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  1. Erinnyes2000

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    Got coal. Having played subs on the test server, I think I got lucky. I just hope that they are kept on a seperrate battle mode.
  2. Erinnyes2000

    Do you have problems on the server?

    Just got logged out twice, took a few minutes to get back in. Good thing it was co-op.
  3. Erinnyes2000

    PT 0.9.5 - Armory Update

    No 'cef_cache' folder in 'profile'. Screenshot attached.
  4. Erinnyes2000

    PT 0.9.5 - Armory Update

    Same here. Exited, ran scan/repair from the launcher, and still no joy. Battles load well enough.
  5. About 90 M, so had 102M. Co-op only, so never used premium - had about 2,000 plus. Used it to buy Harugumo, Grosser Kurfurst, and Kleber. Down to less than 40M now. Worth it.
  6. Erinnyes2000

    Memorial Marathon Codes

    Firefox usually works with copy/paste in my case.
  7. Erinnyes2000

    Torpedo Tubes / Turrets destroyed

    Co-op game in my Roon. Went up against a Pan-European DD. 100mm guns. First hit destroyed my torpedo tubes. I, too, feel that turrets and torpedo tubes are knocked out more frequently.
  8. Erinnyes2000

    Team Killing Bots?

    This isn't new, but WG making bots play more like human players. Did you not know this?
  9. Erinnyes2000

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Got Bert Dunkirk in Conq, so I'll wait until I have Thunderer and put ABC in her. Thanks.
  10. Erinnyes2000

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    I got to 1,004. I now have 4. And ABC. Quick question, what ship does he do best on? I play all surface ships, not CV.
  11. Erinnyes2000

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

  12. Erinnyes2000

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    WG actually managed to better this a couple of days ago. Whilst waiting to load in (for several minutes), WoWS logged me out...for account inactivity. Seriously. The notification you get if you go AFK for a few hours. Whilst clicking the mouse buttons and pressing W. Anyone else ever had that?
  13. I can beat that (admittedly, some time ago) - An SC is how I got the Krasny Krym. On the plus side, I don't need to worry about getting it again, and I got a free 10-point captain for a useful ship.
  14. Yesterday, I was in the P.E.F. (KM premium BB). I went in the south entrance. The Nurnburg (KM light cruiser) decided that he wanted me to be first and went behind me. Do I need to elaborate on what happened? Now, when you get a team that knows what to do and listens to each other, this op is fairly easy. WHEN you get a team that listens...