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  1. That's why I stick with coop - I have more fun in there than random. Plus, I think it's got better mannered players - they just seem calmer in coop.
  2. Erinnyes2000

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

    Got Alaska and and still have 2.2 mil FXP, so what the hell.
  3. Erinnyes2000

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    Krispy Kreme. Played twice, once for the snowflake. Only time I've regreted getting a supercontainer.
  4. Erinnyes2000

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Taking out 7 ships in a single co-op game. Granted, I was using the Kamikaze...
  5. In theory, no problems at all. Less bollocks even than a certain Austrian corporal. In fact, I dived up with a clan member who took his Ryuko into randoms to force an enemy CV for the plane kills. If you can find people like that, then by all means do so. Let us know who, so we can ask them too.
  6. So, hard for random players, impossible for coop players without going into random, where we get slaughtered, due to being used to predicting rational enemies.
  7. For fellow coop players, if you think the plane requirement is bad, look at requirement 4-1. 7 battle achievements.
  8. Erinnyes2000

    Bot CVs

    I belive that bot CVs are being 'trained' - presumably, they are going through continuous missions whilst the devs adjust the scripts. After all, bots just follow a set of instructions, which are now completely invalid for CV play, unlike other ships which have minmal changes in playstyle.
  9. Erinnyes2000

    Now, i'm pink, thanks. (report)

    It happens. Annoying, I know, I've been there. Nothing to do but do a few matches and lose the pink. Do them in co-op, the pink will be gone within the hour - quite possibly in less than 30 minutes.
  10. Erinnyes2000

    EU Server On The Fritz ?

    I'm having trouble even getting into a game. Had two games where I couldn't even load into the match. And I'm pink because the game won't let me play. I haven't even managed to make one daily mission chain for 2 days now. 20190206_220324_PASD014-Leader-1919_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay 20190206_191438_PZSD508-LoYang_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  11. Erinnyes2000

    Can i do a return on my purchase of the musashi?

    You can also get it in the Tech Tree for 750k Free XP (and 1 credit).
  12. Erinnyes2000

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    Never completely skipped a ship (not even Emerald), but I have used FreeXP to finish a grind. Colorado, for example. Had all upgrades and was over halfway there when I just got fed up with missing the battle due to the slow speed (I'm a co-op only player) and got North Carolina. Nowadays, I use FreeXP to unlock one upgrade - usually the B hull - and get the rest and complete the grind via ship XP. Slower, but I think I learn more. Besides, the slow dreadnoughts aren't that bad, as I've learned.
  13. Erinnyes2000

    EU server down?

    Back in...for now. Over 7,000 players.
  14. Erinnyes2000

    EU server down?

    WG, please...feed the bloody hamster.