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  1. Not answering the poll because I haven't played since the end of the free respec period after the captain skill rework. But... well, there's a reason why I haven't played since then. I pop by the forum now and then to check what's going on, but haven't played in months. Might fire up the game again for supercontainers during the anniversary month.
  2. Benham, because I was in Finland on vacation when that event was running. But I've stopped playing anyway, so it's a moot point now.
  3. I reset all my captains just before 0.10.1, and haven't played the game since.
  4. The Arquitens is mine. The dice roll is mine. The rebel corvette is the target.
  5. Uglesett

    Who opposes the highest rate of fire

    First post summarized:
  6. Nah. After the free respec period ended I stopped playing.
  7. Uglesett

    Respecs should be free anyway

    If WG genuinely wanted more variation in skill builds, that is what they should do. As it is, respeccing is so expensive that the rational thing to do is to find one build that works and then stick with it basically forever. IE just as it was before the skill rework. You could almost start to think that WG didn't actually do this in order to promote more varied captain skill builds, but rather just to make people spend more money on the game
  8. So what happens when you've played enough games against above average players that your winrate drops below 50%?
  9. Tried it when I was in Rotterdam for work a few years back. Had two pints with dinner, and probably should have asked how strong it was before I ordered the second one
  10. Uglesett

    Which T10 ships are underpowered?

    Zao suffers a fair bit with the proliferation of 18" armed BBs. Z-52 is a bit on the weakish side in the damage department, I'm not sure smoke+hydro trick is enough to make up for its shortcomings.
  11. Uglesett

    Last resort ships

    Musashi. Jean Bart. Any RN CL that's not the Neptune.
  12. Uglesett

    [Suggestion] Slap-function

    It'll just turn into this.
  13. Uglesett

    Can achievements / medals get some love?

    I would personally like to see the following two: "You had one job" - get sunk by a torpedo from a BB while in a DD. "Role reversal" - sink a DD with a torpedo fired from a BB.
  14. Uglesett

    So AA does not work???

    None of which are anywhere near the kind of arguments that OP is claiming to refute.
  15. Uglesett

    So AA does not work???

    That's a bit like saying "I'm sure you would win, but let's see how many shells you would need to fire". Except shells can actually be dodged, of course. AA is just... up to the CV player.