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  1. GreyKnightX

    Question about reports

    Karma is meaningless, ignore it, who cares? I have 5,500 battles, am a reasonable player and have 0 karma most of the time. The most I've ever had was about 12. Bottom line is - reporting people does nothing, karma does nothing. It's purely a mechanism to allow players to "feel" like they are making their feelings known about other players, it's kind of a placebo means of complaining.
  2. GreyKnightX

    Ranked qualification - not available?

    Hi guys Really sorry if this has been covered, but I just reached rank 1 in bronze league on Season 3 of ranked battles and the qualification option doesn't exist. I realise that this is because it's a fresh start so everyone is playing in bronze league and there is nobody in silver or gold yet, but does that mean that I advance automatically to silver league without having to qualify? thanks