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    The game is EDIT on so many levels

    I write the following cause i feel like expressing myself and the forum is made for that, thats all. The game provides zero experience related to the reality - as it has nothing in common with the fights which happened in the history of the planet Earth despite it pathetically abuses (anything for the money gain) borrowing historical details such as ship design and history events in order to lure in players under a false pretending that the game has anything in common with that. The game is a EDIT - A game which rewards cowardice through its game mechanics being rewarding a cowardly approach like hiding, camping or attacking while invisible. Under no circumstances its a game glorifying the heroism of the heroes who fought in the world wars. Thats also, among else, why there can be only one battleship in CB, as the game makers dont want to please the hero players as much as they want to please the real life losers (making the biggest player base) who need to think that winning with EDIT tricks in a meaningless game makes them winners in any way. Then again selling the idea that one isnt a complete loser has been a good business all over the history of the human kind. Its expensive beyond any reason - A cost for an average ship is way more than whats the worth of the fun that ship can provide. E.g.: one can get a EDIT. Stupid those who pay that, in my opinion, which of course is mine and mine only. The game is managed in a regularly lame way - after a minute of playing a random battle some retard who is clearly a loser because he has a need to be giving a meaning to a crap game asks all to report me for my playing while i am playing in the way to have fun and in the way which is alright with the game rules, i tell him what a EDIT is because of that and i am the one getting some meaningless week speak ban because of "provoking". Sure, meaningless, since i rarely talk in the game but its a provocation to try, however unsuccessfully, to punish me for a false reason, ensuring me never to put any money into the game to support this EDIT. There is no balance in the game, say a BB has zero chance against a DD which can attack it forever with deadly attacks from invis. Its like a fight between a blind man with a gun against an invisible guy having a rocket launcher having a bullet proof vest. EDIT. And the argument that if all the team cooperates, dds go only where they are supported from behind, that they spot ships and torps for BBs, etc., then its balanced, its an idiotic argument as everyone who isnt a complete and utter EDIT knows that people in cooperating games 1] almost never cooperate and 2] even if they try to cooperate they dont know whats really needed to do. That have been the truth since cooperating games started and will be the truth forever as even pro world champs teams who spend hundreds of hours on learning to coop and what to do make fails costing them the victory while a regular player isnt willing to spend 20 minutes in all his life on talking of how to coop. Summa summarum - as is regular, the game has X players and the management team says to the game owners its the best success which happened because of a, b, c, ... they have done, never mentioning it may be that the game could have X times X players if they havent been making the game to be such a EDIT on so many levels because of their incompetent decisions. Just as is always regular. As said at the beginning i seek no change as i dont care for the fate of a meaningless game, just been a momentary "fun" to express myself. The game is piss and i ll stop playing it sooner or later, most probably sooner. Same way i dont care for any comments but feel free to comment in any way, do what i did, express yourself. With regards to all regular readers. EDIT all paid forum (hidden) mods who just get ready to say all the "proper" reasons in an attempt to deny an honest evaluation, whatever you say it cant deny that i feel about the game i said. Maybe you can give me a forum ban :O, say for 6 months ? :D I cant imagine i d ever waste my time to speak around again. In my opinion the game is a super expensive EDIT.