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  1. SeaSickOllie

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Warships Premium Account offers you the following bonuses: +65% XP per battle +50% credits per battle The ability to simultaneously undertake three tasks in World of Warships campaigns.
  2. SeaSickOllie

    Armada: Cheshire

    Hello, I've checked the article and found no errors. Its also been included in the video.
  3. SeaSickOllie

    Results – Great White Fleet Event

    I've checked and the text is there. Can't see any record of it being edited.
  4. SeaSickOllie

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Voting is now open! https://forms.gle/HmF5mbWEgqhc13PG7 Voting ends: Tue. 18 Feb. 00:59 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Tue. 18 Feb. 00:59 Winners announced: Wed. 19 Feb. 15:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Wed. 19 Feb. 15:00
  5. SeaSickOllie

    Bag a Premium Ship – Twitch Drops in 0.9.1

    You'll be compensated with credits, and you'll also keep the port slot.
  6. SeaSickOllie

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    She does indeed.
  7. SeaSickOllie

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    Date change now? No, not now that it has been included and enshrined in the update notes
  8. SeaSickOllie

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    This is for those players that already have already obtained the combat mission(s). It could have been clearer in that original post, but it was clarified afterwards in the comments and in other publications such as the PT notes and last Updates notes. Also please keep that as with any Development Blog post, the information is preliminary and subject to change.
  9. SeaSickOllie

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    Hey Samueltastic, Not sure where that was promised. There have been a few dates flying around attached to different aspects of the unique upgrade rework, so maybe this is just a simple case of misunderstanding? See my comment here: And in the last update article we stated the following related to unique upgrades: As the opening move towards the changes that have been promised for unique upgrades, we've updated the way in which they are obtained. With the release of Update 0.9.3, unique upgrades will appear in the Research Bureau tab of the Armory. The challenges and combat missions for unique upgrades will also change. The combat missions that reward players with unique upgrades for Tier X ships can still be received until the release of Update 0.9.1, by playing one battle with the specified Tier X ship. Any of these combat missions already obtained prior to this point will expire on December 31, 2020. We’re going to update the existing upgrades and add some new ones in future. Hope that clears things up for you.
  10. SeaSickOllie

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.0

    Missions were posted today in a dedicated article. Publishing date matches the mission start, not sure what your issue is here.
  11. SeaSickOllie

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.0

    And I did follow up on the issue, but these things take time, especially when there is a big queue of changes for the website. We still need to shoot old news to the top of the website from time to time, not everyone checks the news as regularly as yourself (if only that was the case ) Start of the bot uprising...
  12. SeaSickOllie

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Go ahead and edit. Won't start gathering entries until Wednesday/ Thursday next week.
  13. SeaSickOllie

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    Hey, Just stopping by to let you know the additional border bits on our example are not needed, but they do help with showing the repeating pattern. Thanks for your submissions!
  14. SeaSickOllie

    [RESULTS] The Perthfect Opportunity

    Let me see if I can get you a large enough version. PM me if I don't reply in a few days! You can access this via the in-game news in Port, and opt-in without the need to log in. And we didn't make anyone do anything, this was an optional event that only required one win, either in COOP or random. COOP takes less than 10 minutes and can easily be done with a 3-point commander. If we limited this to randoms only, then I'd understand your frustration.
  15. SeaSickOllie

    Winners – Recruiting Station Camouflage Contest

    And here is the full guide from @IsamuKondera (Thank you!): Basic Design Rules and Tips: 1. Read the rules and tips carefully to prevent any problems and misunderstandings 2. Create a seamless texture Like in any other 3D Application, textures for 3D objects have many surfaces in one texture combined. For example, in WoWs textures usually combine deck, turret platforms, all walls which can be seen from the outside, smoke stacks etc. in just one texture. Camos are then placed as an overlay over those textures and due to this we need a seamless texture because the position of those texture parts are always different. Once you get the wooden deck texture in the top left corner, next time you have the smoke stacks there. In other words: To create a texture for all ships useable we need to create seamless textures to prevent a noticeable edge where the texture gets repeated. 3. We recommend using an image ratio of exactly 1:1 4. We recommend a texture with at least 2048 pixels in width and height. Additionally, for best results: In case you want to provide a bigger texture multiply by 2. The width or height for textures in WoWs is always part of the two’s compliment. (210 = 1024, 211 = 2048, 212 = 4096 etc.) Examples: - W: 2048, H: 1024 (2:1) - W: 4096, H: 4096 (1:1) 5. Furthermore, textures in WoWs have different sizes. So a camo texture with a size of 1024 x 1024 will probably get repeated more often than a texture with a size of 4096x4096 6. For best results use the following tip during creation of your texture: Always have each colour on an own layer. Don’t mix it. Makes it later easier to apply the changes required to hand in the result. 7. We recommend handing in both images as png files. 8. What you should provide for us: Due to the way the camo system works we can create better results for preview images when we have the following two images: - One with the Texture with the original colours. Rules above should be applied. May be resized but original size is the best way. - A Texture with the following properties: Only use the following Colour Values: Colour RGB Hex Black R: 0, G: 0, B: 0 #000000 Red R: 255, G: 0, B: 0 #FF0000 Green R: 0, G: 255, B: 0 #00FF00 Blue R: 0, G: 0, B: 255 #0000FF And make sure it is in the original size! This will make it easier for us to offer the best quality preview images with your texture.