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  1. Arietis26

    Public Test 0.11.5 - Bug reports

    Damn now we even get flying cruiser great no carriers
  2. Not really sure how this is going to work later I keep seeing no progress when I am playing
  3. Can't wait get to me now. LOL keep it coming we are on a roll now.
  4. How much of the things we are seeing in test will be carried over into the live servers when the update goes in to effect? I like all the changes and hope to see them there.
  5. Arietis26

    Collector's Club Launch

    crap got me another of them damn pretty badges now how about that...
  6. Arietis26

    Public Test 0.11.5 - Convoy mode

    I enjoyed this a lot and Found nothing to complain about except testing is to damn short.
  7. Arietis26

    Collector's Club Launch

    WTF I got a damn badge....
  8. Arietis26

    Submarines interaction can´t get worse? Now on PTS..

    Its even stupid that Subs have homing torps which I do not believe there was any during WWII. OK I'm wrong but they sure as hell where not as effective as in the game. You can out maneuver the damn things except in a DD.
  9. OK put them in folder see them there but not in game.  what did you use to edit them and how do I get them on the ships. 

  10. Arietis26

    Public Test 0.11.3 - General feedback

    I have been playing now for several days at least 3 to 4 hrs. I could find no bugs and I tried the missions and they work fine. GREAT JOB. I enjoy the super ships put them in the game.