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  1. Echo_519

    BB single shot feature?

    You're trying to tell us that the definition of "shot" is always one single object. But what happens if i take a single shot with a shotgun? Are you telling us that it is actually not possible to take a single shot with a shotgun because there's a dozen(ish) pellets flying out of the barrel? I can also "take a shot" at someone((in this game) in which case meaning a full salvo. If you go play a new game and go through the toutorial, it will tell you how the game works, then it might tell you to try it out and "take a shot at some targets". In this case, you would shoot one single bullets and then quit the tutorial, because it told you to take "A" shot? You're trying so hard to gain attention by telling us that you caught WG in a lie, but all you do is embarass yourself because all you do is splitting hair. And you don't even seem to realize this, not capable of admidding that you're wrong... You know who tht reminds me off so much lately......
  2. Echo_519

    Important message to the Player Community

    Well, as you seem to try to call out sht of others, i'll call out yours.... No, this is a) your math is wrong and b) you are not reading. It cleraly says that the chance for each bundle is the same. So, with your example, getting 30 tockens the first time is 18/300. Getting it in the 2nd try, depending on what you got the first time, is 18/299 or 17/299. The reason why there are no exact numbers is simply because they chnce with literally with every single draw, but it's not that hrd to figure out what the chances are to get a specific bundle. Maybe the law is different where you live, but from my point of view, you're missunderstanding the law. There is no law that prevents you from selling a product with a sale on it's release. That's also why it's done pretty much everywhere and at any time. But there is a law tht prevents you from chnging a prize shorlty before or after a sale. The reason for hti is because, especially around blck friday, shops/sellers increased the base prize for black friday, to give discount on it, s example, before BF, they sold an item for 1000.- For BF, they incresed the prize to 1500.- nd gve a 33% discount, so sold it again for 1000.-. The day after Black friday ended, they changed it back to 1000.- This is illegal, because it gives a false sense of getting a discount when it cost the same as before/after the discount. Again, you're just wrong here. The age rating is absolutely in line with pegi definition. You're upset at how PEGI chooses their definitions, then go and write a strongly worded letter to pegi. But pegi has a very precise definition of what are lootboxes and what is gambling. You might not agree, but that does not matter, because it's the pegi-rating, and not your-own-opinion-rating.
  3. Echo_519

    Warning: Do not open Replays!

    And how do you want to make sure that everyone does get that info not to open replays?? You won't, so limiting the people tht would want to abuse this issue from knowing is the way to go...
  4. Echo_519

    Warning: Do not open Replays!

    Because you don't want to make people, that would (ab)use this, aware of this. The fewer people know about this, the fewer people will try to make use of it. It's the same with ingame exploits.
  5. Echo_519

    Pretty sure I found a bug?

    For this you need to look at the angles. There is 2 different angled you need to look at. First, the angle that the enemy ship has based on your position. In the image you provided, his nose is pointing slightly to the right side. As mentioned before, the AI aims without taking the border into consideration. So the AI aim to the right because of this. You can also see that all secondaries fall into the water behind the borderline, because they consider not only left and right, but also forward. Dispite there not being any actual forwardspeed, the game still conseders to be a forwardspeed into the border. For example, when you are pointing perfectly 90° into the border, you don't move visually, but the game still considers there to be a movement into the border. The 2nd angle is the angle the other ship has based on the border. in the image, its nose is pointing to the left. So because of that, the ship will glide to the left. So based on the angle to your ship, your secondaries aim to the right, but based on the angle of the ship to the border, the will will glide to the left, and thus the discrepancy. IF the enemy ship would be angled to the right based on the border, your secondaries would aim to the right, and the ship would be gliding to the right aswell---->secondaries are way closer and get some hits.
  6. Echo_519

    Patch 11.4.... the age of ROFLSTOMP

    11 battles today, 11 complete blowout battles, might aswell have been afk in every single one of them and the outcome would hve been the same.... Now imagine what that must mean...
  7. Echo_519

    Pretty sure I found a bug?

