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  1. Dockyard main ships i skipped so far : the first Payto Rico, then Hizen. This gonna be the 3rd. Gonna be happy with the Renown 44. WG can buff it later, but that still wont convince me, why to pay for it when there is a free ship for the same role, in the same tier, in the same nation, with better characteristics.
  2. K82J

    USS Illinois BB-65...with 3x4 203mm??

    " Get 1500 main Battery Hits " ribbon " Requirement : BB Illinois : " Hold my beer "
  3. Good to see Dirigably Derby returning. I really liked that mode. It is also good that its not restricted only to T10 anymore.
  4. I only miss 2, the Scharny and the Chkalov.
  5. K82J

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Mine gave 50k fxp. Been a long time since i seen that drop, but welcomed anyways.
  6. I'm getting afraid of how many years gonna take to start to fix the issues with subs, if an AA fix took 3 years.....
  7. K82J

    Black Friday Started

    Thanks , i already have the Cross of Dorn, but one more ship to farm captain xp with Lütjens never hurts :) I'm a PVE player, but still gonna come handy in Operations .
  8. K82J

    Black Friday Started

    Went up on the chain before the first 2 premium containers. Was a bit surprised with the 0.4% droprate from normal containers..........
  9. There is the HSF version, maybe WG gonna sell her again in a future collab...
  10. Speaking of French battleships, is the Champagne a removed ship now ? Cause i remember to see her only once or twice time for sale.
  11. Throw away a whole line of suggested real life ships to do this lazy copypaste of already existing ship models.....
  12. US standard BB's cannot go a few knot faster or some ships dont get any AA or ASW , to make those ships more playable, for the sake of holy " historical accuracy ". Meanwhile subs : Historical accuracy? What the hell is that ? Not to mention the idiotic pings, homing torps and the DCP use. But its too late now, we cannot shovel back the to the horse now.....
  13. K82J

    are Yūdachi most poorest DD in game?

    My personal opinion on poor DD's : Leone ( really needs some reload buff, 9,5 sec, come on ), Z-31, Fen Yang ( and her clone Smasha ). Probably others have some amazing games in them, but for me, these are snowflake port quuens. Except Smasha, i dont have her, but she is 1:1 clone of Fen Yang.
  14. No. Only way to keep the bonuses was having the Kobayashi camos before the rework. Pure aesthetic now. I dont have for the Roma either, bought for the Kii instead.
  15. K82J

    WG's latest PR disaster

    Well, with the subs and carriers is already a mix of Spielberg's "Jaws " and Hitchcock's " The Birds ", so i guess the genre would be horror-thriller. Not to mention you can get " Psycho " from this game