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  1. Carramber1

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    and the meme becomes reality! what a total lack of surprise.
  2. Carramber1

    Quality of life suggestions

    thanks, that would be very much appreciated!
  3. Carramber1

    Quality of life suggestions

    Dear WG, So I log into wows this morning and I need to start grinding some tech tree ships, which leads me to looking at which camo to use. I'm reminded that I've been meaning to make a suggestion regarding filtering camo's and a few other quality of life changes in wows. 1. Please could you place a sorting filter on camo's? Being able to sort by best bonus of my choice. I.E. I could sort by best camo to give FXP bonuses and then switch to camo to give credit bonuses and so on. 2. Please could you place the commander reserve section in the inventory, so I can peruse all my unused commanders of all nations, and if I choose to do so, dismiss or hire new commanders, and be able to sort said commanders by nation and level. 3. Please could you change the video switching between friendly ships in battle after you have sunk, specifically when you're in a division. I want the first ships the camera switches to to be my division mates not random members of my team. Cheers Carramber
  4. Carramber1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    i was quite pleased to rank out in bronze league with 81% WR for this weeks battles. on to the silver league!
  5. nothing about the ships. just the playstyle of some players, but without WG doing proper training vids its not really their fault. Still dead eye dying soon will help.
  6. Carramber1

    German tokens twitch

    Hi, sadly I missed the official twitch stream yesterday. Can I pick up German tokens from another stream this week? @MrConway, @Crysantos
  7. Carramber1

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    Ok I'm not particularly enthused by this upcoming update. The beasts event looks interesting, but the reward is disappointing, ultimately getting camo's for awful ships are of no interest to me. The Auction is a feature nobody asked for or wanted, I also feel uncomfortable about it due to it promoting gambling. The Commander skill changes are a step in the right direction, but don't go far enough, Secondary build battleships and cruisers are still massively underrepresented by the skills available. Also there should be a global skill reset, as there are players who chose skills to mitigate not having dead eye, but will not have chance to reskill their commanders once dead eye is gone. Finally the update for the achievements is a mixed bag, I'm happy with the visual elements but I dislike the idea to changes to rewards being given out by getting achievements. I'm no unicum player, scoring achievements left right an centre. So like the majority of the player base, we do not need to be further handicapped by making getting signals harder to get than before. In this circumstance, its a case of its not broken, so leave it alone.
  8. Carramber1

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    seriously just no. If you want to make money by selling awful, made up, broken ships, then you need a game to do it in. If the above comment is too difficult for you to understand, ideas like this KILL THE GAME! You know the game right? Your cash cow? MOOOO! Slitch, gargle, thud........ Whoever thought this up please slap yourself and go get a coffee!
  9. Carramber1

    A simple question.

    I too didnt think too much of the US BB line, but they were alright, so i didnt have a problem with that line, with Florida fun but squishy. Ditto the RN heavy cruiser line, though was unimpressed by Cheshire and didnt bother getting her. I enjoyed the EU dd line, but they are a bit too OP really, especially Smaland. But the last dockyard was poor, Izumo is just straight better than Hizen and Yagahi is a poor t5. This new German DD release event looks worse with the entire German DD line dead on arrival. And i just dont get why? US BBs to slow to dodge planes but not strong enough AA to punish attackers. Italian BBs with Sap you cant hit with or German DDs that hunt cruisers but cant kill them. They wont make as much money as..... US BBs that have real AA and a US DD def AA consumable, Italian BBs that can do more than 10% dam to DDs and can hit with 33%+ of their main guns most of the time and German DDs that have decent concealment and main gun DPM, would make more money without being OP.
  10. Carramber1

    A simple question.

    Hence my comment that they would make money regardless. But I just dont get why they dont want to make more money, as they are indeed a business. If a product will make X money with Y performance, surely it follows that increasing Y stats would also increase X money. And sadly yes that would definately be the case with OP ships, but i dont want OP ships, just fun and competative. What Ive seen recently coming out of devblog and news is either OP or crap. I just want middle to good.
  11. Carramber1

    A simple question.

    WG, why dont you want my money? The last dockyard event, the Italian BB line, the copy paste Pan Asian ships, the new German DD line. All these events you have/will release(d) awful ships and lines, not just weaker than same tier equivalents but sometimes the worst. I get that WG will make money off stuff like Hizen or Elbing regardless, but not from me and likely many others, due to their poor performance. I dont get it though. Why wont WG make more balanced lines, to increase their profits from each event?? It's not as if digital media costs more to implement the higher the stats of a ship are. If a ship or line is released that looks fun and competative, i will likely put some dbs or hard cash towards getting it. (Note: I do not want OP ships, just properly balanced ships!)
  12. Carramber1


    The more you tighten your grip the more CC's and players will slip through your fingers
  13. Carramber1

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Battleship Dante Alighieri

    so first battle with her was a kraken game. not sure if she's OP or i was just a dirty seal clubber for a round..... but there were alot of flat broadsides to enjoy..... hmmm? no, im just a dirty seal clubber!
  14. Carramber1

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    So interestingly Flamu has put Florida in his top 10 Premium ships for 2021. Yet my personal experience with Florida is poor. This suggests a high skill ceiling for her..... As i have no skill. ;-)
  15. Carramber1

    Dry Dock: Vanguard

    the last Battleship built and WG makes a ship so bad, its offensive. Come on WG, show her a little love.... actually show her alot of love!!!