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  1. K82J

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Finally, KOTS collection is done after 2 years. I was hoping for an IJN premium DD ( since i only have the Tachibana ), but i take this too. At least its not a Gorizia
  2. K82J

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    My choice was Mass Effect : Andromeda Deluxe Edition..................7,5 euro only.
  3. K82J

    HELP! I can't take it...

    Yes, GPU prices are horrible in the last few months, one of my best decisions was to pull the trigger on a Asus Rog Strix 1660s for 370 USD five months ago.........now that card, if its even available, 800+ USD. But in the OP's case, even a cheap card like the GT710 for 80 USD , could mean a real difference. Or if he wants to spend a bit more for even more power, a 130 USD GT 1030 would do fine.
  4. K82J

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    Sub Octavian said in a Q and A that WG tried that. According to him, it was working poorly and was awkward for the team to see a CV attacking the empty ocean. My personal thoughts :that was just pure bull****. They didnt wanted to nerf CV's that way. Probably because of the position of some person(s), is depending on CV popularity, just like Flamu said.
  5. K82J

    Why can dd's outgun battleships?

    I just leave this here
  6. Since WG has " hidden " the player count number, i didnt paid too much attention for it. However, i installed some mods, one of them showing that number. I didnt see more than 26k player online , and i logged in various times. Maybe my memory tricks me, but i remember when i started and after a while that, the online number was much closer to 30k or even more...
  7. K82J

    Best ships/tech tree lines for beginners?

    Look around in the Armory, see which lines have premium ships there for coal. Since you gonna need retraining of captains as you advance, i think it would be a good idea to choose a line which has a low coal cost premium there. You can get 40-50k coal in a month just by choosing the " More resources " crates. Be aware that some of these premiums are different from the tech tree ships, for example, Aigle has smoke, while the silver French DD line doesnt have.
  8. K82J

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    Asked on stream, but no reply :(
  9. K82J

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    If i heard right, Friesland gonna be moved to the Dutch tech tree.
  10. K82J

    How about no WG?

  11. K82J

    How about no WG?

    Two container is the gift, according to the topic on the NA forum. One of those is a TYL.
  12. K82J

    Only 2 tolerable game modes in WoWS - suggestion

    I dont mind the rewards in coop, what i hate is , that the base xp mission requirements are the same for PVE and PVP players. For example, 40k base xp is alot in coop, thats around 80-100 battle. And i dont see often these 5 minute matches, that some players think all coop matches are.
  13. K82J

    Will you buy the Marco Polo?

    For me, Pommern first. Seems much more useful to me for doing missions in coop.
  14. Asashio B gets removed as well ?
  15. Thank you very much . I completely missed that. Last time i checked, all options was PVP ( or i might remember wrong, since it was months ago i looked at that campaign ).