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  1. ProjectX2

    Meta ingame

    Like the update, bc its new and bring some more to the game.. However, had no idea that it would directly create such a great panic mode, that all players would choose to play the game of headless chickens The few players trying to get a gameplay out of it are punished and die because the rest of one's team is still in the spawn area
  2. ProjectX2

    The Order Of Liberty

  3. ProjectX2

    Meta ingame

    Hi WG and everyone else Is super happy for your new update, nice you making a difference, even if it is not completely in the closet. Potato potatoes But personally, I am extremely sorry for the development in relation to meta in the game. Do not play ramdoms anymore, as I am only experiencing lemming trains and people who are scared of dice on their ship. So my relationship with the game means, when the rank is over, I don't know what I'm sitting with after ?!?! Since I in no way participate in gameplay where it's about sitting at the back and camp, just because there is a CV player in the match, hoping for the best shoot and better spotting. Don't know how to turn this development of meta here Trying through the command system asking other players to turn around, typing ingame and asking them why they choose this playing style. But without luck sadly Greeting the deeply troubled player
  4. ProjectX2

    The Order Of Liberty

    [-L-] order of liberty is recruiting: we r a new founded clan with members from storm league, that r looking for active players willing to play div and participate in competitive competitions Acceptance criteria: - +50% winrate - +40k average dmg - +1k average xp - speak english - willing to improve and learn if u r new here's our server u r welcome any time: https://discord.gg/tzfmvv
  5. ProjectX2

    AFK people in start of a match

    Sure no 30 sec problem, but when ppl are afk more then 2mins, its AFk i my world And that just sad, in a teamplayer base game, where you need dds in front, or the CV to cover your dds..
  6. ProjectX2

    AFK people in start of a match

    Guess we all try it in randoms, AFK people ?!? But most of all, its very very annoying when key ship is AFK Like the CV or DD.. Wonder if wargaming ever been thinking about a, after queue botten ? Yes you sig up for queue, but also need to hit ready botten, just before you end up in MM ? So AFK cant get in, or we all know they are AFK for nothing.. Just wondering
  7. ProjectX2

    [-L-] LF members

  8. ProjectX2

    [-L-] LF members

    The Order Of Liberty EU 18+ Introduction:New Clan, from botton of Idea with this clan, is to build it up In time CB and more things to come Looking for members that wanner take this as project, and form a idea behind it So it can evolve into something serious In need of help with this, recruiter and officer members HIGH PRIORITY Iam looking for some members for Clan Battles Requirements: • Be an active player 18+ (especially around CB time) • Speak and understand english • Join and be active on discord, with a mic • Atleast two competitive Tier 10 ships, NO rentals Join Discord and lets talk about it https://discord.gg/nj2dSVb
  9. ProjectX2

    LF eng CB Clan

    Hello Everyone... Ingame name : ProjectDictator Im danish, and 35y young :p Look for a clan, that running CB Dont wanner be stand in guy, or back up.!!! Im not a hero player, but working on been better and get more skill, hate single play and ranked inall im here for the CB, and divs2/3 play. Most of the time, i will be there for all 4 days of CB every week, ofc some irl stuff can happen In a clan right now, that got problems with ppl showing up.. Hate wasting time on waiting, bc ppl dont show up ! A most ppl show up in time I will allways know alest 24H before battle, if cant show up, if not irl crap burns somehow. Hope there is a clan out there that wanner take a talk, got discord ts3 skype, what ever you need me on :) Pls pm ingame, and lets find out how we can talk, and play some divs togther https://wows-numbers.com/player/550738642,ProjectDictator/?type=div2