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  1. Yamete_Oneesama

    New casual co-op/PvE player looking for a clan

    You can play Coop at any tier
  2. Yamete_Oneesama

    looking for clan that play clan battles and BRAWL

    what is wrong with TAW and OGHF?
  3. Yamete_Oneesama

    Which clan accept beginners?

    There are plenty of clans that dont have requirements. We dont have any requirements for example. But sadly we are at 40/40. But i am sure you will find one
  4. Yamete_Oneesama


    Wow not sure if i fit those requirements, Having fun is not easy. Also discriminating BOTS. Poor BOTS I wish you best of luck with your new clan!
  5. Yamete_Oneesama

    [COMFY] – Secret Society BLANKET is now recruiting!

    Dont worry, we will not arrest or judge any Lolicon out there.
  6. Yamete_Oneesama

    Resident DM main looking for possible typhoon+ clan

    We take him
  7. Yamete_Oneesama

    LF active clan with active discord

    Hello, comfy is looking for new members, we are looking for nice and friendly people to hang out on our very active discord. We dont care about stats, we want everybody to enjoy the game. Just recently we got new members that also just started the game~300 games. And everybody who can is trying to div and give friendly advice. Even if we are looking for casual players, that doesnt mean we cannot be taken serious in competitive games. We also actively take part in clan wars, or if possible in Kots. We are trying that everybody can gets his missions done, but we are also trying to hold are typhoon league! Words of warning, Comfy is a very weeb bases clan, we have non weebs but you should be fine with that. If you are watching anime as well, you will have a great time with us. Check us out https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500185038,COMFY-Secret-Society-BLANKET/ greetings Nees.
  8. Yamete_Oneesama

    [COMFY] – Secret Society BLANKET is now recruiting!

    Come for comfy divisions!
  9. Yamete_Oneesama

    Looking for the clan to join.

    Well we are looking for active members to join our rather new community. Its a community based on anime fans, but you dont need to care about that to have fun with us. We dont care about stats, priority for us is, that people are active in our discord.
  10. Yamete_Oneesama

    Looking for the clan to join.

    You seem to change your clan pretty often. Why is that?
  11. Yamete_Oneesama

    looking for clan BE/NL (pref) but can do ENG too

    Hello Xinias, we havent really started yet with recruiting new people, but because we want to grow in the near future, how about you check us out. We dont care about your stats, we want people that have fun beeing part of the COMFY community. All our activities are in discord. We are regulary playing clan wars and already trying to figure out strats for the next cv meta. Words of warning, we are a weeb clan and the discord is 50% filled with anime related stuff, that doesnt mean you will be left out. We have members that arent interested in that kinda stuff, and still enjoy beeing part of the community. We Div a lot, training isnt really happening that often but before CW or Kots we have trainings with other top clans, so we can warm up a little. if you are interested you can PM me allt the time.
  12. Did no one respond yet? Just join our Discord