    The reason why the shells land on the right side is because he is angled slightly to the right, 3° to be precise according to the navigator. So the AI secondaries do aim to the right of the ship because they "ignore" that there is a border. Same thing happens with Main battery aswell btw, when you're playing coop/scenarios.
  8. Why do you think you should end up getting into silver league at the start of a new sprint if you fail to qualify for silver??
  9. That's completely wrong. First of all, if you're getting hit by more then just the random shells going way off from from rangemod thunderer at max range, it's a YOU problem. So the hitrate will probably be around 10%. Taking all the firereductions in consideration, 1 shell of thunderer has 27% chance to cause a fire... Now do the math ;)
  10. Echo_519

    Your favourite CV and Sub

    I like most those thaat got sunk. Why? So they can't cheat on anyone anymore...
  11. Echo_519


    The mods are all made by players. WG just give a platform to make sure you only use mods that are legal to use. If a mod constantly crashes your game, it is your responsibility to disable those mods, if you fail to do so, it's your fault if you get banned for constantly leaving battles early. Think of it as the same as when you're running other programs in the background that cause your PC to crash while playing wows. Your responsibility, your fault!
  12. And still you can't describe any situatuin where having 20ms better reaction then the oponents wins you a fight... All you just mentioned has to do with positioning and NOT reaction. What is a situation where reaction decides?, Well, in a FPS game, when you rush into a building knowing/suspecting the doorway is camped. It's down to less then 100ms to start and end the fight, and the one with slight better reaction usually wins. Having a better position only has little effect when the other guy knows where you are. In most FPS games, Having better reaction wins you fights. That obviously includes seeing your opponents first, so shooting someone facing away from you adds to their reaction time, so you have a gigantic advantage. On top of that, in any FPS game, it does not matter from where you shoot at your opponent. There is no angling. Getting shot from the front or the side has you die as quickly. Not in this game. Being angled increases your survivability a lot. In WOWS, having a 20ms better reaction then you enemy does not give a any real advantage, The cases where this applies are so rare. This inlcudes that you re lways limited by your turrettraverse. Even the fastest turret traverses in this game are to slow to keep up with reaction having a big meaning. No it's not. Having a strong position in WOWS givea you a must higher advantage then in any FPS game. One shot into the face and you're dead in a FPS game. Your position does not really matter. You can not tank damage in FPS games. 1 bullet is enough to get you out of your good position. So being in a strong position has you spotted much easier, being unpredictable can be much better in many situations for reasons mentioned above. In WOWS, knowing where an enemy is and having that enemy spotted and being able to shoot them is not the same thing. You can't shoot at a guy without line of sight in a FPS game. Not so much of a problem in WOWS. Many cruisers, like US-cruisers, work like that. You use islnds for your protection. You can shoot over the island, but still be unspotted and can't be shot back reliably.... And even if you are spotted, you won't die within one bullet. You actually can tank in this game, anging matters. So killing someone in a good posision is much easier. Time to kill is not round 100ms. It's minutes. It takes minutes to get someone out of a good position even when spotted. Any FPS game, around 100ms. So positioning is so much more important in wOWS then any FPS game. Well, no, it clearly depends on the gamemode. With the FPS games, i'm looking at the gaamemodes WITH respawn. In those modes, the teams with the better players win becuse doing mistkes does not lose you the battle. Sure, dying nonstop does not make you have a big influence, but being bad and dying constantly, or being bad and playing passive/not dying is a huge difference in a FPS game. Even when you die constantly, being active still has your enemies spend time on you. Playing bad and passive, well, you don't make your opponents spend any time on you, so they just concentrate on the caps to win the game. So being active despite being bad is better for your team. Not quite the sme in WOWS. Yoloing into the cap, you just die and then you're tem lost 8.3% of it's firepower permanently. So here, being active and bad is worse for your team. Sure, being passive and bad is not good either, but still better then getting sunk in the first 3 minutes. Even the biggest potato can get random citadels and even devestating strikes, as long as they stay alive. Same goes with modes in FPS game with only one life. Having only one life makes you play more passive naturally. Just analyse. You will see that in gamemodes with respwn, the first kill happens much quicker in average. Why? Well, because having only one life promotes passive gameplay. Having respawn has no negative impact when you yolorush and just die. On top of that, in FPS games, you