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  1. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    Allow me to point out the obvious idiocy of the proposal: there's always going to be only one winning team. Which means that 50% of teams are going to lose. Eventually, more and more people currently playing Tier 10 will be pushed below the 53% threshold because they lose just a little bit more than others. Let it run for long enough, and the total population allowed to play T10 will eventually be practically zero.
  2. Heh. Remember that match. Not my best match in the Amagi ever, I have to admit (although I really didn't think I'd beach there, but I guess Amagi's keel goes pretty deep). I did ok-ish, and by the time I got killed my team was pretty much disintegrating anyway. Did manage to give @BeauNidl3 a little overpenetrating love tap at one stage, but for the most part we didn't get close enough to bother each other. I forgot the customary +1s though (In my defense, I'd spent seven hours chopping firewood on Saturday, then we'd had visitors over so I didn't have time to play until it was well past midnight. I was pretty exhausted and just rushing to get the team switch offer, so I hopped straight into the next game when I got killed.) But it was nice to see you
  3. Should I stop playing tier X?

    Considering how often T8 ships end up in T10 matches anyway, does it really make much of a difference if you play higher tier ships? (Ok, maybe economy wise).
  4. My first genuinely good game in the Neptune where I really felt I got the ship to work for me. She is awfully squishy even compared to the rest of the line, but the firepower is fantastic. I did have to spend an awful lot of time hiding behind an island, though.
  5. Why did I write Dallas? I meant Cleveland. Dallas doesn't even have radar I did partially avenge you, first by thoroughly smacking the Cleveland around (someone else got the kill, though) and then demonstrating to the Atlanta player that his ship is not built to broadside duel a Scharnhorst. Hehe. Accidents happen, but that's what I think is nice about the current punishment system. Having the occasional honest accident doesn't really affect you that much. Last time I turned pink I detonated a friendly Conqueror with an Asashio torp. He was at least three km out of range, behind an island and sailing at ninety degree angle away from my torp drop. I still don't quite understand how he ended up taking that torp without teleporting. He just laughed it off, though, it was such a silly situation. If it's any consolation, I had pretty much exactly the same experience (on the same map in the same position) the other night, except I was in an Alabama. BC were called out in chat, everyone agreed.... and then me and one DD actually pushed towards BC and everyone else hid in A I got burned down fairly quickly.
  6. Bumped into not just one but two forumers this evening. First I took my Amagi out for a spin on Okinawa, and bumped into @Ysterpyp in his Khabarovsk on the other team. I can't say we actually met, because we were pretty much in opposite corners of the map. He tried his damnedest to at least harass the guys from my team capping C (I only saw shells flying in the distance, but the scoreboard tells me he must have done a decent job). Meanwhile the rest of his team completely ignored B and C and went to hide behind A. I spent most of the game hanging out between and a little behind A and B and making cruisers that tried to push through A miserable. Later, I decided to finish up the evening with a fun little game in the Scharnhorst, and bumped into @xxNihilanxx, who had apparently been a naughty boy He got killed fairly early on, radared by the Dallas I guess. I survived the game despite being set repeatedly on fire by all the US light cruisers. Ended with a victory for our team, and a pretty decent game all in all.
  7. Go Navy is a Fraud

    As long as you weren't bitten...
  8. [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    It's for team wins, not individually won battles. You won't get them before the Eagles actually start winning the daily race, which will presumably start on Saturday when everyone who started on Sharks and has maxed out their loyalty switches to Eagles.
  9. How does bonuses stack?

    The easiest way to get a clear answer is just to look at the detailed report after a battle. But bonuses stack additively, not multiplicatively. So, if you have a camo that gives 100% extra and a flag that gives 300% extra, you get 400% extra. Regular exp is calculated first (with all bonuses), and then the "base" free exp is calculated from that (5% of the ship exp, according to teh wiki at least). Bonuses to free exp are then added additively on top of that. Let's say you score 1000 base exp. You have a camo that gives 50% extra and an Equal Speed Charlie London that gives another 50% for a total bonus of 100%. That's 2000 ship exp. From that, you get 5% or 100 "base" free exp. A Papa Papa flag increases that by 300%, to 400 free exp. Add a 777% flag on top of that, and you get... well, 777 free exp in addition, for a total of 1177 free exp.
  10. Go Navy is a Fraud

  11. School Kids

    Iiii... errrm... I have no idea what you're talking about
  12. Go Navy is a Fraud

    Ok, to be a bit more constructive (not quite sure why I bother, though): The event is not a fraud. It may be founded on some poor design decisions, but the reasons for why Eagles hasn't had any victories isn't down to some malicious intent from WG's side. Just the player base gaming the system and optimizing their rewards. There are two ways of doing this, depending on what you're after. -If you want to maximize your tokens while getting as many containers as possible, stick 100% with the winning team for as many days as it takes to get max loyalty for that team, then switch teams the next day. Presumably enough players will do the same that that team becomes the new winning team. -If you want to maximize your containers, start the day on the losing team and then switch when you get the offer to do so. As for why the Eagles started out as the losing team and the Sharks as the winning... well, you'll have to ask the collective hive mind that is the player base. Probably because, like fezzes and bow ties, sharks are cool.
  13. Go Navy is a Fraud

  14. School Kids

    How do you know the age of the players you consider donkeys? (Also, "on average" and "consistently" are... well, not exactly contradictory, but at least somewhat superfluous. "Consistent" implies a stronger statement than "on average".)