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  1. Of course its working for me, as for anyone else... except for Santa. Melting his [edited]all the way down here just to bring those Premium days... not sure he's that happy! Misunderstanding is this "concept" of celebration. Christmas is a special moment! ... and I'm celebrating it with my friends / family bringing them 3 packs of cigarettes (for example)! If that is special... this is the same, at least for me. About the missions... No offence, man, the word "gift" means quite a different thing. But hey, don't listen to me, you should do a survey this weekend, to see how many players are excited about this "Christmas" and how few don't give a ... If the spreadsheet says it was a success, BIG Congratulations (from me, at least), if it wasn't... next July try the Santa's Gift Containers! Happy sailing!
  2. The 3 days Premium are a gift, the mission chain... I don't see it like one. A gift is something you offer without any sort of condition, at least that's what i learned. Or maybe I'm getting old and don't get anymore this kind of subtle things... Have a nice weekend, mate!
  3. Everyone = 26 people... Yeah... that's the spirit of a great commercial : big title far, far away from reality! Congrats guys, once again!
  4. Anytime starting from Monday, 07.00 CEST. Don't worry, if you are one of the winners, you'll get a mail. Good luck!
  5. TWNWA

    Armada: Napoli

    Well, we all knew this will come some day! Here's a question : If a Tier 8 ship is around 40 - 42 €, a Tier 9 is 63 - 64 € ... How on Earth a Tier 10 comes at...115 ?! Does ANYONE can see any logical pattern for this price level ?
  6. Do you realise that your 4 message lines means for WG about... 5 years of "work", right?...
  7. Drawing office?
  8. Fair enough. As long as we have a whole bunch of fairy tale flags (paper ships, 40k, titans, anime, etc), I can't believe that it'll be an "end of the world" kind of issue having some real (or almost real) ones, specially of the most commonly known ships. I wouldn't mind if every single ship in the game would have her own flag!
  9. Really? Does that flag seems to have anything in common with any German Navy to you? Man, I don't know if our time commenting here it's worth it anymore... What part of HER FLAG (Bismarck's) is difficult to understand? You could have events like this one for every historical / relevant ship and give your players the specific flag, but... you have to want to!
  10. Something relevant for her would be HER flag along with the patch, so what stops WG from making it? Doesn't the Kriegsmarine give the permission or is it that much of effort?
  11. TWNWA

    Warship Size Comparison: Battleships

    Absolutely nothing, he (and probably others) just want to try it !!!
  12. TWNWA

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    The most important element in a comedy is... timing. Same here.
  13. Well, in this case, one way or another, we all are... Cause, at some point, we gave them more or less money. You're right, we should stop. Yeah... That way the old "Armada" bundle, at 500+ €, now looks quite cheap. I guess that's why it vanished. Sadly, that will never happen...
  14. Sure you can... but you shouldn't! YOUR Community is winning for about two years now about the bundle's prices, not to mention the containers, or FXP ships (really, from 750k to 2mil?). You know, very well, that many of us would spend money to get ships that are not copy/paste of existing silver ones (does Musashi ring a bell?). And you can't be kidding your community comparing a (very / extremely / most) "special" bundle with a PS4 AAA game, price regarding.