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  1. Tin_Kan

    Clan Brawl

    I'm confused, are CVs in or out? Yesterday there was a hard cap of 1 CV mentioned in the article. Today any mention of CVs is gone - does this mean the hard cap has been removed or (more likely) CVs have been excluded entirely? *Edited* WG fixed the article - no CVs in the next Clan Brawl.
  2. Tin_Kan

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    Probably less 'legendary' than the Sovetsky Soyuz....
  3. Tin_Kan

    Playing Saipan as a CV Newb/Noob

    Congrats on getting the Saipan, it's a very fun ship, essentially a mini Midway. That being said, there's a massive jump from tier IV to tier VIII. The experience at tier VIII, where you'll regularly come up against tier X's, will be brutal. I'm no expert, being relatively new myself, but the best advice I can give you is do the time and work your way up the US CV line. Start out by spending some time in the training room and playing a few games in coop. CV's are already demonised by much of the community as is - Trust me, you'll save yourself (and your team mates) a lot of grief - Once you've done that, here's a couple of my observations on the Saipan. You've probably already seen a few of these mentioned elsewhere, but here goes: - As you've mentioned already, the squadrons are very small. They also take wayyyy longer than any other CV to regenerate so pick your battles wisely - i can't stress this enough. - The torp bombers are great, you get half a wing of Midway's pre-nerfed torps. The angles are different to any other CV i've tried as they spread outwards when fully aimed - not a bad thing as sometimes they can catch ships that are turning out. - The ship itself is very weak so position her carefully. She's not as durable as other CV's in the AA and health department and she has no secondaries (for what that's worth). - don't underestimate your rockets - Tiny Tims hit hard against cruisers and battleships, especially if you can get a parallel drop. - There's not much choice regarding skills, but building around plane surviveability is the way to go. This is my build:
  4. Hahaahaha perfect! May I suggest adding this to your playlist:
  5. It's hilarious! Especially if you div up with a couple of friends. Sure it can get a bit repetitive but I see it more of an entertaining 'filler' between randoms - the games are so short anyways. Oh, and the cheesy Euro trash soundtrack! brilliant
  6. Tin_Kan

    Intergalactic Games: Torpedo Beat

    Seriously? Guess I'm going against the trend here, but I really enjoyed this game mode - I found it absolutely hilarious and fun. Zooming around at warp speed, dodging hyper torpedoes, all to a cheeky/cheesy beat - what's not to like? Divved up with a couple of clanmates yesterday and we couldn't stop laughing. Sure, it could get a bit repetitive but that's what the other modes are for; just switch back to randoms, coop or whatever if it all gets too much, the rounds don't last that long anyways making them good 'filler' between matches.
  7. Tin_Kan

    Clan Treasury...

    I'm really curious about this. Hopefully the devs will chime in with some more info as the description in the bulletin is pretty dry considering the importance of this new mechanic.
  8. Tin_Kan

    Clan Treasury: could be the bane of WOWS

    Erm, so why is this a problem exactly? Surely there are other ethical/balance issues that would be far higher on the list of things to consider than "oh no moar stalingrads!". This post is just injudicious use of massive fonts
  9. Tin_Kan

    Announcing SKIPPER

    So many people turning this into something it's not...WG, I applaud your sense of humor, Happy April Fool's !
  10. Tin_Kan

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    @Excavatus This test season will be interesting for sure; Last season, the Yueyang radar nerf (still too soon?) changed the DD meta significantly with more Gearings and Shimas being fielded. Now with the CV's being where they are balance-wise my gut feeling tells me we'll see many more CA's such as Minos/Worcesters/Haragumos, possibly replacing DD's entirely. While personally I'd like to see CV's in regular CB eventually, i'm not sure exactly what this test will accomplish, as CV's aren't really "there" yet. How useful can the data from this upcoming test season be?
  11. Tin_Kan

    [RESULTS] Great White Fleet Event

    Free stuff is always welcome :) but......would've loved to see some special "Great White Camouflage" to go with the event WeeGee ;)
  12. Tin_Kan

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Cannot see any clan divisions under the division tab even when there are divisions up and running. 2. Reproduction steps Happens every time I load the game since update 8.0 or so. 3. Result I have to be invited into a division by another player. It doesn't matter whether they are full or not, in battle or not, no divisions show up on the tab. 4. Expected result Clanmate divisions show up as they did before 8.0 5. Technical details n/a
  13. Tin_Kan

    Free-XP farmen / Unternehmen Dynamo

    And that’s why we can’t have nice things...
  14. Tin_Kan

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Really nice initiative by the way, well done.