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  1. I was a bit too preoccupied to pay that much attention to what was happening around the eastern cap, but it seemed like you did alright over there. It was in our hands a lot of the time I could see, and eventually you and the Smolensk secured the eastern side completely.
  2. Uglesett

    Please remove the Ocean map

    Huh. I think the last time I saw that map I was in the Neptune. And the Minotaur is my oldest T10...
  3. Just bumped into @Captain_Breeze and @VIadoCro on my team in a match that I was sure was going to be a loss. Our team seemingly did its best to throw the match early on, but through a combination of the enemy team getting greedy and a lot of hard work we managed to turn it around. Holy hell was that intense. GG to both of you
  4. Yeah, I assumed so. I just can't remember seeing it in any article.
  5. Uglesett

    Some info new player here

    If you can manage without it, I'd hold off on selling them at least until we know the specifics of how WG will handle the upcoming line split.
  6. Uglesett

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

    Basically what @Verblonde said.
  7. Uglesett


    Took a couple of tries, but then it suddenly worked. Anyone got any idea what it does?
  8. Uglesett


    Considering that DDs are already getting shafted pretty hard, I can't quite see what would make anyone play a class that's like them, but worse.
  9. Because gun barrels are long. In order to go clear of other turrets and/or superstructure, the guns either have to be in a high elevation mount (e.g. Daring and Jutland), or they have to be so far away from anything that could interfere with their movement that you'll have room for significantly fewer turrets for the same length of ship. Yes, there are some cases in this game where some turrets easily could have had 360 degree rotation but don't (Izumo "B"-turret, I'm looking at you), but in most cases where turrets have limited rotation it's because of fairly realistic spatial restrictions.
  10. Uglesett

    4 man Div?

    Not unless they've made any changes lately. WG have even gone out and specifically stated that syncing multiple divisions into a match is ok as long as you don't abuse it if you end up on opposing teams. I think the record I've seen were eight or nine members of the same clan in one match, although one of the division ended up on the opposing team.
  11. Uglesett

    4 man Div?

    Erm. I'd make an appointment with an optometrist if I were you... Green team: three players in "A" division, two in "B" Red team: Two players in "A" division, three in "B"
  12. Uglesett

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    BTW, how is Mogami's plating now? Did it get any changes, does it have CA or CL plating?
  13. Uglesett

    why Worcester can't pen 38 mm?

    Are you implying that the new HE pen and IFHE mechanics are in fact not any more intuitive or easier to understand?
  14. "If it's good enough for me, it should be good enough for everyone" is a defense. I mean, it's a defense that's a classic logical fallacy, but it's still an attempt at a defense.