can force your opponent to make a move. Just throw a grenade or molotiv. So they have to move, or else they just die. So someone hiding inside a building/corner, easy way to make them move. In WOWS.... Well, when is the last time you forced someone into the open? I can take a wooster and stay being cover all battle long. There is nothing you can do you force me to come out behind my cover and go open water gunboating. So, you being able to shoot at me is solely based on me making the decision to let you be able to shoot at me. Nothing you do, you're just all passive. I decide whether you can shoot me or not. You have no choice in this. So it's my mistake that enable you to shoot me. You're completely passive and waiting for mistakes.... Or in other words: Games/Modes with respawn: Good players win the battles for their teams. Games/Modes without respawn: Bad players lose the battles for their teams. Sure. But that's not the point. Many people are too passive. But that does not change the fact that the game is designed to be a rather passive game. Well, i'll dissargee here. It's like the bycicle and two wheels. A bycicle has two wheels, but something that has two wheels is not a bycicle, might also be a motorbike or a car that misses two wheels(for whatever reason). So, from my view, playing defensive is always playing passive at the same time. But plying passive is not always playing defensive. Again i have to disagree. Except for some special gamemmode, i've actually never seen the tickets to run out. All modes where you get points from caps do not require tiekcts, so even if there are, they are so high you usully don't run out(in my experience from FPS games). You are completely missing out on one thing. Time to Kill. FPS games have round 100ms TTK. WOWS, well, depending on the ship and angling, several minutes. Something FPS games do not have. No need to catch someones broadside. Shooting them from front does at much damage as shooting from the side. And because TTK is so low, it is absolutely possible to yolorush someone, kill them, take no damage in return and move back to cover. Spotting, iming, shooting and getting a kill is done in less then one seconds often. When's the lst time you killed someone in less then 1 seconds after spotting them in WOWS? May i guess? Exception of some absolutely randomly dropped torps, never!? No, the reason they don't want CV's is because it's a onesided gameplay. The CV delivers damage to the surfaceship, but the surfaceship does nothing to the CV. And that only increased after the rework with nerfed AA and unlimited planes. You claim that CV's in kots would mke the battles more active, but you re completely wrong. Kots usually is played at medium ranges due to being able to cover behind islands. CV's being ble to fly round islands, you can never ever be in a position to not be struck by the CV. The only thing a CV does in Kots is make the battles change from medium to super long ranges. Why you ask, i'll tell you: As we already mentioned, There is no position on the map that makes it impossible for the CV to drop you. And as Cv's average damage is very depending on the angle, being stationarry has the CV do maximum damage. The only way to deal with CV's to some smll extend is chnging direction after he lunched an attack. But, what heppens if you dodge the CV's attack when you're fighting at medium range to the enemy surfaceships in open water? Exactly, you might reduce the damage -you take from the CV, but you just get guaranteed devstruck by the rest of his team. So what you would actually do is stay 7-10km further away from the enemy surfaceships, because then, due to the longer range, you can reduce the dmg from the CV a bit by dodging and you won't get guaranteeddevstruck by the rest of his team due to longer range having longer shell travel time, less penetration, and higher disperion. So having CV's in kots would just make that every single one would be sailing around in their spawn and never get any closer untill the battle is well dicided. You re under the impression that active gameplay=ship is moving.???? But this is wrong. It does not matter how fast you are moving, if the closest enemy to you is 20km away, you are passive, too passive, not matter if you are moving at 30 knots average. The only way CV's could work in kots of CV's were designed with the dutch airstrike mechanic. This actually might might work in terms of balancing CV's for competitive. Because then islandcover would actually work against CV's.... So the reason why CV's mke gameplay even more passive then what the game is already designed to do is because they are so ridiculous stupidly broken overpowered, alwys being capable of creating crossfire. And the only way to survive being crossfired is staying at long range, as ships dying loses you the battles.... Because it takes them longer to get to you, and you won't guaranteed get devstruck by the rest of their team if you dodge their attck. Whether you re 10km away from the enemy surfceships or 20km does not make a difference for the sub. The difference is, when you try to dodge the subs torps, showing brodside won't get you punished nearly as much at 20km compared to 10km, obviously. Same with CV's as mentioned above. You just don't understand the absolute basics of how things hang together.
