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  1. Uglesett

    High tier German destroyers

    Unless that's some kind of slang for Canadian currency that I'm unfamiliar with, I think you're on the wrong track.
  2. Yes. You said: But not spending those florins (on the T4 and T6 bundles) wasn't an option. You would have had to have bought them anyway before you would be allowed buy the T8.
  3. You have to buy the T4 and T6 bundles before you're allowed to buy the T8 one anyway, so it's not as if you could have saved them and just picked up the T8.
  4. Uglesett

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    I ended up skipping several of the low tier BBs through events, so there may be some gems I've missed out on. T3: Nassau T4: Myogi and Kaiser are the only ones I've played, and while neither of them were a super pleasant experience, I'd put the Kaiser ahead of the Myogi. T5: Kongo. T6: Warspite/Queen Elizabeth. Normandie is quite good as well, especially with the ocean liner camo. Fuso was a bit of a mixed bag. T7: Scharnhorst T8: Amagi/Kii T9: Musashi T10: You probably saw this coming
  5. Uglesett

    PSA: Despawning fighters

  6. Uglesett

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    T1: Eh, whatever. T2: Dunno if there's any I particularly enjoyed. Weymouth for being different, maybe. T3: Prolly the St. Louis, just for being made out of guns. T4: Duguay-Trouin probably edges out the competition. But several others I liked, including Phoenix, Svietlana and Danae. T5: I'm actually going to go with Königsberg, which is a bit weird considering I really hate the Nürnberg after it. I think the Königsberg has better turret angles for firing forwards, at least it feels that way. Furutaka was a very pleasant experience as well. T6: Leander. I have a sweet spot for the Graf Spee as well though. T7: Scharnhorst (Jokes aside: Fiji) T8: Before I would have said Edinburgh, but I recently unlocked the Mogami and it's getting to me. Atago is fun as well. T9: Kronshtadt is the only one I have. I like it, though. Only other T9 cruiser I have experience with is the Neptune, and I hated that. T10: Minotaur.
  7. Uglesett

    Map boarder

    Yes. AND THIS IS ING EASY! One axis target prediction is simpler than two axis. How dense is it possible to be?
  8. Uglesett

    Map boarder

    THAT'S MY BLOODY POINT! The only reason border huggers are "diffixult to hit" is that they are slowed down. If they travel at normal speed they are at worst as difficult to hit as someone going in a straight line anywhere else on the map. How is single axis prediction supposed to be difficult? It's the simplest situiation you can get. What on earth is it you're actually trying to argue against? And just try playing on the Ocean map if you think the border makes for a tricky visual reference. There are plenty of situations where you don't have reference points to work with.
  9. Uglesett

    Map boarder

    Ok, how would someone moving at normal speed in a straight line along the map border be any more difficult to hit than someone moving at normal speed at any other point of the map (where you have more freedom to not travel in a straight line)? What people are bitching about when it comes to border hugging is that the slowdown messes with their aim, after all. And I'm not saying that kiting is synonymous with border camping, I'm asking how you propose to distinguish between border camping and kiting.
  10. Uglesett

    Map boarder

    And how would you differentiate what you personally think is unacceptable behaviour from the perfectly acceptable behaviour of kiting the enemy away to the map border while the rest of the team has an easier time winning? If WG want to get rid of abusing the map border slowdown to make oneself more difficult to hit, there's an easy solution: get rid of the slowdown. A ship that hits the map border will then just end up travelling at normal speed parallel to the map border and shooting at them will be just like shooting at anyone else.
  11. Uglesett

    Captain Jingles?

    He's mentioned that he'll be travelling to St Petersburg some time next month iirc. So maybe we'll see him in in 0.8.3 or 0.8.4.
  12. Uglesett

    Map boarder

    In the first case you've already won anyway, so there's nothing to whine about. Stop your ship and grab a cup of your preferred warm beverage while you wait for the points to run in. In the second case: what difference does the behaviour of the map border make in this case? If it deals damage, this player is just going to die, meaning your team loses points and the enemy gains them.
  13. Uglesett

    Map boarder

    I'm sorry, why on Earth do people care? If someone is so far from where the action that they're bumping into the border, then they're in no position to be of any use anyway, unless their opponents are dumb enough to follow. If an opponent ends up being chased to the map border by several of your team, then they are actually doing something useful: they're kiting you away from where you need to be and contributing to stacking the odds in their own team's favour somewhere else on the map. So next time you're annoyed at a border hugging opponent, ask yourself the following: "Am I actually doing something useful right now, or should I be someplace else?" Because if you're irritated at a border hugging opponent, chances are high that the one actually making a mistake is you.
  14. Uglesett

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    I think they just meant that the german DDs lose them as you go past T5, there's been nothing on the dev blog about changing the german DD line.