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  1. 21. Massachussets merry christmas
  2. is it me or they added an extra 0 on all missions?
  3. many thanks for doing this I would like to participate
  4. All thnx to the amazing cv rework
  5. Teogr8

    New twitch drops - epic drop

    no u cant have the stream muted as i've heard streamers say
  6. Teogr8

    New twitch drops - epic drop

    the original news post from wg stated that we will only get 5 containers and 4 missions this month. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/june-twitch-drops/ so dont expect to get 1 a day like it used to be. im just curious if any1 got the makarov
  7. Does any1 got an epic drop(tier 6 russian cruiser Makarov) from watching wows streams yet?
  8. Teogr8

    New collection

    yeah i read it, but we have to w8 11 days including today to get it
  9. Teogr8

    New collection

    do we need to buy containers with tokens or dubs to unlock the new collection? when wg usually adds a new collection they add a mission too, which gives containers to help u start the collection.i dont see any mission thou.
  10. does any1 else noticed lately that some achievements dont give the rewards (ofc i mean the first time u get the achievements for the day). to day i had a game with a high caliber , dreadnought , kraken and confederate and i only got the high caliber reward as i can see in my rewards collected tab. because i noticed this has happened before i knew how many xp and commander xp flags i had and the number of flags i had didnt change. any else with the same problem?
  11. does any1 know if i buy a lengedary module with ironium u can still get the mission done and get it again or the mission disappears?
  12. Teogr8

    FPS drops

    so as it seems problem solved? NOT still having fps drops
  13. Teogr8

    FPS drops

    fix didnt do much for me
  14. Teogr8

    FPS drops

    what do u mean "next to worldofwarships.exe" ?