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  1. ghashpl

    BOBER - free clan for all

    Hello guys! If you looking for a clan bonuses - lower buying costs, more ship and captain XP, etc but you don't want to play in division or clan battles just join BOBER clan. Every request will be accepted. About BOBER Founders are 3 polish guys that plays occasionaly. Our winratio is over 63%. We don't play in clan battles and just want to expand the clan port. Our patron is @WG_Lumberjack better know as Drwal. He often gives us support and warm greetings. Cheers
  2. ghashpl

    BOBER - rekrutacja

    No co ty - przyjmujemy jak leci! Każda maupa i ogórek może dołączyć. Właśnie tworzę wątek rekrutacyjny po angielsku haha
  3. ghashpl

    BOBER - rekrutacja

    grzasz potrzebuje 1500 stali