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  1. ArsenicIndigo

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It seems the pain threshold for players has not yet been reached. Once it has, and people start to leave, this ignorance will make sure these players will never come back to any WG game. So milk them as long as you can, it won't last forever though. Yes, it's your game, but we p(l)ay it.
  2. ArsenicIndigo

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    AA values don't change anymore for me since the CV rework. I thought this was normal until a teammate told me that his AA values still change when equipping AA modules. It makes no difference for me if I have a fully AA skilled captain and all AA modules or none of the above. The AA rating does not change. Which one is correct?
  3. ArsenicIndigo

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    And chat is still broken. Has been for a very long time. Very frequently my clanmates tell me on TS they have written something in chat but it doesn't appear on my chat. Same when I say something, most of the time it doesn't show for my clan. Communication in general is really bad. Why can't I talk to my clan when I am in a battle? Why can't I message a single player? Go see how Everquest does it.... /t to tell an individual, /c to talk to your clan, /w for public in a battle and so on. Really, this needs to be done.
  4. ArsenicIndigo

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    I second this. When the "Open all containers" was added, that was a good thing. Now when buying for example signals, let us manually specify the number, rather than making us do a click exercise.
  5. ArsenicIndigo

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    1) I don't need to be reminded that my "clan now has access to clan battles" 20 times a day. Once per login would be quite enough, thank you. 2) Occasionally Rover doesn't launch torps, even though they are ready and the launcher has turned to the aimed direction. Haven't been able to nail this down further, but have experienced it multiple times. No message, it just doesn't launch them. Only on Rover. 3) Is it just me (or RNG) or has Sigma for Republique been decreased? Increasingly I seem to notice huge spread. Could well be me, but haven't experienced this earlier.
  6. ArsenicIndigo

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    Aside from the cursor position issue I mentioned earlier, in the loading screen, it should save the view that you last had, i.e. either Team or Objectives or whatever tab was active last time. Not critical but nice to have. And I agree that the new port UI should be a bit more obvious, i.e. number of current containers, number of claimable containers could be more obvious. In general, responsiveness/performance when setting flags is not great. Maybe certain sets of flags/signals could be saved and loaded (for example many of my BBs use the same set of flags/signals). BTW, over 100k dubloons for space camos, you must be kidding!!! Yeah, I'm a collector but there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I'll fork out that kind of money for camos.
  7. ArsenicIndigo

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    What good are the guns if you get citadeled by a DD (almost). They might as well left armor out completely because as it stands, it has absolutely zero effect. Give it DD armor, at least then it would benefit from overmatch mechanics.
  8. ArsenicIndigo

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    Not related to any specific update: When starting a new battle, please reset the Ctrl-Cursor (the free-look one) to the center of the screen. Each time I start a new battle I need to look for the cursor, sometimes it's at the bottom of the screen, sometimes it's elsewhere (probably where I left it last time), but it would be nice-to-have if the Ctrl-cursor reset to the center of the screen at the start of each battle. I seem to remember that in some older update, this was the case, but was changed (or forgotten) in a later update.
  9. ArsenicIndigo

    PTS - Bugs

    During Space Battles, the AI says that the station will now take damage as all generators are destroyed. Not the case, in the screenshot you can clearly see 2 Generators are still there.
  10. ArsenicIndigo

    PTS - Bugs

    In Space Battles, DDs (Flyfire and Blue Aster) and BBs (Paris and Alldestroyer) are greyed out for me, though I can select and play them.
  11. ArsenicIndigo

    PTS - Bugs

    AA defense sector display corrupt first time you press O. Fine the second time you press O.
  12. ArsenicIndigo

    Always waiting for battle reports ...

    Nevertheless it's been going on for a while.
  13. ArsenicIndigo

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: Player Communication I find it a bit silly that we can only talk in the clan when we're out of the battle. Similarly having to add someone to a list and only then talking to them after battle isn't a great way of doing things. I used to play the original Everquest, so that's where my idea came from: There is one main chat window where different channels are shown in different colours. For example clan chat could be green, division chat could be yellow, team chat could be blue, world chat could be white. If you want to talk in the clan channel, you type something like this: /c Clan Message And the same for other channels: /d to talk in division chat /t to talk to the team in a battle /w to talk to the world in battle /pm <name> <msg> to send a message to a specific player It would certainly help communications on all levels. You can activate or de-activate certain channels, obviously features like a blocklist must be implemented, too. I am not a coder, but since the underlying chat infrastructure is already in place (though usually doesn't work), it would "just" be a matter of consolidating the separate channels into one window (and please please make that resizeable and customizable with items like font size).
  14. ArsenicIndigo

    MM in ranked

    While a perfect balance can usually not be achieved, I think the matchmaker should take radar ships into account. It just isn't balanced at all if one team has 3 radar ships and the other has none. I'm not talking about div ranked but regular, random ranked (i.e. as a solo player). That shouldn't be too difficult to implement.
  15. Having watched the effects of the update and also having tried CVs for a few days now.... I still don't like it. As a CV player it's not fun and exciting. As a ship captain, it's just over the top. AA inefficient, perma spotted (yes that was the case before rework, too), in general it's not really fun to play. My humble opinion is that carriers should not be in the game at all. There is a reason that CVs are not allowed in ranked or KotS battles, they are totally unbalancing the game mechanics. A skilled CV player can (or was able to) win almost any battle, a single player. Well, why bother with ships at all then? Have a CV game mode, where CVs sink each other or have air battles or something like that. But in regular gameplay, it's bad enough with randoms, don't need CVs as well. And of course the T+2 matchmaking doesn't help either.