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  1. Andrewbassg

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Lolz!! Just what are U 2 talkin about ?!? I started to continue to grind Zara da spaghetti!! LolZ!!
  2. I understand, appreciate and value history, naval history and RL navies. I appreciate the interest, the dedication and the devotion put into the subject and the effort. ,I actually read it, and liked it. We actually have a dedicated forum section for discussions about things like this. Well I frikkin NO!!. Besides being the most dishonest class in the game (period!), Cv's are largely responsible for the total degradation of quality the game. They, by their spotting powers alone are destroying everything interesting in this game. I stopped grinding and playing dd's altogether because of the bs nature of the Cv's.. I'm not interested in reiterating past discussions, but rest assured that my view didn't changed nor my quite fair and correct assessment of them. There is a VERY good reason why clans wants them removed from CB, there is a reason why any CC worth its salt is against them in their current form. Oh btw interestingly enough the mods didn't move this discussion to the appropiate part of the forum , yet they are more than willing to kill off or move any discussion deemed ...cough... i think you got the picture. Edit: And to be well understood I have nothing against lady Sara. I''m against Cv's in their current frikkin form
  3. Andrewbassg

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Listen to the playerbase WeeGee. Find a way!
  4. Andrewbassg

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Sigh...... I FULLY agree. There are MANY lines that otherwise i would NOT be playing, because of their (quite numerous) inhererent weaknesses. I suggest aknowledging that Ops have quite an educational value .Probably without OPs I would have stopped playing this game mainly because of Cv's quite some time ago. Also there are MANY players, who like to play naval games without the toxicity of Pvp modes.Not to mention the fact that Pvp battles have NOTHING to do with how in reality naval operations and fleet actions were carried out. Absolutely nothing. But the problem is that our grievances are not relayed to WeeGee. The so called Cm's are actually nothing more than a bunch of policemans and there is NO form of 2way communication between the playerbase and WG.
  5. Andrewbassg

    WG History Q&A, from the Privateer discord

    Lol!! Just take a good look at the (almost) entire RU line. The only thing that keeps them afloat is WeeGee's wishful thinking. I mean they are absolutely hideous to look at. Oh btw that's something that a certain sub0 caracter (lol!!) has repeatadly said. LMFAO!!
  6. That's so frikkin nice. But I don't get it, do you really want more frikkin Cv's in the game?!? Here comes the frikkin KM kine with its Ap rockets U really want to encourage WeeGee do add more of these bs?!? Sigh...
  7. Andrewbassg

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    And one for the lolz!! Two Bb's had kinda gone for the Cv and I ended up with the kil. I couldn't stop laughing afterwards, sorry guys :). 20200605_191812_PBSC207-Surrey_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  8. Andrewbassg

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    To see to what kind of cruiser play I had go by lately....Just 3 stars buut some VERY intense torpbeats :) lol 20200605_184732_PBSB517-Nelson_s07_Advance.wowsreplay Btw I'm totally lost on how WeeGee ads up 1+1
  9. Andrewbassg

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    I know the feeling. In one of my game I had to yell at a Lyon and a Gneise to not go both for the Cv. I had to threaten that I would go away ( Nelsol) on a sightseeing tour lol if one of them not come into the bay. The Gneise came and it was all good:) But I have other, not so nice stories as well.... Edit: Lol the Fiji is anything but a sniper:).
  10. Andrewbassg

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    I just don't get it. It seems that the more you do, the less you will get? WTF is this Weegee?!?
  11. That's actually a neat idea!! I have some lines( IJN's) that otherwise got ignored...
  12. Andrewbassg

    RADAR JAM Device

    Actually that thing is worthless even with Cv present, so....