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  1. Uglesett

    Podcast with SubO

    NTC is the research bureau. It's the original name.
  2. Uglesett

    0.9.7 - Unique Upgrades

    Well. For one thing, not offering a free demount after nerfing several of the UUs is a bit bollocks, tbh. As for the new ones... they're completely irrelevant since they're gated behind the NTC. My advice is to get rid of the NTC completely and reintroduce the original UU mission chains for the ships in question.
  3. Uglesett

    Unique Upgrades - which are you still using?

    The only one I have so far is Yamato one, and seeing as I haven't been given the option of demounting it for free, it's still mounted.
  4. Uglesett

    CV mains, help needed

    Does this include both the Lex and the Midway? Still not done grinding all the modules on the Lex, and I'm wondering whether I should just skip unlocking the TiTs.
  5. This. I seriously doubt the fairly marginal income they get from people resetting commanders outweighs the general user annoyance at having to pay for it. And making it free will also make it easier to implement changes to the skill tree without pissing off users more than necessary.
  6. Uglesett

    Georgios Averof = Hellenic Navy in WOWS?

    Using the history of ancient Greece as an argument for having their ships in the game is a bit like using the Vikings as an argument for having Norwegian ships in the game. Neither argument is particularly relevant for the time period the game is set in. So the question then becomes, what were the capabilities of said navies during the relevant time period? And did those capabilities fit into the ship classes modeled in the game (at least well enough to be able to shoehorn them in somehow)?
  7. Uglesett

    WG aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh CVs

    I may have spent too much time sniffing Games Workshop glue, because I read the thread title as "Waaaaaaaaaaaaghhhh CVs". Ork bommerz when?
  8. Uglesett

    What to exchange for coal? Pommern vs Thunderer

    Thunderer is the most likely candidate to be removed soon. So if she's a ship you're genuinely interested in, you should get her while you still can.
  9. Uglesett

    Next WG title

    They can do a LEGO collaboration instead.
  10. Uglesett

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    So, now that you've screwed over a decent portion of the unique upgrades, are you going to be offering free demounts?
  11. Uglesett

    When will Puerto Rico be available again?

    When everyone who uses the forums learn to use the default font colours so their posts are readable on all forum themes
  12. Nah. I was trying to help you out with the Aki, but that match was a classic example of Gneisenau gunnery for me. I managed to score a double citadel on the Sinop with only four guns in the first salvo of the game, and apparently that spent all my RNG karma because everything else after that was meh-tastic. My main contribution in that match was apparently getting shot at a lot so other people weren't IIRC I scored one AP overpen on the Akizuki with the first salvo I shot at her, and every salvo at her after that only succeeded in getting her AA crews wet
  13. Uglesett

    the game is set up