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  1. Uglesett

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    He's got a lot of talents, but I don't know if Michael Caine's ever been considered one of the "funny guys" of the UK film scene. Also, no idea about his gf.
  2. Uglesett

    Hayate - WG responds to the community feedback

    7.7 km base concealment is about on par with ze Germans. Z-52 has 7.7-something base concealment which gives about 6.1 km with full stealth.
  3. Uglesett

    unify key bindings of consumables (2020 edition)

    Ok, so try to bind F4 to a consumable and then try to trigger it while holding down the ALT-key
  4. Uglesett

    Hayate - WG responds to the community feedback

    Sauce? There's nothing about it in the dev blog forum section at least.
  5. Uglesett

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    Calling it "pro fire" illustrates pretty well that you don't really understand what you've read. Yes, there are quite arguments that we should step away from a lot of modern forest management, and allow forest fires in remote areas to burn naturally. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most important ones is that by putting out forest fires, we allow a buildup of dead material on the forest floor. Which in turn is quite flammable and in the long run makes future forest fires worse. And yes, a lot of life in forests is dependent on occasional forest fires, within limits. Or, you know, we could just start sweeping the forest floor And yes, a lot of plant- and wildlife in the affected regions of Australia are indeed adapted to a cycle of bushfires and can cope quite well with them as long as they are somewhat within normal parameters. Funnily enough, this year's fires are definitely not within the scope that life in those areas has evolved to deal with. There's a lot of work being done to help animals that probably could have coped well with the kind of forest fires that they are adapted to but have problems with fires of this scale. And that work could definitely do with some financial aid.
  6. Uglesett

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    Because you have to spend your money on it? I mean, it's not as if it's unprecedented, they've done charity sales for veteran ships (USS Texas and that submarine I can't remember), they've done it for Save the Children, they've probably done others I can't remember. If you want to complain about charity sales, you're a little late to the party.
  7. Uglesett

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    So, basically something similar to the Gallant, but with an aussie accent? I might consider picking it up, it'd probably work just fine with my Haida skipper. I think cloning the Daring would be a bit much, given that she's a T10. I don't really see WG doing that anyway, but something in T6-T7? Sure. There is so much wtf in these posts, I don't even know where to start.
  8. Uglesett

    Premium Brit cruisers..

    I'd still like to see a RN premium CL that: a) is possible to get hold of without gambling on containers b) actually works well with a tech tree skipper
  9. Uglesett

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Single screenshots or match results aren't really demonstrating much, though. If we were to get scientific about this, the ideal way of doing it was to play a statistically significant number of games in the same DD (unfortunately, that's probably at least a couple of hundred games), divide them into CV and non-CV games and compare the aggregated results of the two groups. That would take into account the factors that may not be readily apparent when you're just playing, and show how much the presence of CVs in the match affect the performance of the DD player.
  10. Uglesett

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    Dunno. I might have picked up the T7 or 8 if it had shown up, but the point is moot since the first bundle was just camos and signals.
  11. Uglesett

    Is that a thing?

    Prinz Eugen != Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  12. Uglesett

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    I have both the Kidd and the Enterprise, what I don't have is any particular free time. Ask me again mid february, the missus is planning on leaving for a week for a family birthday and taking the kid with her. EDIT: Actually, maybe next Thursday if she has game night. Nice thing about the kid being fussy about bottle feeding is that she ends up taking the little urchin with her.
  13. Uglesett

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Oh for goodness' sake. Right, let's go back to where it started: Now, all I'm wondering is: what does "used correctly" mean in this regard, and what is it everyone else is apparently doing wrong (aside from not meeting CVs that eat all the flak).
  14. Uglesett

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    Speaking of Jim ing Sterling, son, I think it was he who did a video on how stuff like this works up to a point, where you suddenly get a massive backlash. I mean, people were saying the same thing about loot boxes in EA games ("people still buy them, so they have no reason not to keep it up"), and they kept slowly tightening the screws, offering less and less for more and figuring they could keep getting away with it. But then Battlefront 2 happened and apparently found the breaking point, and EA found themselves in a storm of biblical proportions.