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  1. The effectiveness of air support against armour has actually been shown to be rather overrated. I think the Military Aviation History youtube channel had a very good video on that subject. Attack planes were much more effective when raiding supply lines and against lightly armoured vehicles that are vulnerable to cannon fire. On the other hand, WoT players who are bitching about single shots from howitzers are going to have an absolute fit when subjected to naval artillery...
  2. I'm pretty sure I've done similar amounts of damage to a friendly DD in the same sort of situation without turning pink... So maybe you need to be a bit more cautious in general?
  3. Special Upgrade must have list

    Admittedly, there are few things in this game more satisfying than sending up your spotter plane and deleting a Belfast that thought she was safe.
  4. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Cleveland is probably your best bet, if you're comfortable enough in T8 that you can stay alive long enough to get those hits in. If you're top tier it should be doable, if you end up in a T10 match you may find it a struggle. La Galisonnierre is another option. It's got a decent number of guns with good accuracy and rate of fire, and decent range. It tends to be a popular target, though, so my experience is that I ended up spending a little too much time avoiding fire and not enough keeping my guns firing. Personally I usually do these quests with Royal Navy CLs. Equip premium smoke, sit in smoke and farm hits on fat slow BBs. You've probably got a little bit too long until you get the Leander, though :-/
  5. Special Upgrade must have list

    I definitely want to give Hydro mod a try on the German DDs. And even if it's been (or will be) nerfed, radar mod is probably still going to be a good choice on pretty much all of the radar cruisers.
  6. Graf Spee owners - hints and tips, please.

    @Aotearas Definite bonus points for an on-point response that also references the profile pic of who you're replying to. Well played.
  7. Graf Spee owners - hints and tips, please.

    My main issue with the Spee is that she can't kite all that well. Simply put, her historical speed of around 28 kts was enough to allow her to outrun the battleships she could have ended up facing in the Atlantic. Problem is, in this game she will in almost every game face BBs that can keep pace with her or even outrun her. So unlike many other cruisers, she's not so suited for running away while dodging and weaving about, simply because she can't run away fast enough. Other than that, she's an enjoyable, if somewhat wonky ship. The guns are very similar to those of the Scharnhorst, but a bit more accurate. Not really enough to be noticeable in most cases. But they are good guns. They can citadel most cruisers she'll face with little risk of overpenetration, and if you aim for the upper belt of a broadside BB they can deal surprisingly large amounts of hurt with AP ammo. I'd say the thing about her isn't that she requires any particular playstyle, more that she requires you to be able to adapt your playstyle. She's not a "pocket battleship", but when facing up against a light cruiser she can certainly act like a battleship. Don't be afraid to brawl with other cruisers, the combination of her guns, armour, health pool and seriously bad news torpedoes mean that any cruiser should be worried if a Spee gets in brawling range. When going up against a BB, you're better off going for a more classical cruiser style, keeping the range open and your armour angled. Against a fast battleship... you're basically screwed :P Try to keep cover between you and the enemy and then ambush them with torps. Other than that, a lot of the standard advice for cruisers applies to her as well. Keep cover between you and the majority of the enemy team, put yourself in situations where you can focus on a target without being threatened by (too many of) their teammates.
  8. Premium shells in WOWS

    Just give the Iowa a "D"-hull based on her 1984 refit. Premium ammo for the Tomahawk missiles can have tactical nuclear warheads
  9. Early prototype Tirpitz spotted at tier 3

    Not only did you just not carry hard enough, to add insult to injury you got torpedoed by a ship that doesn't have torpedoes I love those wonky interwar experimental designs.
  10. My port isn't exactly overflowing with T8+ ships, so I'll hold off on it for now.
  11. It's not exactly unheard of from before, though... Many of the existing heavy cruisers can one-shot other same-tier cruisers. You may not have the same raw damage per shell as a BB, but you don't have the same dispersion either. Pensacola may have its flaws, but those guns are beastly for T6.
  12. Premium shells in WOWS

    Where is all that hate, though? I mean, there's a lot of emphatic disagreement with your suggestion, and a fair bit of snark. But hate? I think you use that word too lightly, sir. Considering how strongly the community feels about this issue, I'd say the replies have been remarkably restrained.
  13. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    I assume the game tracks how much oil you specifically have contributed, and bases it upon that. But I agree that the article could be clearer on how it works.
  14. I'm not sure what the problem is. You don't have to buy it for credits, you just buy it for the Steel you got from winning. So instead of getting it automatically, you get a resource that you can use to get something else instead if you're not interested in the Stalingrad. As I read it, you don't get the Flint and Black automatically for Ranked anymore either. Instead you get Steel that corresponds to the cost of those ships. I.E. If you've achieved first rank exactly three times, you will have received the Flint, and won't get any Steel.
  15. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    Coal, not oil. But the Salem is going to be Tier X, isn't it? I guess it kind of makes sense that it'll have a free XP cost higher than the Tier IXs.