyond. Now i can enjoy a guaranteed losing streak, thanks to CVs who think scouting the edges of the map is the best thing ever, whilst the enemy CV actually bomb the living crap out of my team!
  4. mrandrewclark85

    The Quest For 0 Karma

    damn, i wish i could get games with you. MM seems to put me with the incompetent CVs. 4 games today. i got bombed around 18 times by CVs in those 4 games, the friendly CVs never once came to help. and spent the entirety of those games flying around the map edges, causing auto defeats.
  5. mrandrewclark85

    what does the blacklist feature do?

    I was wondering what Blacklist feature actually does? Does it just stop the person you blacklist from talking to you if you end up in the same game together? or does it mean you no longer get games with that person? cheers for the heads up
  6. mrandrewclark85

    Torps are becomming stupid.

    actually, in my experience it is usually because Both the enemy CVs are level 14+ captains, and both your teams are lvl >3 I believe this is where Matchmaking should be making exceptions, because there is no way that level 3 approx captains can match level 14+ CV captains. It is game breaking. if the enemy are even borderline competent, you lose almost automatically Then there are the CV players who obsess in flying around the borders, doing nothing for 5-10 minutes solid, whilst the enemy CVs simply drop bombs all over your fleet, calls for help with AA seem to be a cosmetic feature, because it never EVER comes. My last 4 games in a row, i lost because in all 4 games, the CVs on my fleet let the enemy drop their bombs all over my team, whilst our CV did really stupid stuff, and didn't contribute to the battle in any way. If your CVs refuse to do the aa job, or the spotting job, or the bombing the enemy at the rate they are bombing you job, You already lost the game before it started. This is where the game gets infuriating.
  7. mrandrewclark85

    do people play to lose on purpose?

    I am not even having a bad losing streak, just the last game was particularly bad. and some really questionable stuff seems to be happening today regarding logic. Drunk people is likely the reason, cheers!
  8. mrandrewclark85

    do people play to lose on purpose?

    because i loved that ship, and doing that earned me a level 14 captain. i skipped the Tier 4 and went straight to T5 with a high level capable captain.
  9. mrandrewclark85

    USN BBs need buffs

    Im kind of new ish. not commented much on the forums before. anyhow. I have to agree, If I have the option to target a bunch of BBs in a group, and there is a US BB in that group, i always shoot it first. For some reason, I always seem to do more damage, from further away vs US BBs where against other BBs most of my shells would just bounce off. The armour on US BBs seems to be easier to penetrate, compared to other BBs I might even be wrong and this might be confirmation bias. But it seems to be the case for me.
  10. mrandrewclark85

    do people play to lose on purpose?

    today seems really bad compared to normal. the last game i just had on Solomon Island I said to the team "pls don't rush B, its a deathtrap" then some idiot says "team Rush B" most of the team rushed B, Half the team was sunk within the first 2 minutes of contact. Do people actually play to lose deliberately? Should i just take today off?, because it isn't the first game today something like this has happened.
  11. mrandrewclark85


    I am only new ish, and almost only play exclusively BB at T5 now though i got a lot of experience at T3 at BB. Don't do it on your own if you don't have to. When you realize it isn't going down how you are planning, ask for help by pressing F3 whilst pointing at your target. and don't chase a skilled cruiser who is burning you out. and try not to put yourself in a position where it takes a long time to run away and get cover or amongst other friendly ships. i don't really know how much the dynamic of the game changes at higher tiers though, but i am enjoying considerable success imo where i am now. using this logic. Though my survival rate needs some work, i often last long enough to have good input into my games.
  12. mrandrewclark85

    EU server down?

    down for me, can't reconnect.