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  1. Erinnyes2000


    Daily Missions are T5 minimum. Transylvania uses T3 ships.
  2. West Virginia '41 - it's the only one I don't already have.
  3. Erinnyes2000

    Pinkie Scum: 'Leaving Battle Early' Penalty.

    This topic again? Okay. Quick question: How do you expect the automated system to tell the difference between a computer crash and someone rage-quitting? No, seriously, I am interested. Yes, it's annoying. I ended up pink because my side of the street suffered a 15-minute power blackout. Was that fair? No, it was not. However, unless you have a viable alternative, (and if you do, then by all means share it) simply play a few games in co-op and return to green. Pink is a slap on the wrist at most. It's orange you need to be concerned about.
  4. Erinnyes2000

    Tips to reduce crashing

    I always run Check & Repair from the launcher before playing, and I find it reduces problems. Not 100%, but near 99%. YOu can find it under the Settings drop-down menu. Also, you could try a complete reinstall. That might help.
  5. Erinnyes2000

    Any non super unicum in Co-Op?

    Everything except CV's. And I'm T8 minimum. Got about 5 T10's. It's just a lack of talent. Some people are very good, some are just bad. Consider me to be an...antiFlambas/Flamu.
  6. Erinnyes2000

    Any non super unicum in Co-Op?

    Depending on steering, quite literally...
  7. Erinnyes2000

    Any non super unicum in Co-Op?

    I play co-op and I'm useless, so the answer is clearly 'Yes'. Some games, the bots are the better team.
  8. Erinnyes2000

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    I got an invite and I'm probably the worst player here, has never streamed, and basicly just wanders around in coop. So there is at least one (far) below average player there. And from what I've seen, I'm not the only potato - just the biggest one.
  9. Erinnyes2000

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    Okay, figured it out. The server is only open at certain times (aka, I AM an idiot). From the web page: At what time will be Beta Test servers be available?The server will be available during the following prime time only: 12:00 (UTC)–20:00 (UTC). This way, we can get the maximum number of real players together to reduce the number of bots in battles.This is the only time interval during which you can access the test. Outside of it, the test server will not be available. I simply logged in during the open times and no problem.
  10. Erinnyes2000

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    I have an invite (username ends in 'demo.loc'), but I keep getting a 'Error connecting server' message. We do copy/paste the login and password into the TST accout correct? Or am I just being incredibly thick? Should I try the NA server?
  11. Erinnyes2000

    An unfair pink sanction?

    The reporting system is automated. It doesn't know if you're the only human. As far as it's concerned, you quit the match without being destroyed, so it applied the standard penalty. Those are the rules that you agreed to follow. As to being pink, just deal with it and play coop as the games are quicker and you lose the colour more rapidly. I can't remember how many times I've been pink. It's when you turn orange that you need to worry (Never been orange myself. Just pink.). Being pink is more of a rite of passage.
  12. Erinnyes2000

    Is "Georgia" already being removed from purchase?

    Bundles always expire whilst the ship alone (with port slot only) frequently continues. It's pretty obvious that the Admiral bundle will expire but Georgia herself will remain on sale.