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  1. Nautical_Metaphor

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    You can't mount camos on rental ships. It's not a money or ressources issue, it is disabled by WG so players with their own Tier Xs retain a little advantage for putting in the grind.
  2. Nautical_Metaphor

    Suggestions thread

    ... which is why I did not write that they are.
  3. Nautical_Metaphor

    Suggestions thread

    Caps are reset by doing damage to the capturing ship. It follows that to be consistent, capturing ships should also be reset when they are taking damage over time, i.e. as long as they are flooding or burning.
  4. Nautical_Metaphor

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    So? I'm better in a rental ship with a not-maxed-out commander than about half the players in "real" Tier X ships I've encountered so far. Sub 50% WR and all. Seen some positioning where not having camo is really the least of the guy's problems.
  5. Nautical_Metaphor

    0.7.11 - General Feedback

    Santa box ship drops seem to be bugged or not be working quite as advertised. I quote from the News: (https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/santa-claus-postman/) Consider this Flambass video opening a load of Santa gift boxes. At 6:23, he opens the first Santa gift box and gets a Krasny Krim. He says he already has this ship and expects to get doubloons instead. If this is correct, then as per the news, this should mean he has in fact already got all the ships from the list. Otherwise - if there were any ships from the list missing from his port - he should never have seen the box. Instead, it should have been converted off-screen into an SC with a ship he did not already own. 10:29 - Monaghan drops, which he also says he already has and expects to get the gold value. 10:36 - Second Monaghan drops from a Santa box. Even if he was wrong about the Krasny and the Monaghan before - maybe he had them in a different account, maybe he had sold them at some point and forgot about it - this second Monaghan drop tells us he very definitely has all the ships from the list at this point. Because he must have had it after the first drop and the second one did not get converted into an SC with a different ship. 12:44 - Roma drops from a Santa box, which he says he also has already. But then - 14:54 Supercontainer drops a Marblehead, which he says is one of the few ships he didn't already have. This should not be possible as we have established that at this stage, he definitely must have all the ships from the list in port. If he was right about having the Krasny and Monaghan (edit but did in fact not have all of the other ships, too), this SC conversion drop should have happened right at the start, instead of the first Krasny. If he was wrong about the having the Krasny and Monaghan, the SC conversion should have happened instead of the second Monaghan drop. And not that it is relevant at this stage but - 15:33 Supercontainer drops a Gascogne, which he says he also didn't already have. 17:24 - A second Krasny Krim drops from a Santa box. Edit: The same thing also occurred in the Jingles Santa gift box video. 1:40 – Monaghan drops from Santa Crate; he says he has it already 3:57 – Second Monaghan drops from Santa Crate 4:19 Says he already has all the ships on the „list of super rare ships“ 4:55 – Kronshtadt drops from a Supercontainer If this went the way it was supposed to, following the rules set forth in the News text linked above, the SC should already have dropped instead of the first Monaghan. However, when the Kronshtadt drops, Jingles explains there are in fact two lists, one with the "ultra-rare premiums" (by which he means Belfast, Kami and similar OP discontinued ships, which are not rare in the game at all - they just rarely drop from any kind of loot boxes) and he already had all but one, Kronshtadt, from the big 57-ship list. However, that still doesn't explain these ship drops. What it did do is make me take yet another look at the News bulletin, and I noticed for the first time that it said these are "the simplified rules." In that case, I'd very much like to know where I can read the full and unabridged version of the rules, because these "simplified" ones seem to be so much at odds with what is actually dropping from the crates that they appear to not be "simplified" but flat-out false. The description text of the gift boxes in the actual shop is not it, because it is consistent with the News bulletin, and also only mentions a single list of ships. Also, they are not so much "rules" as the description of a product offered for purchase. So if they are false, that's legally actionable.
  6. Nautical_Metaphor

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    So... you're all just gonna let this lie there? Nobody explaining how I just haven't understood and it is all working as intended?
  7. Nautical_Metaphor

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    I've played a fair number of Clan battles with my new clan now. It doesn't seem to say how many exactly in the in-game profile menu but it has to be around maybe two, three dozen or more. Yet, on my WoWs.eu profile page, it says I have no Clan battles, and the Matchmaking monitor is also duped, telling people I played "less than ten games in the current ship". Now I don't mind really, it's actually kind of a benefit because it makes many opponents tunnelvision fairly heavily on killing me, often turning them into easy prey for my team mates. But still. Is this because I only play rental ships? It does seem a bit buggy.
  8. Nautical_Metaphor

    Royal Navy Event & Collection

    The requirements for the directive "Hero's Mark" call for three achievements, which can be achieved "in Random, Twilight, Co-Op, Ranked, or Scenario battle." However, no Ranked battles are currently on, and there won't be any by the time this directive needws to be completed. Clan battles are on. But clan battle achievements will not be counted toward completing this directive. It would have been nice if they were. Also I'm curious to know what achievements are awarded in Co-Op. The Four-goal haul has been discontinued. Some starter achievement maybe? And what about Twilight battles, are there any achievements for those?
  9. Nautical_Metaphor

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    I understand you are complaining about a product nobody forces you or anyone else to buy. And then you're complaining about a harmless suggestion aimed at assisting you with your complaint. Not the Santa Spirit, Mister Complainypants.
  10. Nautical_Metaphor

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    What's stopping you from gifting them to other players?
  11. Nautical_Metaphor

    Miss dream

  12. Nautical_Metaphor

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    Either I don't get it or the Ship drops are bugged / not working as advertised. I just watched the video of Flambass opening a load of Santa gift boxes. First box holds a Krasny Krim which he says he has already and will be converted to gold. Some boxes later contain 2x Monaghan and a Roma, which he also says he already has. So according to the News bulletin, that should mean that he in fact already has all the ships on the Santa list, because it says otherwise the Santa box with a ship he already had would have been converted into a Supercontainer with a ship he didn't already have. But then comes 15:02 where he gets a Supercontainer with a Marblehead in it. I quote the text from the News: So what should have happened is that first Krasny Krim should have been converted to the Marblehead Supercontainer, shouldn't it?! And the first Monaghan box should have been converted into the SC with the Gascogne he got after the Marblehead. EDIT: I just thought of an alternative possible explanation, which is that Flambass might be confused and have multiple accounts, and he in fact had all those ships in his main account, but he was logged into some other account he may have when he opened the loot boxes. However, that would only explain the first Krasny Krim and the first Monaghan. But there comes a second Monaghan right away. This could only be possible if the Krasny and Monaghan had been the only two ships missing in that putative other account. So it still doesn't explain the Supercontainers and the second Krasny.
  13. Nautical_Metaphor

    Miss dream

    Wrong. It makes a crapload more credits. "No brakes on the money train." Several hundred thousands even out of mediocre defeats. There was a TV comedy once with a guy who had supernatural gambling luck. He regarded the casino as his personal bank and went there regularly to "withdraw" some money. (Which is a pun in German where the word for "casino" is literally "gambling bank".) Missouri is just like that.
  14. Nautical_Metaphor

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    Belgium is really a funny little country. They regard loot boxes in video games to be gambling that they must protect people from. But they have no qualms forcing half of Europe into a radioactive fallout lottery EVERY DAY they are running their ancient, crumbling nuclear reactors in Tihange and Doel.
  15. Nautical_Metaphor

    Suggestions thread

    Fragile catapult planes and their catapults should be modules that can be destroyed.