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  1. The kind of people who are really super in to online games but as a lifestyle choice rather than whatever reasons other people are here. I'm sure you found me quite insufferable during our interactions at our old clan, these people are basically me but less self aware. I'm sure you'll be having bags of fun with them on the forums until you realise that they just don't stop. I'll quote myself from a locked thread to give you an idea of how I think it will go down. You first have to accept that the NTC is simply a stepping stone to a larger set of sweeping changes that will change the target audience. If you see the NTC in isolation it looks completely innocent, like a misguided attempt to add longevity to the game. I assure you it is not. It is the home decor equivalent of sugar soaping the walls before you start painting. It's the base layer, the primer, the lead in to a massive series of changes that will completely alienate everyone currently playing in favour of a new kind of player who won't complain as long as they have lots of niche mechanics to argue over, proving their superior game knowledge to their peers by being able to rattle off lesser known and relatively irrelevant game values, players who won't complain as long as they get to megapwn n00bz because they've spent 12 hours a day pressing battle for a decade, players who can't complain because WoWS is literally their life and they have nothing else. Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't matter, I've already uninstalled, the idea that a WG employee tried to get away with telling us we wanted the opposite of what we wanted is astounding to me. There are very few things I refuse to tolerate but this is one of them. Adios Nihilan, and thanks for being a top bloke, answering my questions and helping me improve.
  2. Why are people still discussing this? WG took dozens of pages of "no, go away" and lied about the content of those pages to the people who created those pages. The time for giving them the benefit of the doubt is over, the time for optimism is over. They twisted our own words and lied to us about what we said. They did not move an inch on their idea except to manoeuvre within the confines of the system that they dictated to us by anchoring the idea of the NTC in our heads, the two poop one poop argument. I won't sit here and be told that we asked for X when we actually in almost absolute unanimous unison demanded Y with literally nobody asking for X. I won't call you fools for staying, it's only a game so who cares, if we weren't killing time here we'd be doing it in the pub or under a bridge. I will say that if you expect this to be the end of the war you're mistaken, the introduction of the NTC is a battle, even if we win a decisive victory they will just keep pushing their update schedule until enough of us leave and enough of their new demographic move in that they can "revisit" the idea of the NTC only for it to be suddenly met with massive approval. Expect the game to become more of a life sink than a time sink in the future, and if you do stay I advise you not to spend any more money on the game. You will regret it in a year or so.
  3. Caughtintherain

    CV Rework Discussion

    El2aZeR mate, it's doomsday, the sky is burning and the moon is descending to devour our souls, it's not about CVs anymore. If we have more than ashes to fight over after this NTC debacle we can get back to the eternal crusade of removing CVs from the game.
  4. Given that WG are refusing to back down on an idea with a 99% disapproval rating, the 1% approval coming from a guy who complained that the 4k health boost won't save him from getting dev striked in a Zao, one can only surmise that WG have a business model in place to sustain them when they lose the current demographic of players, us. When people with disposable income but limited free time leave that means WG will have to get their revenue from people with little income but excessive time. By catering to a new type of player they alienate the current playerbase who despise the idea of the NTC but that doesn't matter, they attract a new type of player who enjoy the NTC. I would be interested to see the internal projections of player numbers over the next 5 years, they will show a growth because of the NTC. That growth will be in spite of the losses from the current population. They don't care what we say lads, they don't want us here. They're appealing to a new demographic. They just want us to stick around and keep giving them money until they've marketed their revamped system to the new type of player they want. You'll know that their plan is complete when the forums become full of insufferable people arguing about nothing for 12 hours a day. The first victim will be the "forumites you've met in random battles" thread. That will go from a friendly, positive place to the type of cesspit where arguments are still ongoing over games that are 3 months old. It's a shame really, I was just getting good too. See you all on the flip side!
  5. How are you getting dev striked in a Zao? No wait let me rephrase that, HOW ARE YOU GETTING DEV STRIKED IN A ZAO?
  6. Caughtintherain

    This is a topic about gameplay

    I too am interested in discussing gameplay related issues in the gameplay forum my friend. I hope this doesn't get shut down by Herr Obergruppencommisar. I think people are looking at this the wrong way, you're right that it makes the gameplay a lot more unfair to newer players and makes getting a foothold on the game harder, people are right that it essentially rewards those with too much free time to grind, but the real essence of this change is who wanted it? Who does it help? Who asked for it? As far as I can see it's nothing more than a mechanism to get vulnerable people to spend even more of their free time here, reducing the number of players but increasing the game frequency of the remaining players. WG seem to have abandoned the principles of trying to make a game if they ever had them to start with, now they're trying to make a life sink. If your game isn't good enough to attract and retain people naturally, gripping on to what you have tighter and tighter will just result in a slower death. In terms of gameplay I think we'll see an increase in the number of people who are really super in to the game but in a bad way playing the game while the more take it or leave it group find something else to do with their time. The problem for WG is that games that are essentially life sinks exist, and they're usually much better than or more rewarding than WoWS. WoWS strikes a weird but up until now manageable balance between hardcore and casual that is rare to see. As time goes by expect them to move to more life sink-y game models as they realise the various battle royale format isn't enough to make a life sink game.
  7. Caughtintherain

    CV Rework Discussion

    Suddenly the idea of discussing CVs seems hollow and pointless, it's like arguing over who gets to have mastery over the radio in a car on the way to the scrapyard.
  8. I don't think he's disparaging the differently abled, I think he's pointing out the fact that the Naval Training Centre is an idea so bad it could be perceived as a symptom of mental retardation on the part of the concept lead.
  9. The "phr33 consum4bl3s 4 a11" stuff is just there so WG can take all this outrage, slightly change the Training Centre and remove the idea of free premium consumables from the table. Then in a month's time they say "you talked, we listened, we reworked the Training Centre AND completely removed the free consumables." It's KGB marketing 101. Provide the consumer with a double dose of poop on a Monday then take away 1 and and a half doses on Tuesday, by Wednesday the consumer will chow down on the half portion of poop without complaint. The amazing part to me is that they're putting themselves in the firing line, after the Black ship scandal, selling a permanent camo at full ship price, I always assumed they were really clever. Maybe they got rid of their old KGB guy and the new one isn't quite as good.
  10. Caughtintherain

    More forum positivity

    Same here. Once we manage this in WoWS we should go around and find a way to punish people who laugh at our terrible suggestions IRL too. They are obliged to respond to us, dedicating at least an hour or more of their time to creating a comprehensive reply every time we say something! Raising your eyebrows and suppressing a chuckle isn't a response Tim from HR! Who's with me?!?
  11. Caughtintherain

    What do you listen to?

    I did reply but it's pointless now.
  12. Caughtintherain

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    No it wasn't.
  13. Caughtintherain

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    You think your own opinion is irrelevant? Mate that explains so much.
  14. Caughtintherain

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    Oh are you the fat gobby bloke who happens to be in a good group then goes around shouting about how great he is because he's in the group without ever actually doing anything to contribute to the group?