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  1. CaptainKelor

    Casual Player: I'm out.

    1. Don't try to water up my statement. 2. It's really interesting, I've heard that argument multiple times in the forum in the exact same wording. I assume this is a Wargaming strategy to downplay the issue.
  2. CaptainKelor

    Casual Player: I'm out.

    I already did.
  3. CaptainKelor

    Send a message to PEGI

  4. CaptainKelor

    Casual Player: I'm out.

    Well this former player will neither buy anything nor even play the game.
  5. CaptainKelor

    Casual Player: I'm out.

    I disagree. Many more players than you think are following these issues up. I have no doubt many will take appropriate measures.
  6. CaptainKelor

    Casual Player: I'm out.

    That's the point: I enjoyed the game. Until the company Wargaming decided to make it unbearable to play for me with good concience. And I want them to know it and that their actions, or lack thereof, have consequences even with (former) casual players.
  7. CaptainKelor

    Casual Player: I'm out.

    Dear Wargaming, I never post in the forum. But I want your company, Wargaming, to know that casual players watch and react your behaviour too. I highly encourage other casual players to post their statements in this thread, or even better, a new thread. 1. Effective immediately I announce my complete departure from the game World of Warships. I will not play a game knowing how people are treated by your company, Wargaming. I will not play a game that violates gambling regulations (PEGI 7 and gambling containers are NOT compatible) 2. I will not buy anything from your company, Wargaming. I thought about investing money. Now I would rather burn that money than to give it to your predatory company, Wargaming. Prices and practices were always suspicious, but what happens currently is out of the question. In a year I will make an informed decision if anything changed. I very much doubt it will have, hence I expect my departure to be permanent.