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  1. snufnu

    Stop abuse and bullying DD commanders!

    I don't have time or energy to go into the many different tactic's that can be applied or some of excellent players that have used them and been a privilege to play with and against. My point which you clearly missed is whatever your views or opinions it is NOT acceptable to be abusive or issue threats to other people and maybe sometimes other people have other ways of playing which can be effective if you give them a chance. I shall continue to play and ignore the bully's and people who reply with nothing of any consequence to say.
  2. snufnu

    How to handle people like this?

    Unfortunately it seems to be happening a lot lately you get a bye bye or RIP in the chat box at start or worse abuse what a rubbish team you are and they quit although last time it happened we won so joke was on him ;-)
  3. Most people are friendly intelligent players but unfortunately an increasing number of players are becoming extremely abusive and threating to report DD players including myself if we refuse to rush of at start of battle and cap. It makes no tactical sense to rush in and cap an area we can not hold or charging into overwhelming enemy forces for a quick death. I am willing cap an area if possible and have support from my team but DD are also good for stalking around islands and sneak attacks. I get that some people are not tactical in their thinking and only know how to play in a certain way but it is not ok to boss and bully others with abuse it shows up their own limited thinking and intellect and spoils the game for everyone else. I doubt those responsible will even read this and mostly I ignore them but I had to vent after horrific game last night!
  4. snufnu

    How to handle people like this?

    Its extremely annoying but on occasion my internet has given the ghost at start of battle so AFK due to technical problems and I know its happened to other people so only punish idiots who quit on propose and are abusive about team mates cause they spoil it for everyone else!