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  1. clan HELLA update I try to donate but I haven't pay pal. is a pay safe way to contribute? I use the mod always. thnks
  2. _Spartiatis_

    Bug Reports

    I try to buy something in EU premium shop and I cant. In NA shop its ok. (Support site is idiotic. I cant put my problem there...)
  3. _Spartiatis_

    Bug Reports

    me 2. with DMoines
  4. _Spartiatis_

    how can I put an icon on my clan?

    r visible only in certain mod! thnks
  5. _Spartiatis_

    how can I put an icon on my clan?

    help how can I put an icon on my clan?
  6. _Spartiatis_

    General Feedback

    don't put Public Test at weekends especially when there are many challenges. pls!!! I play a little. I like visual effect very much and new detonation system. I like the new paches and I want em somewhere on the ship. Chimney, prow ???
  7. _Spartiatis_

    Bug Reports

    in trap and tear of desert map the mini map was the old version. it was impossible to use mini map to navigate. I see it in NA server. it was problem of mod... sorry
  8. _Spartiatis_

    Suggestions thread

    I hadn't think of deferent keyboards at all. the answer tell me that u have it on mind already and eventually u come with conclusion. thnks
  9. _Spartiatis_

    Suggestions thread

    please put consumables on the same button. Especially smoke and repair party. In deferent ships is in deferent letters so u have to look where they are in this ship. I play most DD and I try Brit Cruisers. Chaos. I have lost over 5 times my ship because I press T for smoke. When u r in the battle just looking for the correct letter make the different of life and death. I propose to use R T Y U I F G H J for consumables and the same consumable (or 2) always in the same letter. Or give us the opportunity at settings to do so. Thnks
  10. _Spartiatis_

    New Map: Sleeping Giant

    the map changes r good for me. but I play only DD
  11. _Spartiatis_

    Bug reports

    I have problems with sound. 1st or 2nd voice was ok, then I here only scrrrr in every chat. for the last 4 battles
  12. _Spartiatis_

    Ocean why.....

    the best map. I want it even in middle tier.
  13. _Spartiatis_

    General Feedback

    I try to use the new view and I don't find something. any suggestion? I play coop battle. It has Cv. ok. playing I have no problem and that is the good new for a test.