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  1. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    General Submarines related discussions

    Submarines are crap. Nobody wants or wanted them. The end.
  2. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    No they should have stopped after the next word: "We are awfully sorry."
  3. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    Not sure if you noticed but there are no more hybrid DDs. Either gunboat or torp boat. Nothing in between. But cruisers that are, by nature, hybrids, are now quite pointless to play. You get spotted, in the best case, at your pre-rework range and then get blapped by max range BBs across the map without being able to do anything. Even double rudder shift doesn't help because you simply can't turn away from 5 BBs at the same time. CVs completely screw the game because they essentially neutralize cruisers (especially heavy cruisers with the exception of DM), so the meta is all about BBs, DDs and if a capable CV player is in the game, he will decide the game. Don't judge by one individual ship, look at the entire class. That together with WG screwed up MM from T8 is a death sentence for any cruiser. DDs have their concealment, cruisers do as well but are neutralized by sniper BBs. Just look how many cruisers are around in an average battle... the most I have seen today is 3 cruisers per battle. Each time there were 5 BBs and you can bet your [edited]each one had dead eye.
  4. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Dead Eye

    Found it... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/resetting-skills-for-all-commanders/ Thanks WG, that saved me a couple of hours of clicking. I still think this rework promotes exactly the wrong type of gameplay. Dead Eye should be the other way around, if you shoot a ship within your detectability range, then you get additional accuracy. How many times have I shot at another BB within 3-5 km with my broadside and got very low damage due to inaccurate guns. It just encourages boring gameplay and when there is a CV around, there basically is no point playing a cruiser, even with double-rudder modules because when 5-7 ships (most of them Dead Eye BBs) aim at you, that's it.
  5. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Dead Eye

    There is a reset-all button?
  6. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Dead Eye

    The meta this skill encourages is no longer my type of game. Yes I like playing BBs but I prefer cruisers even more. But cruisers now are quite pointless. Once you get spotted, you get targeted literally by every BB on the enemy team who hang out near the back of the map. Don't get spotted then, you say. Ok, let me do the same in my cruiser and just sit at the back of the map, see how that works out for engaging gameplay. Seriously, this commander rework was an absolutely terrible idea to begin with and it's implementation is even worse. You might as well remove cruisers from the game because now, it's all about DDs and BBs (and nobody needed CVs in the first place). Also, I have close to 300 ships in my port, how long do you think it'll take me to set up each ship's commander with the new skills before I have to start paying for respec? I would like to see some statistics in a week or two that show the numbers of DDs, cruisers and BBs compared to before-0.10.
  7. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    0.9.10 - General Feedback

    I seem to have noticed that finally, at the start of the battle, the cursor position is reset to the center of the screen. THANKS A TON for that, it was driving me crazy having to look for the cursor when pressing CTRL... it's not easy to spot on a 4K screen for an old man. Thanks WG!
  8. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Single Game Client

    Thanks WG, this was something I have wanted for a long time because I play in other regions, too. Good one, thumbs up!
  9. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Players still able to exploit borders

    Indeed I am. I stand corrected, you are right. Thanks for the quote!
  10. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Spotting damage

    An answer to a question not asked. It is required for certain missions.
  11. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Spotting damage

    Oh so I only get spotting damage while I'm the only person spotting that ship? Thanks, I did not know that.
  12. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Spotting damage

    I think spotting damage calculations are totally off. I just played a battle in a DD where I spotted 4 ships, all of which were sunk but my total spotting damage was something like 30k. The spotted ships were T10 cruisers and BBs. I thought that spotting damage counts damage to a ship that you have spotted, as long as I keep them spotted. Is that incorrect?
  13. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Players still able to exploit borders

    Care to quote?
  14. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Players still able to exploit borders

    That's entirely beyond the point. You claimed WG did this to avoid border exploitation. I do not believe so and there is no proof they did.
  15. Malcolm_Tucker_II

    Players still able to exploit borders

    I know this is what they want it to be, but pretty sure it's not to prevent people from border hugging. Where did you get confirmation that this was indeed the case? As I said, I know this is intended, but if it was for the reason you mentioned, it's a massive fail.