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  1. mrandrewclark85

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Hang around with T4 BBs, most of them have a half decent AA rig for the tier, especially with the B Hull upgrades they can get. Same goes for T5 BBs too yeah you might still get dropped on, But it is only going to happen once per air wing, and the CV is going to lose all of his planes fast if he keeps coming back for more. Once you have dealt with a few wings of planes, You can spread out. and start actually getting to work. its basically the Meta now, so its best to get used to it, because it gets worse at higher tiers due to radars.
  2. mrandrewclark85

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Just putting it out there, I'm not the one crying about CV's
  3. mrandrewclark85

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    what a load of space hoppers The CV rework was the best thing that happened to the game, and I am a BB main.
  4. mrandrewclark85

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    So youre playing ranked, you need 1 more star. your "hopefully" last game. The Halland can't be bothered to spot, or engage the enemy till the entire flank collapses, because its easier to keep a star (in their mind) if there is no one left to compete with and the Stalin pops his radar 5 seconds into the game, then sails backwards, eventually ending his journey at A1, and doesn't shoot until everyone is dead, and pops his radar every time its available, because i guess why not. and half the team, at TX I might add, still insist on sailing broadside to literally the entire enemy fleet, for however little they last in the game. yeah that about covers it.
  5. mrandrewclark85

    DDs where has the love gone?

    Yeah the point i was making, is the Meta is different now. so people have to either deal with the new meta, or learn some new skills. This thread is also not about "muh your'e going to be swearing etc etc" But you still went there didn't you
  6. mrandrewclark85

    DDs where has the love gone?

    Im playing Russian Cruisers, or German Battleships. So i think I will be fine thanks for asking. https://wows-numbers.com/player/551321458,mrandrewclark85/
  7. mrandrewclark85

    DDs where has the love gone?

    They have just changed the Meta and players will have to adapt, until they change the Meta again, at which point players will have to adapt to the new Meta again. In the current Meta. You are better off as a DD hiding it out for a bit. In the current Meta, Cruisers should be getting into hard cover near a cap, and popping radar every time someone tries to take the cap. at which point half the team will nail that guy Adding in CVs, DDs should ideally be staying much closer to the fleet, and letting the cruisers to the early game heavy lifting. Once the enemy cruisers have used their radars, or have been dealt with, this is the time for the DDs to get involved. There is also nothing to stop the DDs from hiding other ships from the enemy aircraft with smoke during the early phase of the battle. which would go a long way toward protecting the fleet, and making it harder for the enemy fleet to work out where your team is going. Once people have really gotten used to this being the way to play, which it is right now. They will change it. and there will be a new way to play. Wows seems to go through phases, so no one group of players can dominate the game with a particular skill set for too long.
  8. mrandrewclark85

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    It is the current Meta. It is often far easier to get a bunch of radar cruisers into hard cover, next to the caps, and let the enemy to try push. as soon as you see a cap is being capped by the enemy, Hit Radar, and lul as half your team blaps that guy. repeat until its time to push.
  9. mrandrewclark85

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    when does this change come in? basically how long have i got to grind the DM Donskoi to get to the Moskva? Edit, Im seeing early June, so ignore this question
  10. mrandrewclark85

    great lower tiers, FUN!

    NO ONE expects a Nassau with manual control for secondaries you can have quite a bit of fun with DDs i tell you
  11. mrandrewclark85

    great lower tiers, FUN!

    i hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I had AFT and manual control for secondaries on the beast. whew lads...... what a ship
  12. mrandrewclark85

    Abusive language / player attitude

    I dunno bro, 2 weeks ago i played a game where our CV was afk the entire battle, and we still won. Last night, i commanded 2 Clan battles where we used a BB instead of a CV for lulz. and we won both games. yeah i left the clan the same night, But that is a different story.
  13. mrandrewclark85

    great lower tiers, FUN!

    One word. "Nassau" God damn, I love you
  14. mrandrewclark85

    Is the EU server down or is it just me?

    THIS. I see premiums in every single battle. often multiple premiums. they are making money, and have money. Maybe they should invest some of it into making the servers stable?
  15. mrandrewclark85

    Is the EU server down or is it just me?

    after 15 minutes i was finally able to connect, and now im pink FFS thanks WG for dropping me and screwing me over