  13. I thing the problem with your understanding issue is that you don't seem to know/understand the absolute core base design of this game. This is not some fast paced shooter. This is one of the slowest paced games that exists... And because of that, all the things that make a difference in fast paced shooters do not apply here. So, in fast paced shooters, the number 1 thing that makes skill is just pure reaction time. In Wows, you never win a fight because you had a faster reaction then your opponent. On the other hand, what is important in wows is positioning. Having cover/a way do disengage is so very important. For a fast paced shooter, not that much important. In fact, quite often, having a good position is worse then having a bad position. Everyone knows that that's a good position, so everyone will focus much more on that good posision. So you quite often get the case where the person in the good position is spotted by enemies, but theplyer in the good position has no clue about the whereabouts of their opponents, thus being being a fast paced shooter, you just die in the good poition by people in worse positions because you simpny can't predict where they are, thus won't see them too often. So being unpredictable is more important quite often then being in a good position. This leads to some very weird situation, that in wows, all the achievements you can score are purely passive. You never sink an enemy because you did something reallly impressive good. You sink an enemy because they f***ed up. You have never outplayed an opponent, your opponent's have always outplayed themselves. You've never been sunk by an enemy ship because the opponents outplayed you. You've always outplayed yourself when you died. There is nothing you can do in this game to force anything based on your skill. All what decides battles is mistakes being punished. There is no advice"do this and you will kill enemies". There only are advices "Don't do this otherwise you get sunk". So everything is passive.... In addition to this, so many fast paced shooters like Battlefield and such, you run around, shoot, run some more, shoot again, cap, shoot, run, get killed, and 10 seconds later you respawn. So being agressive and dying often has no big influence to the game. Wows is completely different. If you get sunk, you stay sunk. Your game is over, leaving your team with a clear disadvantage. If you die, your team looses 8.3% of their firepower permanently. So, in Wows, NOT dying is rated so much higher then in other game because you simply can NOT respawn. All this taken into account, the games core base design is to be a very passive game. IF you look at some competitive tournaaments in Wows, this is the reason why you rarely see a ship getting sunk in the fist 5 minutes. Sure, it is possible to be too passive. But you won't find any good player that does not play passive, as you can not force anything onto others.... And CV's simply just add more to this. And the reason being because cv's are designed to be one sided. If you're in a surfaceship, you have no gameplay against the CV. IT's the CV that has gameplay vs surfaceships. Meaning, if you look at surfaceships only, staying further away has 2 impacts. 1) You will take less damage, 2) You will deal less damage. So, when you decide to go closer, you will be able to deal more damage, but you will also take more damage. Thus is a balancing act of how far/close you should be idealy. But with CV's, because the gameplay is onesided, what impact is there is you stay further away? You will take less damage. Period! The further away from the CV you are, the longer his planes take to reach you, the less damage he will deal to you because of that. So now try and give a a single reason why you should decide to get closer to the CV? All that will do is you taking more damage from the CV without any point to counterbalance this disadvantage. So there is no reason to get closer. So this shows very good how CV's make gameplay more passive, because against surfaceships, getting closer had both advantage and disadvantage, with CV's it's only disadvantage due to onesided gameplay and no way to defend yourself against the cv. There would be plenty more to axplain to you what you dont understnd about this game, but i really don't want to write 3 times more than what i already have..... Just, anlyse the game in it's core design and then, maybe, you might understand why people ply passive(as it is designed to be) and why CVs/SS increase passive gameplay....
  14. Echo_519

    Road to Daring.

    Keep in mind, there is a consumable action time, and a smoke dispersion time. The consumabnle enhancement boosts the action time only, which on daring is 10 seconds. So wht this does is it gives you one more puff of smoke when laying smoke, which at totl will last 1.25s longer.... Ain't worth it. And you should at least give RPF a try.
  15. Echo_519

    My first ever Ranked Game >>>>100% CARRY<<<<

    All 5 kill ribbons and still only just managed to get 1st in xp by so little.... What was it again, how much does the killribbon give you just for dealing the last 1 hp of damage to a ship? 33%?? No offence, but i think there is a good chance you actually might have performed the worst out of your team.... You just were lucky enough to finish all ships...