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  1. Tin_Kan

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    @Excavatus This test season will be interesting for sure; Last season, the Yueyang radar nerf (still too soon?) changed the DD meta significantly with more Gearings and Shimas being fielded. Now with the CV's being where they are balance-wise my gut feeling tells me we'll see many more CA's such as Minos/Worcesters/Haragumos, possibly replacing DD's entirely. While personally I'd like to see CV's in regular CB eventually, i'm not sure exactly what this test will accomplish, as CV's aren't really "there" yet. How useful can the data from this upcoming test season be?
  2. Tin_Kan

    [RESULTS] Great White Fleet Event

    Free stuff is always welcome :) but......would've loved to see some special "Great White Camouflage" to go with the event WeeGee ;)
  3. Tin_Kan

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Cannot see any clan divisions under the division tab even when there are divisions up and running. 2. Reproduction steps Happens every time I load the game since update 8.0 or so. 3. Result I have to be invited into a division by another player. It doesn't matter whether they are full or not, in battle or not, no divisions show up on the tab. 4. Expected result Clanmate divisions show up as they did before 8.0 5. Technical details n/a
  4. Tin_Kan

    Free-XP farmen / Unternehmen Dynamo

    And that’s why we can’t have nice things...
  5. Tin_Kan

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Really nice initiative by the way, well done.
  6. Looking forward to it! That Bourgogne-shaped elephant in the room though.............how much steel?
  7. Tin_Kan

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    WG have made a statement in another thread: They've lowered the requirements for the rewards to 5 cross mm battles from 10. So if you meet the 5 battle threshold you should be receiving the rewards in-game, i.e. 500 steel and 15,000 coal. *edit* official updated announcement on the WOWS page: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/cross-server-matchmaker/
  8. Tin_Kan

    CvC battles canceled for this weekend

    Beat me to it :D. @YabbaCoe @Crysantos I'm not sure if it's at all possible but it would really go a long way PR-wise to at least let those players/clans that have been planning and looking forward to this weekend to get a few clan games in. I think most of us are ok with the delays WG, we get that you're testing a new feature out and we get that it's not always possible to give us an earlier head's up of any problems you're having. In the mean time though, I think you'd make a lot of people happy if you give us the option to play regular server clan battles when you've encountered an issue on the days you've had to cancel. Does this make sense?
  9. Tin_Kan

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    Thread carefully, the heightism police are known to patrol these waters...now judging wand sizes, that's an entirely different matter...
  10. Tin_Kan

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    On a broomstick of course....
  11. Tin_Kan

    So what's next?

    subs = 2020 New year's eve present maybe?
  12. Tin_Kan

    So what's next?

    Unlikely sure, but never say never, WG is pretty fond of using paper ships...
  13. Tin_Kan

    So what's next?

    They're also working on another premium Pan-Asian cruiser at the moment - maybe it's possible we'll see a full tech tree line eventually?
  14. I second @__Helmut_Kohl__'s question. Would WG consider adding another day to make up for today's cancelled session? It'd help players get more games in as well as give you guys a larger sample for testing.