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  1. ArsenicIndigo

    Zao legendary upgrade

    Not quite true - on DM you get double propulsion mod.To quote: "When combined with Propulsion Modification 2 (), the ship will accelerate from 0-27 knots in approximately 8 seconds."
  2. ArsenicIndigo

    Zao legendary upgrade

    I'm neither. It's just not much of "legendary" upgrade if the downsides outweigh the upsides. The range difference is significant because of all the heavy cruisers, the Zao already has pretty much the lowest range. And I'm mainly complaining about the slot, not the actual "upgrade", don't get me wrong. Zao counters Hindi and with this upgrade, it gets even worse rather than better, compared to the stock module.
  3. ArsenicIndigo

    Zao legendary upgrade

    So after all this grinding I finally got the legendary upgrade for my beloved Zao - only to be shocked to find that you put it into slot 6. Seriously, a T10 heavy cruiser with 17.5km range, is that a joke? The range is atrocious even with the regular slot 6 module, but half of that from a LEGENDARY upgrade? Why not put it into slot 5 like the Hindi one?
  4. ArsenicIndigo

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    To a certain degree I do agree. However, with the Zao and Hindi being my favourite cruisers, I'd suggest something of a trade: Give the Hindenburg 10.5km torps (like the Z52 but with longer reload time to match) Give the Zao a gun range comparable to the Hindenburg.
  5. ArsenicIndigo

    Battle of the North Cape colelction

    Yes but he was specifically asking for the "Battle of the North Cape" collection, for which the Armory has no containers. I, too, am missing 3 pieces and don't have enough duplicates to buy them, so as it stands right now it's the only incomplete collection I have. I would second to either sell those containers in the Armory (for coal) or for dubloons/premium shop.
  6. ArsenicIndigo

    Bug Reports

    1. Description When opening an anniversary box, the opening animation and sound are out of sync (i.e. sound occurs a couple of seconds before the box opens) 2. Reproduction steps Open an anniversary box and watch for animation/sound sync Attaching short video showing this behaviour (and DxDiag.txt for good measure) 3. Result Sound occurs a few seconds before the box opening animation 4. Expected result Should occur at the same time 5. Technical details Shouldn't be down to my rig: Win10-x64 Core i7-4770K@3.5GHz GeForce 1070TI 16GB RAM 1920x1080 resolution World of Warships 04_08_2018 00_30_08.rar
  7. ArsenicIndigo

    Bug Reports

    1. Description: Combat mission for Nuevo de Julio lists "Boise" as the completion criteria. 2. Reproduction steps: Check combat missions if you have Nuevo de Julio 3. Result Completion criteria shows "Boise" instead of "Nuevo de Julio" 4. Expected Result Completion criteria shows "Nuevo de Julio" 5. Technical Details: screenshot attached
  8. ArsenicIndigo

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    The problem isn't only that once a DD is radar'ed he's toast, but it also means that because of that, there's little capping and spotting. Instead it seems like the hide/camp (Des Moines/Mino/Worcester-like) playstile is taking over. I agree that part of the problem is that starting at T7/8 DDs have to change their playstyle, but I would love to see statistics about how long it takes for a DD to get squashed once they get radar'ed vs. once they get spotted. Don't get me wrong, I play cruisers and BBs mostly (though I do have most of the DDs), but radar - especially 40 seconds - is a death penalty to any DD that is not passive and camping. Add to that that there are waaay too many ships with radar and more are coming. Radar is an easy-mode button for cruisers, it requires no skill at all, you don't even need to have line-of-sight. At least with torpedoes you have to take into account enemy movements, but not so with radar. And since there is absolutely no counter at all, it simply kills the fun and promotes a boring, extremely un-fun and undesirable playstyle.
  9. ArsenicIndigo

