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  1. K82J

    My very first squid BB :)

    No, i used the coupon for the Smol. What the coupon saved, was enough for the Blyska.
  2. K82J

    My very first squid BB :)

    140k coal and 5100 steel, and no coupon. Funny, i got 3 SC in like 2 week, and they gave the " better " rewards, ( dubs, 90 day prem), when i needed the least those now
  3. K82J

    My very first squid BB :)

    Bought the Blyska, because i had no ship for any Europe ship directive. Didnt knew that WG going to have a full line of Euro DD's, nor not suspected they would withdraw the JB. Was sure about Smolensk, so i bought her, but Blyska was the mistake. Now i am short with like 30k coal, and no way i can get that till JB gets pulled, with my limited time to play. Edit: having like 10 day left before removing, i think.
  4. K82J

    My very first squid BB :)

    Congrats and enjoy. I made a mistake at Xmas sadly, so i wont be able to get her.
  5. If the 60% cut is true, its way too much. Especially for people who dont play divisions. I think the devs never played with those " speshul " teams where for an example, 2 BB and a cruiser died to the carrier and her escort. Coming back from something like that means alot of work, so we wont be rewarded if we work our assets off to secure the win ? Not everyone can / wants to play in divisions. Ah well, at least one more reason to never spend a single dollar anymore on containers, cause i wont be needing the special flags that much for Narai. The loss wont be on my side , WG.
  6. K82J

    about the new pan eu captain,

    This could have been a good opportunity to introduce Legendary Commander Joakim Broden for the IKEA DD's .
  7. Another thing, ships in real life could aim at different targets at the same time, unlike here. Was no need to rotate turrets left and right. Not to mention, smoke could be seen from 20km, so they could turn the turrets in advance. Well, at least in good weather, and daytime. Sometimes very surprisingly sneak attacks happened though, like at Matapan or at Savo Island.
  8. Exactly 200 from the directive containers (30-10-20-140), 30 from the login one, and 60 from a premium one ( got 1k dub from an SC, so why not ).
  9. K82J

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Hoped for coal, but this is welcomed too.
  10. Well, i have to admit, i really like the new camos. A new permanent campaign is good, however, think about coop players, and make it doable for them too. Wish the older campaigns were updated to be doable in coop, even if would take time, like the Halsey one. Any chance of that happen, @Crysantos ?
  11. Agree fully. Already pre-ordered CP2077 last year, instead on spending xmas lootboxes. Have my eyes on Baldur's Gate 3 , and on Wasteland 3, too.
  12. Thanks, this is handy, because my Atlanta got useless AA/Scenario wise, and i have a 19 pointer on her....
  13. I wonder when we get the first ship for Elite Captain XP as " new currency " , since some people have millions of that too
  14. A short peek of CV vs CL/CA interaction from the near future, approx. 1.30 since battle started :