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  1. Erinnyes2000

    PSA: change to how container contents is decided

    It was. Then Satan complained that WG was slandering him.
  2. Erinnyes2000

    What is the best Steel ship?

    Same question. I am a co-op potato. Got enough steel for a ship; with the coupon, any steel ship is within reach. I play everything except CV. I plan to start them, I just haven't yet. I rarely play random or ranked, and would say I am >95% co-op/ops. I have Bourgogne, and that is the only steel ship I have. For tech tree ships, baring CV's, I am T8 to T10 in all lines bar Italian BB's (T7). Also, I have enough coal for Marco Polo without a coupon. Is she worth it? If not, I think I may save for Neustrashimy(sp?), the Russian DD.
  3. Erinnyes2000

    Orkan, Loyang or Haida?

    As someone with all three, agreeing with everyone saying Haida. Great ship, good fun. Creeping smoke is a little strange at first, but you get used to it. Her being removed just makes it more important that you get her. Seriously, you will not regret the purchase.
  4. Erinnyes2000

    Are you get Admirals Yamamoto and Halsey?

    Got them both playing exclusively in coop. Did the two coop missions repeatedly. A bit tedious and it takes a while, but it's doable. It takes a while. Got Halsey on my Missouri. Only just got Yamamoto, so not sure where to put him. Any ideas? Got all IJN lines to T10 except CV's (T4) - haven't started playing those yet, will probably do so at some point.
  5. Erinnyes2000

    I received a Kirov.

    Only done phase 1, and as a co-op,ops only player, that is as far as I can go. At least I have the Kirov; got her when she was still a tech tree ship. Frankly, a ridiculous grind for a Kirov. Should have been at least T7, if not T8 for those missions.
  6. Erinnyes2000

    Tips for Absolute Beginners !!!

    Try your new ship in coop a few times before going into randoms. Hit the 'w' key, battleship captains. It has surprising results. Except for British light cruisers, you can change shell types. Try all lines up to T5 to see which ones you like. Grind those first. Unless you are on VERY low health, do not put out a single fire on a battleship.
  7. Erinnyes2000

    HSF Harekaze I, worth it?

    Harekaze I is one of my favourite DD's. 3 hulls give you 3 different guns, including Us 5-inch guns that, IIRC, can only be found as secondaries on Midway. Stock Kagero torps, but the 100mm guns (Kitikaze to Harugumo) on B hull more than make up for it. Definately recomend. Harekaze II looks like it's stuck with the US 5-inch guns but gains hydro. Waiting to read several reviews before deciding. Don't get HSF Hiei if you already have an ARP Kongo. Same ship.
  8. Erinnyes2000

    Premium Rage Sell

    Never sold a premium, not even Krispy Kreme (Supercrate, even I am not THAT stupid). If I sell it, I might get it in another supercrate, instead of something useful.
  9. Erinnyes2000

    Remove bot CVs from COOP

    Coop only player here. Please add more CV's into coop games. I find it hilarious when I finish a game with 40+ kills in a ship with weak AA. Coop fun police are nicely neutered. If you hate CV's in randoms, play coop for a while and laugh as your AA slaughters planes so hard that you actually feel sorry for them. The only real threat they pose is to stealth DD's. Seriously, I don't even bother turning off the AA in French DD's, bot planes are that useless.
  10. Erinnyes2000

    Operation Cherry Blossom?

    We can but hope. Cherry Blossom, if I recall correctly that it is the allied T8 cruiser one, was one of my favourites. Sadly, knowing that WG have zero interest in Ops, I will not expect it to return. I suggest that you do not get your hopes up. I certainly will not.
  11. Erinnyes2000

    Possible that we should also get angry in coop?

    Next time, respond with a polite: "Is this due to overcompensation for your tiny p***s? Given your inability to bed a woman, I would not have thought it would be an issue." After that, just ignore them, no matter what.
  12. Erinnyes2000

    Idea for WoWS: coastal artillery

    We already have a ship that launches stationary mines.
  13. Erinnyes2000

    Which Container should i select?

    Agree with More Resources container. Coal is very useful in the Armoury. Take signals if you run low, but, personally, I find coal is always the best choice. Oh, and if you get a T9 coal ship before you get a tech tree ship, may I suggest that you only use it in coop until you get a TT T9? Trust me on this one. Bots are the same at all tiers, people are not.
  14. Current number is 360, but that includes 6 temporary ships. I do not know the number of premiums, but probably too many
  15. Erinnyes2000

    Toxic player on Co-op battle.

    Whilst co-op is friendlier than randoms, it does contain its share of...unpleasant people. Just locate the game on your hard drive, find a folder marked 'Replays), and it should be there. There may be several folders, so check the dates to see which is the right replay (WG seem to change the default folder each update).