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  1. Hippolyte_Lesaunier


    The way CV have been reworked really isn't professional. Fact is playing CVs is now very frustrating, which is exactly what PLAYers who are here to PLAY don't want. It looks better than before, but that's all. What WG seems to miss there is that aircraft carriers changed history of naval warfare. Pearl Harbor resulted in the whole US battleship fleet sunk or damaged ; the brand-new-hi-tech Bismarck was disabled by slow biplanes ; the unsinkable Yamato was helpless against a swarm of 300 angry warbirds. People expect CVs to be powerful. Especially if you feature legendary airplanes like the the Helldiver or the B5N Kate. Its ridiculous and sad to watch flights of those blasted 3 seconds. About fighters and destroyers, one word : rockets. Forget those and leave them with light bombs and machineguns/cannons. Bombs are easier to evade, and guns can deal light damage (only against very light armor) over time with some realism (you can have something like an "overheat gauge" to avoid endless ammo issues).
  2. Seems to be the reasonable price of progress. You know that Greek alphabet is not the easiest to read ? When you refer to a "32 bits" monitor, that's about the color depht/palette. Nothing to do with the fact the OS is 32 or 64 bits. So no, no performance issue at all. A "monochrome" monitor was actually 2 bits (because for each pixel you encode the display information on 2 bits : say 0=black 1=green). 32 is just 2 power 5.
  3. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Islands should definitively create "radar shadows". Yeah, that would require a bit of maths and coding. Would also make it more balanced with other detection consumables, like spotter planes (can look above islands) and hydroacoustics (let's simplify it a bit and say that water currents can allow you to hear something underwater from behind an island).
  4. Well I don't pretend to be a top-notch player but still spent a lot of time on CVs... Of course removing content is awful and pretty much all the community says it, this is a point by itself. Also I know my history. CVs were DECISIVE during WWII. They proved BBs had no real use on open seas and that even the Yamato could do very little against naval aviation. Not to mention that the mighty, fresh-built Bismarck was disabled by a handful of "low tier", outdated (Swordfish) british biplanes. They shifted the balance. It just doesn't make any sense. Or go a step further and include homing missles AA defense systems that shifted the balance again. Wouldn't be worse. Or, as MightyJingles once said on YouTube, you just merge World of Warships & World of Warplanes together. THAT could be fun. PS : you guys want to get back in control ? Just make a no-premium "strike". WG will do what you want in less than 10 days You are the customers. You have the money. You have the power.
  5. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    Hydoacoustics going around an island following a thermal layer isn't that crazy. Anyway if you want to get an idea how it really works, try to play the Oliver Hazard-Perry FFG in SCS Dangerous Waters WITHOUT Autocrew. Good Luck. And it simulates current technology. WWII radars were crude. No computers, calculators at best, and blurry spots on early cathodic screens.
  6. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Having a Plan in Random

    Seen a lot of battles lost because people stick to an arbitrary "plan" like "AC". The key is to adapt and stay flexible enough. As in life in general.
  7. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Awful in world of warships!

    Multiple layers of armor plating had a reason to be.
  8. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    3k base xp

    Compliment is really a personal feeling. You've found someone brave, or smart, and want to underline that. That's it.
  9. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    I recently went into ranked battles and was delighted by the much more tactical play style. Looks more like a naval battle and less an all-out brawl.
  10. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Severe community issue in WoW

    Then what ? Be happy with that state of things ? Threads like this one popping up from time to time make people speak about it. And that's always how you break the circle violence. Speaking about it. You don't seem to understand that preventing kids from having that kind of wrong behaviour is actually protecting them. Real life society doesn't forgive any kind of behaviour considered as "out of line". Some societies are more tolerant than others, but still. You don't behave correctly, you get punished in a way or another. Freedom stops where begin others freedom. No, people can't say everything, there are laws, and even in the most permissive countries you can easily be charged by a court for that, as long it is proven you offended someone and caused harm. Yes, indeed. Let's talk about that. One of the most common expressions I see is "[edited]* team" (basically everytime your team loses). This is absolutely unacceptable. There are people that suffer from mental illnesses and you don't have any right to play with that. It may seem innocent, but I can tell you that if one day someone takes it seriously and can afford to hire a team of international lawyers, you'll pay a fine you'll remember all your life, and it will be deserved. There's absolutely no difference with the 'autism' case you quote above. And don't tell me it isn't common, I see it all the time. *Interestingly enough, there's a filter on this forum (so we could speak again about freedom of speech) : the word was Romeo-Echo-Tango-Alpha-Romeo-Delta.
  11. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Severe community issue in WoW

    No, but I'm fairly confident the issues are the same, as it is exactly the same online-gaming platform. I've been around in gaming for 20 years. I've even worked in the industry. That's not the problem. As wrote above (glad I'm not the only one to notice this) it sometimes goes to some form of hatred which is simply harmful.
  12. Hippolyte_Lesaunier

    Severe community issue in WoW

    World of Warships is a very interesting, addictive game that I like very much. It is however plagued by the way people behave on the battle chat. I never saw anything like that elsewhere. In each battle you have someone insulting others - or worse -, sometimes by frustration, sometimes without reason. This is really a serious concern that should be addressed. As an educator I'm very concerned thinking that many young people are playing this game. They should definitively not be exposed to that level of violence. Countries have laws, and this is not allowed in most of them. Something has definitively to be done. Part of it is by getting the community more responsible. We must not tolerate this kind of behaviour, it is unacceptable and spoils the experience people might get from the game. It is dangerous. The other part is Wargaming's responsability. There are specific rules each user has to accept when creating an account. Those rules precisely ban any kind of aggressive behaviour on chat. They have to be enforced. On the long run it can only be good for buisness. Thanks for doing something.