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  1. Uglesett

    Musashi with frustrating dispersion

    I think you missed the reference
  2. Uglesett

    Smolensk Question

    I suspect Des Moines would be a better choice than Worcester, tbh. Smolensk has got 16mm plating, right? Alaska will probably make her life difficult. Radar and can overmatch her plating.
  3. Uglesett

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    After seeing the sub gameplay demo, the answer is still "no" on my part.
  4. Uglesett

    Musashi with frustrating dispersion

    But it's got cruiser HE power out to 10 km. You can engage two ships - of which 1 is a DD or soft skin Light Cruiser - simultaneously
  5. Uglesett

    World of warships

  6. Uglesett

    I am an Idiot...

  7. Judging by the gameplay shown on stream, a submarine can easily spot a DD for a substantial amount of time before the DD can actually perform an attack. Or just stay at periscope depth and keep their distance. And during this time, every half-competent cruiser captain on the enemy team is going to go "I'm gonna get me some of that" and gang up on that poor DD like a Japanese schoolgirl at a tentacle monster convention. The only way I can see this even half way working is if submarines cannot spot for their own team except when fully surfaced.
  8. Uglesett

    Musashi with frustrating dispersion

    No. Musashi still has the "old" Yamato turret traverse of 2.5 deg/sec. Yamato was buffed after the release of Musashi to 3 deg/sec. Musashi has slightly better rudder shift, though (18.7 vs 22.1 sec iirc) The 155s aren't particularly good, though. They are slow to reload and their fire chance is a meagre 2% higher than that of the 127mm guns which is more than made up for by the latter's higher RoF. Particularly when you note that Yamato's 127mm guns have an even higher rate of fire than Musashi's (12 shots/min vs. 8) Musashi's secondaries can at best be said to be situationally better in cases where the difference between 21 and 25 mm penetration is significant.
  9. Uglesett

    Gamescom codes (stream and others)

    Just slap the shark skin on Worcester and go ram someone.
  10. Uglesett

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    Poll is a bit flawed given that there's no "not interested in the rewards" option for question 2. With that said: I don't have the kind of spare time to regrind lines I've already played through. So for me the answer is a big, fat no.
  11. Uglesett

    Gamescom codes (stream and others)

    Isn't that one from last year, though?
  12. The only thing I can see them implementing is some kind of "silent running" mode where you press a key to reduce your submerged detectability but also your speed and maneuverability.
  13. Uglesett

    How did you do with the "French Whaling"?

    Been too busy changing diapers and not sleeping to bother with the game. I think I got a handful of tokens at the start of the event, that's it.