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  1. Uglesett

    Why WoWs "feels wrong", CV rework is not helping

    World of Warships is less successful than WoT because naval combat is a less popular, more anorak-y subject than armoured vehicles. Making it even more slow-paced and indigestible is not going to help that.
  2. Uglesett

    Wargamings BULLY tactics

    Basically, what @El2aZeR said.
  3. Uglesett

    Alexander Ovechkin mission ready to be activated

    I consider the dual-nation version "nice to have", but not worth paying for. With the special skills he has (improved survivability expert in particular), the most use I could see for the dual nation version would be so that you could have him on both the USSR DD lines.
  4. Uglesett

    Alexander Ovechkin mission ready to be activated

    Mission chain gives you the russian version (see @WolfGewehr's image further up), so I would assume the collection gives the US version.
  5. Uglesett

    Final Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Got all four. Didn't buy a single premium container, but since I already had the Gallant I did get some regular containers I wouldn't otherwise have been able to get. Also, got some for free from codes that were given out during a stream or something.
  6. Uglesett

    Directive - Earn 7 stars

    Well, that's pretty daft. Sure, you can do it by playing something else than the weekly operation in a division, but you really shouldn't have to.
  7. Uglesett

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    Perhaps you were just too quick.
  8. Uglesett

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    Yeah, that's what I got as well.
  9. Uglesett

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    For those who had redeemed the first code, the second mission appeared without needing to actually redeem the second code (but the second code apparently unlocked both the first and second parts of the mission for those who hadn't redeemed the first). Apparently, the same is true for the third mission.
  10. Uglesett

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    Third video isn't published yet.
  11. Uglesett

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    Yeah, it even says so in the patch notes that op quotes in the first post, and still sees fit to complain about. I mean, the patch came out a couple of hours ago. It's barely past lunchtime in most of Europe, and player numbers aren't exactly at peak... no wonder matchmaking is a bit skewed.
  12. Uglesett

    Halloween Event 2018

    That was how it worked with the Space Battles event, at least.
  13. Uglesett

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    How? "Getting a lucky penetrating hit" isn't an option. It's just a lucky get out of free card that occasionally saves you when you get outplayed. Other than that your options, the actions you can choose to take, will be exactly the same. EDIT: Ok, I guess technically "don't try to dodge and stick to AP" is an action you can choose. But... well, even before this change happens it's not a very good choice.
  14. Uglesett

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    How is that any different from what happens now if you have bad luck and only score overpens? Then you're either dead, or you have to do something (usually involving the W, A, S and/or D keys) to draw out the fight and buy the time for a second or even third salvo.