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  1. Milckenbom

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    That will mean that the global player-base will have better knowledge/view of submarine game-play than the new CV-game-play. Who had said that on januari 2018 would have been called a
  2. Milckenbom

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    I don't need to do the math. I'm not the 1 whining about it. I don't care if I didn't got some flags/boxes/... So far that I can remember most of such WOWs events always had such mechanisme of buy the premium-ship-and-do -the-mission-quicker (or something in that trend). But the system says you can do the day-directive with those RN DD. And if you complet a directive you get 1 Guinea. The game doesn't demand you to do all missions to be successful.I just doing the event how it's designed. For me the big price is at the end and it's that premium Cossack. So yes that 1 Guinea is for me the most important aspect of this event. The rest is in the long run only easy silver to me. I wouldn't be surprised that everybody that do all the directives will get the 4 ships by the end of the second month. But people want to get all ships in the first day of the first week in the first month of a 3 months event;. And than they get 180 boxes.
  3. Milckenbom

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    24% is an exaggeration so far i can tell. At least it didn't seem to me. Secondly to get that 1 guinea you didn't need a RN DD. Also you could get a premium RN DD some flags/boxes are so important to you. Like I said this event will end just before Christmas. And people want all their gifts in the last week of september.
  4. Milckenbom

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    What Notser did wasn't normal (and why there is a problem with lootboxes). It was obsessive and he should take a hard look at himself. People seem to forget that this RN event will run for 3 months. That's 3 times 4 weeks. If WG would give all the DDs in the first week of the first month people would start to complain that this event takes to long in the first month.
  5. Milckenbom

    I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    Merging tanks+planes+ships in 1 game? Yes it's all under WG but they are separate compagnies and design studios. Can't happen. What I do think will happen we will get a operation were we get 2 free destroyers and we (among other things) hunt submarines. Just like schnellboot operation Dunkirk. I would say that's a given.
  6. Milckenbom

    Some interesting info around the world

    Just got init for the Asia side. To lazy to do it myself. The Halloween ships. You have to click on the pics to see them right. I know WOWs Blitz isn't WOWS; And I know our devs have nothing to do with Blitz. But they got the Ise now
  7. Milckenbom

    CV Rework Discussion

    Why only 4x3 of the same planes. Why not let the player decide and before launch what he can put his squadron together. Than he can choice 4x 3 torp planes. Or 2x 3 torp planes and 2x 3 rocket planes. Or even 1x 3 fighters + 2x 3 torp planes + 1x 3 bombers. Or what ever... But It could give a little more strategy dimension.
  8. Milckenbom

    Operation Ultimate Frontier - the Unbiased Poll

    I only played with randoms. I have my 5 stars. So whats the problem you have to play 6 (or even 100) times to get 1 win? So what's the problem;.But it seems people just want to dumb-down everything and have a very childish attitude toward problems . And it isn't like I'm a great player my win-rate in random bounces around 50%.
  9. Milckenbom

    WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    It's a little more than Belgium alone. 15 European gambling regulators unite to tackle loot box threat (with US)
  10. Milckenbom

    What can WoWs learn from other games?

    I don't know; I still don't find this game P2W game. maybe if you want to be te best. but if you're happy with a 50% winrate. it's fine. Also new content comes fairly quick. New ships? I would say 1 ship every 2 weeks is very decent. But if they do 3 to 4 branches a year. You already come to that with silver ships alone. I find the interaction WG (mod/dev) and players 100% fine. They even show what they will do next year. Also stats show that the player base is stable. But that's without the steam-players. Only in Russia the numbers going down. But just wait until Russian BB. I see no reason to complain.
  11. Milckenbom

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Not really in-the-game-moment. But i got the message when I was in game. Nice try WG. But that minimum off €30 Somebody has noticed my premium time is up.
  12. Milckenbom

    "Talk like a pirate" flag 2018

    Yes I read it also but when I google it I get this 1. That isn't the same I would say. Would be fun to have this flag 2. But this will never happen.
  13. Milckenbom

    "Talk like a pirate" flag 2018

    Is the Jolly Roger from the pirate Henry Every. Just saying so you would know.
  14. Milckenbom

    [Diagram] Possible solutions for five-class balance.

    I know we still talking about 4 classes. But let's be fair there are 6 classes in the game now: - BB - CA - CL - gun DD - torp DD - CV And maybe soon even BC battle cruisers So it's more complex now.
  15. Milckenbom

    I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    Who says they will spawn with the other ships? Maybe they will spawn behind enemy lines? Or closer to the caps. Or between enemy lines and the caps? The fact is you are complaining about something that isn't even here yet.