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  1. Echo_519

    Unpopular opinion about F.D.R

    Well, first of all, every single CV in the game is utterly broken and overpowered. FDR is even more stupidly OP then other Cv's because you don't lose any planes. It does not matter by how many flaks you get hit, you won't lose your planes. On top of that, you do take raw damage numbers What do you think how much damage to DD's does Shikishima do compared to FDR. Shikishima does very little damage to DD's, while FDR's completely delete several DD's per game, so the relative damage is much higher on FDR then on Shiki....
  2. Echo_519

    New Ranked season 2

    Losing all battles getting thrown by bad teammates... Just had a Full HP Z-52 of my team that saved his star while losing the battle for my team... All he had to do was kill a 5k HP Z-46 and then run away from Halland... Oh dear gracious did Z52 get owned by the Z46. He just about managed to trade with Z46, leaving Halland to solowin for enemy team.... Just how.... How do you not clearly win a fight 20k HP vs 5k HP with same DPM.... Worst thing is, Z46 was not even such a good palyer.... I ate an unfortunate torpedo early on and ended up in radar... Had 4k hp laft on my Fletcher when i engaged the full hp Z46...Dealing all 14k to Z46 in the time he managed to killme off.... Sure, Fletcher has better dpm, but not that you would deal 3 times more damage.... It's just wow.... Such a horribly bad Z46 and our Z52 managed to top that, by a mile.... And of course both Z's had much better winrate then me, unbeliveable how bad players get carried to fancy winrates.... Just unbeliveable how it's pure RNg if you win or lose your battles.... just WOW WG .Fix your damn game WG, please... Fix it.... Please. Let us have some fun and let good players have an impact on wins....
  3. Echo_519

    New Ranked season 2

    Yes they are, and they all end up in my team.... 10% winrate due to this BS matchmaking of WG.... How much fun this is, every damn battle is a steamroll.... even the rare wins are steamrolls....
  4. You sure about that? They must be playing hide and seek with me then, cause i can't find any of them... lol
  5. Echo_519

    Smolensk After Diverse & Engaging Updates

    Look for broadsides and use AP... Still more effective then HE, now even more as you are forced to be closer and thus can pen the upper belt more consistantly...
  6. Echo_519

    Thunderer bugged?

    You're right, Thunderer AP is surely reeeeeeaaaaaalllly bad and underwhelming... How dare anybody ever use AP on Thunderer.... 20210227_193742_PBSB510-Thunderer_40_Okinawa.wowsreplay
  7. Echo_519

    Pts linking to regular account

    You need to be active during last tests in order for your live account to be mirrored onto PTS.
  8. Echo_519

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    How about you stop showing us your most successful battles only, but ALL battles. Maybe even include replays... And then ask for help on how to play better... Becasue you just proudly showing us your best battles(which are at best "average") does not help you anything... I'm sure there would be people to help you understand the game a bit more, but you keep ignoring any tips. You play gunboat DD's and do not use your guns. 20 Main battery hits, 11 Main battery hits... And looking at your hitratio with them(24.12%), you can recognise a big issue with your performance.
  9. Echo_519

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    There is a very basic problem: You do not know how to aim. Just picket out some of the main battery accuracy: Halland: 24% Khaba: 29% Kleber: 28% Öster: 26% Grozovoi: 37% Yugumo: 39% Shima: 32% Smolensk: 25% You're getting outgunned with your Halland by Yugumo's.(Heck, you'd probably even get outgunned by T7 Akatsuki, if you could/would meet one) You're playing gunboats and you end up getting outgunned by full torpedoboats. This has a very bad impact on your team, because it has you avoid any gunfight at all cost, leaving the enemy DD to do whatever they like, leaving your team at a big disadvantage.
  10. Echo_519

    Thunderer bugged?

    Actually, the chance to not set a ship on fire with 4 Thunderer HE shells is 22%. 1 Fire is 40.5%, 2 fires 28%, 3 fires 8.5% and 4 fires just 1% And that's without any upgrades or commanderskills... They can reduce it even further
  11. Echo_519

    Thunderer bugged?

    Montana? really? Thunderer has way better AP then Montana... So use it. Of counse you won't get citadels on BB's on max range, but neither do others. You can target the upper belt, you can easiely hit bb's for 15-20k per salvo without any citadels.
  12. Echo_519

    Thunderer bugged?

    Look for broadsides and shoot AP. You have over 24km range. Not finding any broadside means you are out of position... Thunderer has quite good AP, so why not use it?
  13. Echo_519

    How are you doing in ranked today?

    God lets hope qualifications are better ith less of those trash players... Though trash players would not be a problem if WG at least would split them in both teams... But having all of them in your team over and over again... God WG i hate you so much for the BS you make me go through...
  14. Echo_519

    killing 1500 players in CV

    There are so maany players only playing CV's becasue they are too bad to play surfaceships... You only increase that number by 1, no reason for Wg to give you an enterprise you know...
  15. Echo_519

    What is your extra tokens mission?

    Also 2k for total of 13.9m credits... The last mission alone is 6m credits....