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  1. K82J

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Good luck for everyone !
  2. K82J

    Important question

    Probably those clouds use Concealment Expert. Japanese things are stealthy, like DD-s and ninjas. Why would be the clouds the exception ?
  3. K82J

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    She has destroyer levels of handling ( like under 4 sec ruddershift ! ), longer range torps, and i think she's a bit better concealed than the Omaha. The other sister, the Marblehead, is the worse. Not to mention she is cheap as a T5 prem. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Murmansk
  4. K82J

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    You have a Murmansk ? Maybe you would like that ship too, it is a better Omaha.
  5. K82J

    World of Destroyers

    Since when DD's dont detonate after a magazine hit without Juliet flag or Magazine modification ?
  6. I am quite sure such a team wont listen to any radio command at all. Not even sure they will know what are those. Maybe they would think those are some magical chanting to earn the god's favor for citadels, or something.
  7. Agree. It wont do anything after sunk, the faster the better. Making the enemy lose points as fast it can be, is another reason to sink him. What i would really wanna see is command that warns you when your allies launch torps. If i play DD, i hate to dodge torps from both sides launched into the caps. Today someone wrote into chat , while i was fightning for a cap " watch out for torps " . I was, " what torps " , my hydro was on, so no danger...... Then i realised it was about his torps.... Luckily he was playing an italian cruiser, and those slow torps are very easy to dodge.
  8. K82J

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    I had a bit money to spend, so i went on and........... But i surely gonna buy that dubloon offer that needs login for 14 day, thats worth it.
  9. K82J

    Few things from the new player

    Didnt knew it was changed , used it last time like a half year ago. Thanks for correcting
  10. K82J

    Few things from the new player

    Before you reach service level 5, try to get an invitation code from someone. You get some free ships that way, and some useable stuff ( credits, flags, some free xp ).
  11. K82J

    Isnt fire overrated?

    I read somewhere that ships where painted in the earlier part of the century around 1kg paint / 1 square meter ratio. Literally hundreds of tons of paint. That burns well, too. Newer ships burn well, too because the using of alot of aluminium. Good example is the USS Belknap.
  12. Agree to the stealth nerf too. That had to go. But the rest of the changes gonna make me close my wallet on her. Which is a bit sad, i really wanted this ship to use in Operations.
  13. K82J

    Realistic Mode

    2, 6, and 11, i would welcome those. Especially the 2nd. Plus, what i would like to see some day, some scorch marks on the islands. But, to have a realistic mode, nope. Would be a forever match with realistic flight times and hit ratios. Just think about , i read somewhere that Rodney couldnt hit the Bismarck from 3 km.........
  14. If i buy a Cossack now, and get the other for guineas, i get 9600 dubloon for that, right ? For me seems to better to buy the Cossack for the price of 15 gamble box. Can do all misson, gonna have the Cossack and 9600 dubloons. Plus a Warspite or Gallant. I am not really interrested in blueprints, these ships are pretty " meh " for me. If i get missions, ok, if not, that is ok too. I wont miss anything since they gonna get released anyways.
  15. Not really, those missions are doable in Co-op. Getting a few spotted and defended ribbon not hard there.