    Matchmaking Chart

    Is there no way the MM can determine a player's 'real world strength' and create matches based on that? It could take into account the Tier (T+2 MM always sucks, no matter what you say), the number of battles won/lost that day, the number of players in a division in any particular match and maybe even the players/clan's ranks. I'm not a coder but it can't be that hard to make the matchmaker take several stats into account when "match" making. I spend a great deal of time on this game and I know that I'm not a great player. But I can hold my own (except on weekends when everyone seems to struggle) in a reasonable team. Matching the number of ships of each class/tier was a great start but it's not the end. Today I was in a match with 5 BBs, 5 DDs and 2 cruisers each. I understand that there is a limited pool of resources (players/ships) at any given time, but sometimes it's just completely frustrating. I'd be happy to wait longer to get a more balanced team, probably many other players would be, too. You really need to stop the T+2 matchmaking, it's a game killer and nobody enjoys it. Maybe a few people do but those are top players who don't actually need to play T8. Most T8 players, however, are struggling to get to T9 and permanently being MM'ed with T10 is neither fun nor educating, it's plain frustration and pain. Plus/Minus 1 is fine, but 2 is just no fun. Isn't this a game and supposed to be fun?
  10. ArsenicIndigo

    A Proposed Change to Radar

    Well, how about at least making radar not penetrate islands/mountains, because... physics?! Radar spotting me on the other side of an island is plain.... well, uninteresting to put it mildly. Recently there has been way too much radar, hands down. I mean, when I see 5 or 6 radar ships (including a few Missouris) and maybe even a CV, what's the point of playing a DD at all? I mean for the average player, not you ultra-1337-git-gud folks. Most of us play this to have fun and this amount of radar just makes it hugely un-fun. Either as a DD or as a CL. Also DDs don't need thinner armor to lower AP dmg from BBs, when I get hit by BB shells, it has to hurt badly, because... physics?! Or at least, when I get an overpen, I should start flooding because... well, guess what... If there's a huge gaping hole in my hull, water will want to ingress...!
  11. ArsenicIndigo

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: Player Communication I find it a bit silly that we can only talk in the clan when we're out of the battle. Similarly having to add someone to a list and then talking to them after battle isn't a great way of doing things. I used to play the original Everquest, so that's where my idea came from: There is one main chat window where different channels are shown in different colours. For example clan chat could be green, division chat could be yellow, team chat could be blue, world chat could be red. If you want to talk in the clan channel, you type something like this: /c Clan Message And the same for other channels: /d to talk in division chat /t to talk to the team in a battle /w to talk to the world in battle /pm <name> to send a message to a specific player It would certainly help communications on all levels. You can activate or de-activate certain channels, obviously features like a blocklist must be implemented, too. I am not a coder, but since the underlying chat infrastructure is already in place, it would "just" be a matter of consolidating the separate channels into one window (and please please make that resizeable and customizable with items like font size).
  12. ArsenicIndigo

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    1. Description No sound at all in-game 2. Reproduction steps Launch game, no sound in either intro movies or in the game. 3. Result No sounds at all, no music or sound effects 4. Expected result Functioning audio 5. Technical details Even after launching PT with setting reset there is no sound. Audio settings in-game are fine. This works fine on live. Using SteelSeries Arctis 7 USB headset DxDiag.rar
  13. ArsenicIndigo

    No more cruisers

    Having played a few dozen matches in the current ranked season, it occurred to me that there are many matches with no cruisers at all. You end up with 4/5 DDs and 2/3 BBs. I have not only noticed this in ranked but also, to a lesser extent, in randoms. People just don't play cruisers anymore as much as they used to. And to be fair, in ranked, there really isn't much to do for a cruiser. You shoot one of the many DDs and you get blown to kindom come by BBs or get targetted by 20 or so torpedoes from all directions. IMO it shows that cruisers are no longer the "jack of all trades, master of none", but that they are the jack of no trade and obviously still the masters of none. Don't get me wrong, I still play mostly cruisers and I like playing them and I enjoy it, but it seems to me that compared to the other classes, cruisers are somewhat lacking in uniqueness/usefulness. There's nothing unique a cruiser can add (with the exception of radar, but even that's not completely true). So Cruisers like Moskva, Minotaur, Des Moines are often confined (or confine themselves for survival reasons) to hide behind islands and camp. It would be interesting to see a chart of ship types over the past couple of weeks, maybe I've just been unlucky to be MM'ed with few/no cruisers.
  14. ArsenicIndigo

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    Come on, cut them some slack. The servers are available more than 99.9%. I'm sure they are working on it right now.