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  1. Nautical_Metaphor

    Weird ship movement

    I get that on my low bandwidth connection whenever either the bandwidth drops even lower (less than 2 Kbit) or something else is running that uses up bandwidth, like a download.
  2. Nautical_Metaphor

    Premium Ships. Tier 6/7

    Generally, what I maybe wouldn't consider is ships from nations for which you can't readily get at least a regular 10-point commander, at least as long as you don't have a few maxed-out commanders that allow you to grind Elite commander XP, which lets you "blow up" a regular 3-pt recruited commander in a relatively short time. So, besides US and Germany, that would be UK and France. No Perth, Duca etc. (although they are great). However during the next patch, there will be space battles, where you get access to a whole bunch of maxed-out commanders for a whole month. If you enjoy these and play them a lot, you could gain hundreds of thousand of elite Commander XP during that time fairly easily. Also there will be Space Captains on sale from the Arsenal which don't come with special skills and look funny but do have ten skill points, so a chance to gain a viable Japanese commander. In your price range, Scharnhorst and Atlanta are definitely among the most unique and interesting choices. Neither are easy, but both can be fun and rewarding when you manage to pull off a good play. Don't let it stop you that you didn't grind anything German so far, just get one of the Jutland captains from the Arsenal (or a space captain, next month) and you can have a basic, viable 10-point build right away. There are other very good premiums on VI and VII though. Before the carrier rework, T-61 might have been the single most OP ship in the game that is currently on sale, and yet she's not so OP that it gets embarrassing. I've also been having a lot of fun with Monaghan, which I'd never bought outright but got "forced upon me" by a Santa Lootbox. Has defensive AA and it is the most capable DD of its tier in the current, carrier-heavy meta. Part of this is because it does not have to give up engine boost to gain Defensive AA. Part of it is because I don't think she is as notorious as a troll ship among CV players (yet) as Sims, Kidd or even the silver US DDs that can have defensive AA. Part of it admittedly is because I am of course running her with 19-pt Captain Alexander Ovechkin, whose special skill makes her extra resilient, with 3,000 more hit points than a regular Farragut. Molotov is also a very good ship, it's a slightly tankier Kirov with Dmitri Donskoi guns from Tier IX. I've been having difficulty in Budyonny and Kirov but Molotov came a lot easier. Russian 10-pt captain Znamensky is also available from the Arsenal. Ships I would definitely not recommend in the foreseeable future (exaggerated): Arizona, West Virginia - too slow and the AA is too bad, so you're just carrier fodder. Which is a shame, especially regarding WV, because I like big guns. PEF - too clumsy, too long, too squishy, too unfun. Huang He - undergunned Aigle, Ashitaka - just crap Nueve - fun but useless due to lack of silver ship line; get Boise instead and get a lot more use out of her and your top light cruiser captain Blyska - similar predicament Or you could just spend even less money and do something really crazy and get Okhotnik the Absurd. Just saying.
  3. Nautical_Metaphor

    WG. How to teach players about ship, game and consumables mechanics

    On the other hand, players are not forced to do a great many other things, some of which are a lot more unpleasant, and still do them gladly, if you think about it. Like grinding ships. WG could incentivise gaining basic knowledge in the same way they incentivise any other kind of desired behaviour. They fail to do that either. And that's very hard to rationalize.
  4. Nautical_Metaphor

    WG. How to teach players about ship, game and consumables mechanics

    Well, there are radar ships on Tier VII, so you start running into them at Tier 5. Not playing DDs - ok. Not owning a radar cruiser yourself - ok. Making a conscious effort not to pay attention to the chat at all times - ok. Chat gets ever more toxic, and cluttered with automatic messages. Distracting. But playing cruisers, and never contesting a cap, and never wondering why all of a sudden you can see a smoked-up destroyer before the smoke fades - that takes a special skill. It would be possible and in fact fairly easy to at least make the players acknowledge certain facts and basics or else block further progress in the game. "Spoon-feed them the skills." Same as in school. Didacticize - teach - make them take exams (which would of course not be called "exams" but something gaming-related). "Congratulations! You have correctly identified all three Tier VII radar ships completed Combat Mission X-Ray! You have now unlocked access to Tier V ships!" But something tells me they wouldn't want to do that for some reason.
  5. Nautical_Metaphor

    CVs and gaming enjoyment in WoWs: Polls

    I'ma repeat this poll a few days after the next patch hits. Just to keep track of how much more fun and engaging this game keeps getting.
  6. Nautical_Metaphor

    Yubari build?

