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  1. Caughtintherain

    Tirpitz Help, I just got the Tirpitz, how should I play her?

    It seems like your highest tier non-premium BB is a tier 5. You want to grind a tech tree BB to tier 8 before you play the Tirpitz, this will familiarise you with BB mechanics as they become more complicated up the tiers and give you practice at aiming with BBs.
  2. Caughtintherain

    Beware of steel to coal auto conversion!

    I don't think anyone said it was a problem, just that it's something for us as players to be aware of.
  3. Caughtintherain

    Captain respecs back to full price

    This seems silly, are CB players supposed to run CB set ups in randoms or random set ups in CBs?
  4. Caughtintherain

    Captain respecs back to full price

    I just did a couple of respecs and noticed that the UI is showing full price for respecs again. I did play clan battles all last week so I wouldn't expect to lose that perk at any point while clan battles are active. It's worth noting that I can't tell whether I actually lost the doubloons from my balance as I don't know exactly how many I had to begin with and I'm reluctant to try it again for obvious reasons. I have a ticket in with WG so it should be fixed whether it's a UI error or another accidental reset, but everyone should be careful when respeccing today.
  5. Caughtintherain

    I want choose Standard/Domination

    Then your standard battles should be that much sweeter and more valuable to you.
  6. Caughtintherain

    I want choose Standard/Domination

    It would be an unnecessary change to a system which is working adequately and as intended. Write 1 reason why you can't suffer half of your battles being the game mode you least prefer.
  7. Caughtintherain

    Timing of Clan Battle Seasons

    I require you to provide evidence to support this claim.
  8. Caughtintherain

    Well if you’re going to be stupid enough to admit it...

  9. Caughtintherain

    Timing of Clan Battle Seasons

    You mentioned the player count of BAD-A, I would prefer not to talk on behalf of or about my clan. My message was a general comment. As for preparing Christmas dinner, yes actually some people do have Christmas dinner related tasks to do at the start of December. If you need me to I can give you a more exhaustive list of Christmas and New Year related tasks such as decorations purchase and placement, list making, present purchasing, card writing, family visiting, phonecall arrangement, watching Christmas specials on TV, working overtime to finish off miscellaneous tasks in work before Christmas, that's before we even get in to the general leisure activities around Christmas like grotto visiting, window shopping and enhanced community activity, I imagine church goers are quite busy around this time of year too, huge in the EU, even bigger in NA. You argue that the current times and dates have been chosen because they're the most convenient for the largest part of the player base, I'm not convinced of that. Scheduled events around December are convenient for teenagers and students, I can't think of many other groups December is convenient for, and while they may form a large part of the community I think the middle aged and old git brackets are substantial too. Without the numbers I can't say for certain but I would guess that teenagers and students might make up a plurality of users, but not a majority.
  10. Caughtintherain

    Timing of Clan Battle Seasons

    I think the issue here isn't that any specific individual doesn't have the time to play, more that 7 individuals consistently making time to play a ship themed online arcade game on a specific time and day each week during the run up to Christmas and New Year is needlessly inconvenient given that there are 11 other months in the year that aren't Christmas and New Year.
  11. Caughtintherain

    Look into the mind of a team killer

  12. Caughtintherain

    Look into the mind of a team killer

    A whole year at the blisteringly fast pace of 2.3 games per week?
  13. Caughtintherain

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    I don't think cyber bullying is a real thing.
  14. Caughtintherain

    Look into the mind of a team killer

    I'm calling shenanigans. This is a wind up orchestrated by the community contributors for a clickbait video to be released on the 1st of April. Calling it now.
  15. Caughtintherain

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    You started the thread asking why you should be penalised for torpedoing your teammates. You got the necessary replies, your torpedoes are your responsibility. You then went on to state that you actually do quite well in the hood, this is demonstrably false. When the falsehood was demonstrated you claimed that you were getting flamed. If you want advice why are you refusing to acknowledge that you need advice?