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  1. Erinnyes2000

    EU server down?

    Back in...for now. Over 7,000 players.
  2. Erinnyes2000

    EU server down?

    WG, please...feed the bloody hamster.
  3. Erinnyes2000

    Earn your greatness - Bonus missions

    I purchased one pack of six premium crates and have earned additional standard crates ingame. Haven't counted how many. I believe that the drop rate for ship/captain missions is higher in premium crates, but then again I got Jervis in a standard RN crate.
  4. Erinnyes2000

    Earn your greatness - Bonus missions

    I got a six-pack, and got Shiny and the Lexington camo. All the other crates were free from missions. No ships or captain. Too bad I never started CV's. And from what I hear, I probably won't if WG goes ahead with the CV rework as is.
  5. Erinnyes2000

    Earn your greatness - Bonus missions

    I got over 10 mil credits for a Shiny Horse. Had about 3 mil, now have 15. Clearly showing.
  6. Erinnyes2000

    Anyone experiencing server problem now?

    The game is literally unplayable for me for the last two days. I have uploaded the best two games that I have had and an example of a typical queue time for co-op. My attempt in the Hipper did not even get far enough to start the replay recording.. Oh, and I now have a six match penalty for not participating. WG, I can't participate because I CANNOT GET INTO THE MATCH!! AT ALL!!! I have rebooted the computer three times with no effect - this does include turning it off overnight. 20180917_200927_PRSD207-Minsk_40_Okinawa.wowsreplay 20180918_113549_PASC024-Phoenix-1917_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  7. Erinnyes2000

    Slow progress game-play

    If you do this, I would recommend playing premium ships in co-op first, especially if you go for a Tier 8, to get used to them and the general gameplay. I never took a premium into random until I'd faced it in co-op with a silver ship.
  8. Erinnyes2000

    Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    From the other thread, this seems to be the problem - no-one has any idea.
  9. Erinnyes2000

    Monaghan flag

    I can see mine, which was another one that had vanished.
  10. Erinnyes2000

    What was the goal of Raptor rebalance again?

    Just did a five-star run with a random team. Granted, we did have a drunk Polish CV player. Maybe that's the trick...
  11. Erinnyes2000


    So, you want Italian surface ships to be realistically portrayed. Can I assume then that you would be happy if a flight of Fairey Swordfish flew past and torpedoed half of the Italian ships in the starting harbour? Battle of Taranto
  12. Whatever you do, do NOT buy the Krasny Krym. From everything I've heard, it's one of, if not the worst ships out there. Including Emerald. I suggest you look at LittleWhiteMouse's reviews. I find them most useful. Got both and thoroughly agree. If you don't have either of these ships, get them.
  13. Erinnyes2000

    Game crash offen with patch

    Two games in a row, I have been stuck on the match loading screen. And, yes, I did try CTRL+ALT+DEL. Several times. First time, it never logged on, and the second time, I got to see my ship as it sunk. WG then hit me with a penalty for not playing. Hello, WG? Perhaps if, oh, say I COULD HAVE GOT TO THE ACTUAL MATCH, I WOULD have played. I realise that this is a bizarre concept, but why am I being penalised for a problem at YOUR end? And it is now doing it for a third time. Thank you, WG. First time today and...guess. At least I did get in before I was sunk. Also good I was playing coop. Second time, rinse and repeat. Third time, at least WG tried variety. Started normally, then logged out of the game halfway through.
  14. Erinnyes2000

    Bug Reports

    I am unable to launch the game on my laptop. Even a complete uninstall/reinstall has not helped.
  15. Erinnyes2000

    Bug Reports

    The first battle I tried, using the Hipper, the game screen froze, but I could see other ships still moving, it was just my movement that had frozen shortly after that, the game froze and i had to use Task Manager to leave. If I can log on, starting a battle causes the game to freeze in the 'Waiting for players' screen before crashing. It then refuses to load, freezing and crashing again just after the logon screen. This lasts until the end of the match, at which point I can log back in. Of course, if I start a new battle, the problem returns. Rebooting the computer has not helped. I could log on, but when I tried playing a game, the same problem happened. For what it is worth, I did manage to play a couple of games, not counting the one that froze the computer completely. I occasionally get the message 'World of Warships 310390 has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution can be found.' I doubt that this is of any use, but I tried using the Hipper and the Monarch. I tried using the North Carolina, but the same frozen screen problem that I had with the Hipper reoccurred. Edit: Did a complete delete/reinstall, and that appears to have resolved the issue.