    Low tier game play can be insane fun. Or rather, it used to be, until they destroyed the meta with the carrier "rework". These days, when any noob can keep you spotted and keep harrassing you, you can't just get drunk and go sealclubbing, you need to put some thought into having fun.
  7. Nautical_Metaphor

    Completing older event collections

    More to the point, you of course want both of them so you can have a cruiser build and a BB build.
  8. Nautical_Metaphor

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    I'm using the minimap screenshot here because on that, you can just makew out the position of the single surviving enemy Fuso licking the souther map border. Campers FTW, the enemy was by and large the more active team (which sadly got them in a lot of trouble.)
  9. Nautical_Metaphor

    Yubari build?

    The first thing is, you ideally don't build a commander for a premium ship. Since there is no retraining penalty, you can transfer any silver ship captain back and forth any time. So premium ships ideally get more utility out of your existing high skill point commanders by letting you assign those to silver ships for grinds. Regarding Yubari, the problem is you ideally want AFT to kick up the AA range. You also definitely want SI to gain an additional Def AA pop. However, these are BB commander skills rather than cruiser commander skills on the IJN line, mainly because there is no specialized IJN AA cruiser. Now maybe you don't need the full basic cruiser build of PT, AR, DE, CE tro be viable. But you very definitely want PT, but that is not usually considered an essential basic BB skill. I do have it on my Yamato commander though, which is the one I'd choose for Yubari. And in fact I think it's so valuable that I chose it over AR, the full build is currently PM-EM-SI-CE | AFT FP PT. Haven't really used Yubari in the current broken meta though.
  10. Nautical_Metaphor

    Fly! Strike! Win! Event - Non-paid Crowns and Florins Estimates

    So what best to do with these in-game currencies if you're not interested in the carriers? Obviously you could get a ton of signal flags for the Florins, and Union Jack camos if you're so inclined. But what about the Crowns? Is there anything better to do than just let them expire and collect (presumeably) a few credits? EDIT: Ah never mind, I found it meself after all. "Any remaining Crowns can be converted into Florins at an exchange rate of 1 to 8, but only during the fourth week of Update 0.8.1. " https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-081-british-squadrons/
  11. Nautical_Metaphor

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    This morning I got my first victory as an attacker in Space Assault mode. It might be related to the fact we had a DD from the Torpedo Beat mode on our team (Comet Trail). Which I though was a bit insane. Is that intentional? And why can't I pick one of those?
  12. Nautical_Metaphor

    Friedrich der Große worth it?

    Well, you just need another 300K or less to max him out. Regarding the secondary build, that's not really the most viable option in the high tiers these days. But when the next patch is launched, we get another free commander skill point redistribution and commander retraining period. So you could put all that on the back burner for now and rebuild him then at no cost, and postpone buying the FdG until then, so you can transfer the guy for free. And keep playing Bismarck in the mean time, or do something else entirely. Think through all the options, estimate all the costs and figure out which combination of expenditure and benefits is the most appealing.
  13. Nautical_Metaphor

    Friedrich der Große worth it?

    It all very much depends on what you want. At the time, my Bismarck commander was one of only a few maxed-out captains I had. So I bought and played FdG mainly in order not to freeze more XP on Bismarck while keeping to generate Elite commander XP. I just didn't want to blow the best camos and special signals on a grind with a ship where the extra ship XP they gave me was basically going to waste, even though at the time I neither wanted FdG nor Kurfürst, both of which I thought were too clumsy and boring. Also general aversion against high tier gameplay. Playing FdG, I did not learn a great deal except to hate HE spammers even more, but the Kurfürst turned out to be a really nice ship for clan battles. However, there is only a single spot for BBs in CBs and I don't get to play it often. Still have no interest in playing it in Randoms, only used FdG in Ranked a single time to try out the buffed Secondaries. But it did give me a yuge chunk of commander XP, especially since I bought a fair bit of Satan lootboxes which in turn yielded a ton of special signals and NY Streamer camos.
  14. Nautical_Metaphor

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    Where? It's not in the developer bulletin linked in the news announcement of the second round and neither in the bulletin, it should be in at least one of those.
  15. Nautical_Metaphor

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    First impressions of the Second Round: - Why do you waste my time by making me play another four useless Co-Op battles to unlock space battles when you haven't wiped any of my other progress sionce last week? This seems pointless. I could be testing something new instead. - First Space Assault battle: I'm on the attacking team but as if the past week hadn't happened, none of the muppets on my team have a clue what the objective is. We seem to have a minute more to destroy the first genny - it only just gets spotted around minute seven. Edit 1. On the other hand, there was an attacker on the second battle who almost got some shells into an unspotted genny from the side at a fai bit of distance, so not all hope is lost ;-) - It would have been a good idea to publish a list of all the changes you made since last week, to enable players to test them in a methodical fashion. For example, I get the impression the flooding chance of the Space DDs might have been heavily nerfed, one flooding on eight torp hits so far, flying both signals. But it might just be super bad RNG. - Still don't see a good reason to force players to go back to port by not having a "Battle on" button.